Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Guardian of the Three Fires, 60

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Upon three altars burn three fires: Man is body, soul and Spirit. Again we have the invisible Electric; the Actual, fire by friction. Again the Temple fire; the bodily fire, House fire. The first initiatidn of the ancient occult orders was by water, the next by fire, or Spiritual exaltation. Marconis says, It is the explanation of the regenerating fire of occult science. The partial rent of a great palace; rays of Adamic force, confounding human reason, and humiliating before the power of God. It is a phenomena of the Prophetic Order; the principle of life and of all organised beings. A part of the instruction of the priest of old; the Mysterious Key which opens the forgotten intelligence of the world of light and truth, and joins the finite to the infinite. It is the chain of golds, frequently sung by the poets; the basis of the hidden philosophy of Democritis, Pythagoras, Plato, Apollonius which they went to demand of the Hierophants of Egypt, and the Gymnosophists of India and Ethiopia; invisible to the eyes of the senses, it is the Study of the Soul.
The relationship which exists between the fuel and the fire, is symbolical of that which exists in the several means of obtaining spiritual enlightenment; as fire is the most active civilizer, so is Wisdom for immortality.

Sign: join fingers of both hands and raise them above the head.

Touch: join hands in a friendly way and say: 'Be vigilant'.

Password: same as last.

Secret Word: Isaic (relating to Isis).

Battery: *   *   *.

Jewel and. Symbol: a Square containing a Circle, with three triangles united at the points.

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