Ceremony for the degree of Knight of the Temple, 35

Dit Amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

You have a printed Ritual of this degree; alter the number. Marconis recommends what may be added as a 2nd point with the title of Commander.
Instruction for the division of the Seasons: The apparent motions of the stars, their velocity, distance, terms and gravitation. The purification of metals and how to render them ductile. The botanical properties of plants and vegetables; and the mode of extracting their sap to prolong  life. Thus to acquire a knowledge of the Temple of the Universe.
Sign: Right hand to heart, extend arm palm down, Answer: interlace fingers and place with thumbs erect on the heart to form two squares.
Touch: Press three times the right hand on shoulder; Answer: with right hand three light shakes.
Password: Sirius (Dog Star).
Answer: Sothis (the same and a cycle of 1 to 61 years).
Sacred Word: Nature.
Answer: Eliah (Fortitude).
Battery: *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******   *******.

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