Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Titan of the Caucasus 51

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

The Mythological legend is that the Cabiric Promethius stole the fire of heaven to help mankind, and was chained on Caucasus.
There is a ladder of seven steps. The allegory elucidates the errors and vain efforts of ignorance, fanaticism, and superstition, which fall under the blows of the Just. Balm necessary for the Aspirant; new departure of the Celestial guide. represented under the figure of a child. Aspirant beholds the seven gates and knocks; futile efforts.

Sign: raise eyes to Heaven and say 'Hope'.

Touch: grip arms mutually advance length of the arm, and press thereon seven times.

Password: Sige (silence); Answer: Alethe (truth).

Secret Word: Sisit (the Chaldean Enoch).

Battery: ***   ***   ***   ****   ****   ****   ****.

Jewel and Symbol: a ladder of seven steps and above it a star.

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