Knight of the East and West, 17º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Signs. General sign; look at the right shoulder of the tyler and in reply each looks at the shoulder, saying alternatively “ABADON” (exterminated), and “J...M”

Sign of Entrance. Each one places his right hand on the forehead of the other.

First Grip. Place the left hand in the right hand of the examiner, the fingers outstretched. The examiner covers with his other hand.

Second Grip. Place the left hand on the left shoulder of the examiner, and he will touch your right shoulder with his right hand.

Knocks. Seven knocks by 6 and 1.

Step. Seven steps in squares, making a heptagon.

Insignia. Blue tunic, red sash edged with gold. Black ribbon bordered with red, with the jewel which is a medal partly made of gold and partly of silver, forming a heptagon; on one side in each of the angles are engraven the letters B.D.S.P.H.G.F. Above each letter is a star, these letters are the initials of the words Beauty, Divinity, Wisdom (Sagesse) Power, Honour, Glory and Force. In the centre is a lamb in silver lying on the book of the seven seals; each seal bears one of the above letters. On the other side are two crossed swords, the points uppermost, and placed on a balanced


Pass word. Both Rites. J...M.

Sacred word. ABADON.