Intendant of the Buildings, 8º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign of Surprise. Having the hands spread out in the form of a square, place the two thumbs on the temples, step back two paces, advance two, whilst saying “Ben-Chorim” (Sons of Nobles) ; place the two hands over the eyes to cover them.

Sign of Admiration. Having interlaced the two hands turn them palms upward, then let them drop on the waist, whilst looking heavenwards and saying “Achar” (disturbing), this is one of the names of God.

Sign of Distress. Having placed the right hand on the heart, place the left hand on the mouth, then touch the knees three times saying the first time “Hai” (living), the second time “Jah” (God).

Grip. Strike the heart with the right hand, then pass it under the left arm, and finally take the right shoulder with the other hand, saying “Jachinai”; the other replies “Judah” (praise).

Knocks. Five equal knocks.

Steps. Five equal steps (take the seven steps of exactitude, and learn the five points of fellowship).

Age. Three times nine years.

Insignia. Blue tunic, cherry coloured sash with golden fringe.

The Pass-words and sacred words are the same as those given with the grip.