Ceremony for the degree of Patriarch, or Doctor of the Sacred Fire, 73

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

It is the Occult fire, symbolised by the secret ever-burning fire of the temple of Heliopolis; the serpent etc., issuing from the head of ancient Egyptian King Initiates; the horns of Isis, of Moses, Buddah, etc. The celestial fire is one of the higher components of Nature, and related to the Chinese yang and yin; Magnetism, and electricity are two of the forces of the Creative Logoi. Its knowledge is the basis of the prophetical power of the ancient Hierophants. As darkness is dispelled by the light directed from the Sun, so does spiritual light dispel spiritual darkness.
Sign: elevate both hands and bow thrice to East.

Touch: grasp eaches left hand, and press seven times.

Password: (the same)

Secret Word: Azoth.

Battery: *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******.

Jewel and Symbo;L circle enclosing square.

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