Ceremony for the degree of Sublime Pastor of the Huts, 46

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

The degree paints our morals. The two columns symbols of life and death; mysterious Jewels pass from hand to hand and change Masters; the descent of true doctrine march of the Neophyte; ecnounter with the green lion; labour of the Great Work; allegory of the fig-tree as an emblem of the truth-seeker; discovers a useful number.

Sign: place reciprocally the left hand on each other's right shoulder, and the right hand on each other's head.
Touch: place right hand on the heart, and the left on each other's right shoulder
Password: Lux (light).
Secret Word: Deus (God).
Jewel and Symbol: on a circular plate, seven tents: 2, 3, 2.
Battery: **   **        ***   ***   ***        **   **.

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