Ceremony for the degree of Patriarch of the Mystic City, 89

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign: interlace the fingers; press them to the lips four times, then extend the hands still clenched to the Orient.
Touch: four strokes of the thumb on the first finger, to which the other responds by seven.
Password: Set (the accuser of Man).
Secret Word: Taut (the Revealer; the Defender.)
Battery: ****   ****   ****   ****     *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   ******* (alludes to Truth, Hope, Life and Death; also the seven virtues to be practised, and the seven vices to be avoided).
Jewel and Symbol: on a square is drawn a square board, having two circles like figure 8 and point in each.

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