Perfect Master, 5


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign of Adminiration. Raise the hands and the eyes towards Heaven, and lower the hands by crossing them on the breast, at the same time looking at the ground.

Sign of Recognition. Advance the feet slowly until the toes touch and bend the knees forward until they touch; place the right hand on your heart, and the left hand on the breast of the one proving you.

Grip. Take each the right hand, thumb in the form of a square, and place the left hand on the right shoulder of the other.

Knocks. Four equal knocks.

Age. One year at the opening of the work and seven years after work is suspended: in all, eight years.

Steps. Form a square by placing the four feet together.

Insignia. Blue tunic, green sash with silver fringe.

Pass-word. Acacia.

Sacred Word. Jehovah (I am that I am.)