Ceremony for the degree of Grand Elect of the Sacred Curtain, 88

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Clemens Alexandrinus says that in the temples of Egypt an immense curtain separated the Congregation from the Sanctuary. It was drawn over five pillars, which symbolise the five senses, and was made of four Colours in allusion both to the four elements and to the four cardinal points.
It is a symbol of the concealment of the Inner Shrine, or Holy of Holies from all but the Priests. It alludes to the Sacred Curtain of Egypt, but also alludes to that of the worship of Apollo at Delphi, and of the Mysteries of Eleusis.

Our Masonic Curtain implies the complement of Initiation, and represents also the esoteric teaching as distinct from the Exoteric.

With the two following degrees the Neophyte receives full Initiation, and is prepared for that Supreme Initiation which he can only receive beyond the gate of bodily death.

Sign: motion with both hands, as if opening a curtain.

Touch: take each other by both hand and throw arms outwards.

Password: Siege (silence); Answer: Alethe (truth).

Secret Word: Gnosis (to know).

Battery: **   **     *.

Jewel and Symbol: a triangle containing a rayed  .

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