Grand Elected Knight of Kadosh, 30º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Signs. Place the right hand, with fingers apart, on the heart, let it fall on the right knee that one grasps whilst staggering; then seize the dagger which is suspended to the ribbon, lift it as if about to strike and say “NEKAM, ADONAI” (vengeance, Lord).

Sign of Order; having the sword in the left hand, place the right hand on the heart.

Grip. Each one touches the toe and right knee of the other, whilst presenting the right fist closed; the thumb being raised is taken reciprocally and each one steps back a pace and raises the arm as if to strike with a dagger. The first says “NEKAMAH BEALIM” (traitors vengeance) the second replies “PHARASCH CHOL” (all is explained).

Knocks. Three times 2 and then 1.

Steps. Three sudden steps with the hands crossed on the head.

Age. A hundred years and over.

Insignia. White tunic, in the form of a dalmatic, bordered with black; white scarf fringed with gold; a dagger is in the belt; a hat drawn down, on the front of which is a silver sun, with golden rays, and in the middle of the sun, an eye; a black sash passing from left to right, on the front are two teutonic crosses embroidered in red; a two headed eagle, a sun, and the letters C.K.H. in silver embroidery; a grand cross in gold and silver, in the middle of which is a two-headed eagle.

Pass words. To enter, NEKAM (vengeance); reply is MENAHHEM (consoler) to retire, PHANGAL CHOL (All is accomplished), reply is PHARASCH CHOL.

SACRED WORDS. Both Rites. NEKAM ADONAI; reply is PHARASCH CHOL. The mysterious ladder is composed of two parts each with seven steps; the first part on the right is called OHERELOAH (love of God), the second on the left is called OHER KEROBO (love of one’s neighbour).

The steps of the 1st part are (1) TZEDEKAH (justice),

(2) SCHOR LABAN (purity), (3) MATHOX (kindness),

(4) EMOUNAH (force), (5) AMAL SAGGHI (work),

(6) SABBAL (burden), (7) GHEMOUL NAH THEBOUNAH (prudence).

The steps of the 2nd part are (1) Astronomy, (2) Music,
(3) Geometry, (4) Arithmetic, (5) Logic, (6) Rhetoric, (7) Grammar.