Ceremony for the degree of Knight of Shota, or Sage of Truth, 37

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

For this degree take the printed Ritual you have. It deals with ancient Initiation and Marconis recommends that it should be Catechitical to test the Aspirants progress.
Sign: Points upwards with right forefinger.
Answer: Form a triangle with the thumb and index finger before the stomach.
Sign of Help: Clasp the hands, pals outwards, above the head, saying: To me Children of the Widow.
Sign of Order: Right hand supported on the lip.
Touch: Master Masons Grip, one says Mo, reverse hands, other says Ha, again reverse: Bon. The other says: Mo-Ha-Bon (rememberance of the dead).
Password: Kekathites (one who knows the written law).
Answer: Gomel (recompense). 
Sacred Word: Cagil-Pen-Edul (do that thou wishest should be done unto thee).
Battery: *.
Jewel and Symbol: A triangle with the letter M in the centre.

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