Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Prince of Masonry, 87

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

When the Neophyte is introduced he is questioned anew upon the allegorical fables of antiquity; including the Lybic chain; the palm of the Valley of Oddy; the Mystic Cross of the Izeds; the Sublime Rose of Kab; the heraldic crown of the Hierophants, Symbolic allusions in the threefold divisions of the ancient temples of Egypt, Greece, Rome or Italy, the Western churches, and our own Masonic Temples.
Sign: place right hand on left forearm, raise the hand and then let it fall on the thigh.
Touch: place left hand on each others right shoulder and give the Secret Word.
Password: as before.
Secret Word: Menes (first King of Egypt)
Battery: ***   ***   ***.
Jewel and Symbol: a circle in which is a square and compasses, besides it an oval with central point.

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