Discreet Master, 4


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign. The index and the middle finger of the right hand placed together on the mouth; in reply the same sign is made with the left hand.

Grip. Take the right hand with the grip of a Master, advance the hand to the elbow, pressing the arm seven times, and at the same time advance the right legs until they touch at the interior.

Salute. Seven knocks by 6 and 1.

Steps. As in the 3rd degree.

Age. Three times twenty-seven.

Insignia. A blue tunic, white apron attached by black cords; the flap of the apron is blue, with an embroidered eye; in the middle of the apron are two branches, one of laurel and one of olive; forming an open crown, and in the middle the letter Z; blue sash, interwoven with black, worn crosswise, at the bottom of which is hung an ivory key with the letter Z.

Pass-word. Zisa, (splendid) so named after the son of Jonathan.

Sacred Word. 1st word Iod; this word in cabalistic form signifies God, principle, unity. 2nd word Adonai (God). 3rd word Ivah. These words are derived from the cabalistic form of the word Jehovah, which being combined in various manners, always gives one of the names of God; this ineffable name was one of the mysteries of the interior of the Temple.