Apprentice, 1º


Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit de tweede helft van de negentiende eeuw.

Sign. Place the right hand to the throat, the fingers together, thumb in the form of a square; in this position, one is “to order.” Draw the hand horizontally across to the right shoulder, let it drop to the side, arm at full length. This is the sign formed of the square, level and perpendicular. It is called guttural and reminds one of the obligation.

Grip. Take the right hand of the brother that one wishes to test, (we will refer to him as the “Tyler,”) press with the thumb three times with equal pressure on the first phalange of the index finger, (Note: this indication given in all the rituals is liable to misunderstanding; it would be more exact to say that the grip is given on the joint between the index and the metacarpus), then press lightly with the nail of the thumb on the phalange; this is a demand for the Sacred Word, which one gives; it signifies the three words of scripture: knock, seek, ask.

Knocks. Three equal knocks.

Acclamation. After having clapped the bands three times say: “Glory to the Sublime Architect of the ‘Worlds.”

Steps. Three steps forward, commencing with the left foot and bringing the feet together after each step.

Age. Three years.

Insignia. A sky-blue tunic, an apron of white skin, flap lifted; this is the symbol of labour, its whiteness reminds one of the candour of a true Mason, etc.
Word. Boaz.