Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Unknown Philosopher, 61

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Studies the old occult Medicine of curing disease by plants correlative to the parts of the body affected. These observations extend to the colour of the Sap, the number of the leaves, and the petals. The Mandrake. The astrological import of the plants, and these relations to the different parts of the human body.
The colours preferred in costume, coupled with physiognomical traits as a guide to character amongst mankind.

Thus (Marconis says) the basil, the lavender, and the Saffron for curing derangements of the stomach, because the viscera is under the dominion of the Lion, and these plants correspond to that Sign. They also employed plants of which the form had some similitude to the parts affected; the Anthora resembles two hearts united, and was recommended for maladies of the heart. The Camomile passed for an Opthalmic plant, because the flower has some similitude to the organ of sight.

Thus the affinities of the three kingdoms, with the astrological applications of the Hierophants, who had determined the concordances between man, the elements, and the celestial bodies, prove that if they sometimes erred in their system, they had pushed far in the observations of nature.

Sign: carry the three fingers of the right hand to mouth.

Touch: join the insides of left foot, knees touching.

Password: Chemia (the Alchemy of old.)

Battery: ******   ******   ******   ******   ******   ******      ******   ******   ******   ******   ****** ******.

Jewel and Symbol: a delta upon which is a branch having six leaves on each side.

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