Knight of the Rose Cross, 18º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign of Order. The eyes raised towards the heavens, the arms crossed on the breast, the hands open; this is called the sign of the Good Shepherd.

Sign of Recognition. The right hand raised with the index finger pointed towards the heavens, and in reply point to the earth with the same finger. Make these two signs alternatively.

Sign of Help. Cross the legs by placing the right behind the left; in reply one makes the same movement with the left leg.

Grip. With the arms crossed on the breast face each other, bow in token of salutation and without uncrossing the arms place the hands on the other’s breast, and in this position give the brotherly kiss, and the pass-word.

Knocks. Seven knocks by 6 and 1.

Aage. Thirty-three years.

Insignia. Red tunic, white sash with golden fringe, star of gold and silver with a smaller red star in the centre, red ribbon worn crosswise, with the jewel, which is a compass crowned, open on a quarter of a circle; between the branches are, on one side an eagle; and on the other a pelican.

Pass word. EMMANUEL (God with us); the reply is PAX VOBIS (Peace with us).

Sacred word. I. N. R. I. This is not pronounced in full, but by alternate letters. The ancients of the Rose-Croix, the hermetical philosophers, formed with these four letters the following aphorisms:

Ignem natura regerando integrat

Inge nat-ura renovatur integra

Inge nitrum roris invenitur

Others interpret them as the Hebrew name of the four elements of the ancient physics:

IAMMIM - water
NOUR - fire
ROUAHH - air


The acclamation, after having made the knocks is HOSEA (Saviour).

The Knights wear on the left leg a garter on which is embroidered the device “Virtute et silentio.”

The characteristic title of each knight, should be engraven on his jewel, at the back of the quarter of the circle.