Knight of the Temple, 20º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign. (1) Form four squares thus, place the right hand on the heart, and raise the thumb (two squares). Place both heels together with the feet open (one square); place the left hand on the lips and raise the thumb (one square).

(2) With the head inclined towards the left, kneel, and place the elbows on the ground.

(3) Cross the hands on the breast, the right hand over the left, the fingers open, the thumb in the form of a square, the feet in the form of a square, (thus mak­ing five squares).

(4) Sign of Introduction. Raise the right arm as if about to strike a blow; on meeting the arms of the two brethren cross.

Grip. Each of the two brethren holds the right elbow of the other with the right hand and presses it four times, and then slides the hand up to the wrist and presses on it with the index finger. Introduction. Take each other by the hand and place the thumb on the ligature of the wrist, and slide the thumb along the hand to the end of the fingers.

Knocks. Three knocks by 1 and 2.

Steps. Nine steps, each forming a square.

Insignia. Red tunic, white sash fringed with gold, grand cross, yellow ribbon worn crosswise; the jewel is a triangle.

Pass word. JEKSAN, reply ZABULON, to which the first replies NABUZARDAN.

Sacred word. BETSIJAH (branch of solitude).