Ceremony for the degree of Knight of the Arch of Seven Colours 41

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

The title of the degree refers to the Rainbow which receives its prismatic colours as a reflexion from the sun upon the humid atmosphere, and the ancient operative Free Masons held that it was the patterns on which they worked Arches.
The degree is intended to teach that the Sun is a Well of beneficence, and the Regenerator of Natures beauties, it quickens these into life. All nations have bowed down and kissed their hands to this grand symbol of universal fife, which signals the fatherly aid that God bestows on all creation.
It has not always been thus. Stellar or Star worship was succeeded by that of the Sun and Moon, and the Pole Star was in the earlier worship, and still is in many countries, as China, the eye of heaven, t:he Mystery Sun, and the Symbol of the highest deity. The Gammadion four gammas or G , was a grand symbol of the earlier cult:, and is yet venerated amongest operative Free Masons. In this form (male swastika) it would seem to be Stellar thus (female swastika) Sunrise. It is the diagrams of the Great Bear, of seven Stars, in its revolution, round the Pole Star N.E.S.W.
The President closes his allocution, The cause of that grand beneficent existence is a Mystery to us, of which we can appreciate the material effects. Thus faith is not in contradiction to our reason. We believe in those sublime, divine, and supernatural principles which are above our intelligence, because the second causes of these impressions strike our Senses, and demonstrate the existence of a superior force.
Sign: Draw the sword and plant it on the Earth. Recover sword, and place self on guard as if for combat.
Answer: Salute to right, to left, and in front.
Touch: Place right hand upon the guard of sword.
Password: Tsedakah (justice).
Secret Word: Ur (light).
Battery: *******   *******  *******  ********  *******  *******  *******.
Jewel and symbol: a rainbow.

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