Ritual of a Subordinate Council
of the
Loyal Mystic Legion of America  

Opening Ceremonies
One rap calls to order or seats members, two raps calls up officers, three raps calls up all officers and members.
Worthy Councilor takes his position, gives one rap which calls to order. Officers and Companions all assume proper places. Worthy Councilor will fill by appointment pro-tem, all vacant official positions. Companion Protector will see that the doors are properly protected. Companion Escort will arrange Council Chamber in due form and provide each Companion with a proper badge.
When ready in due form, the Worthy Councilor will say: All persons not lawfully authorized to convene with us will please retire.
Candidates must retime to ante room.
W.C.: Companion Escort, convince yourself that all present are Companions in wood standing in our Order and report.
Companions must not communicate the grip, pass word and other secret work to each other or to any other person or persons. The only Companions authorized to do so are the Worthy Councilor, the Worthy Vice-Councilor and the Companion Escort, when instructed so to do, by either the Worthy Councilor of the Worthy Vice-Councilor. A Companion violating this rule renders himself liable to be suspended.
No Companions is entitled to the new pass word who is arrears in either dues or assessments. If a Companion is without the current term pass word, the Companion Escort can communicate it to him on asking permission of the Worthy Vice-Councilor. Form used will be thus: Companion Escort will say: Worthy Vice-Councilor, Companion … is without the pass word. Worthy Vice-Councilor will say: Worthy Secretary, is Companion … in good standing? (Dues and assessment paid.) Worthy Secretary will say: Worthy Vice-Councilor, he is (or he is not as may be the case.) If Companion is not in good standing, he must place himself right on the Worthy Secretary’s books or retire. If he is entitled to the pass word the Worthy Vice-Councilor shall say: Companions Escort, give Companion … the pass word. Companion Escort does so in due form. A visiting Companion must either give the current term pass word or be identified and exhibit a receipt showing the payment of the last dues or assessments ordered, but the pass word is not to be communicated to such Companion without an order therefor in due form.
When Companion Escort has examined and satisfied himself that all Companions present are entitled to convene, he shall resume his place, then march in front of the Worthy Vice-Councilor, turn and advance to the Alter, face the Worthy Councilor and say: Worthy Councilor, all Companions present are duly authorized to convene with us.
The Worthy Councilor, without rising, will explain as follows the duties of each officer in the Council. As the title of the officers is called he will arise and remain standing while addressed by the Worthy Councilor.
W.C.: Companion Protector, your special duty is to guard with care the entrance door to the Council Chamber. allow no one to enter who is not entitled to do so and then only as in due form provided.
Companion Escort, you have, various duties to perform. Study well your ritual that you may promptly and with decorum your part sustain, for if so performed, you will give to each candidate a lasting and favorable impression of Our noble Order.
Worthy Treasurer, to you is confided the duty of safely guarding and protecting the funds of the Council. Hold and disburse them as required and in the proper manner.
Worthy Secretary, your duties are most important and I would impress time fact upon your mind and conscience. A true and impartial record of each meeting you should make and be careful to give proper credit for all payments made by your Companions. The good standing of this Council depends upon the faithful performance of your duties. Neglect on your part to give due notice to its members or failure to promptly remit dues and assessments as the rules and laws of the Order require, may render void the Benefit Certificates of the members of this Council. They depend upon your fidelity for their protection. Your duties are such as to require thoughtful and prompt action, on your part. Your Companions do not ask of you all this without proper compensation, for the “laborer is worthy of his hire,” and you shall for prompt attention be suitably rewarded. Never be forgetful then of your great and
Sacred trust, for the success and prosperity of this Council rests largely in your hands.
Worthy Prophet, in your charge is placed the Alter of this Council and upon it rests the Book of Books, the Holy word of God. From its sacred pages you will from time to time read words of wisdom to your Companions, and important lessons teach. Ever conduct yourself so as to be worthy of the high position to which you have been chosen.
Worthy Vice-Councilor, you have been chosen to the second post of honor in this Council. To you the Worthy Councilor is to look for assistance in the discharge of the responsible duties of his position. He expects to receive your constant support in the performance of the many duties required by the ritual of the Order. Should he for any cause be unable to perform his part, it will devolve upon you to assume his part and direct the business of the hour. Strive then to be well qualified for the proper performance of your own and the duties which from your high position you may called upon to perform.
Worthy Councilor will give two raps which calls up all members. He will then arise and address the Worthy Fathers.
Worthy Fathers, you who through years of faithful service have labored for the advancement of our noble Order, the Worthy Councilor will not venture to instruct, but he will request that you from your knowledge and experience render him such assistance as you may feel will be of profit to him and for the best interests of our Council. Speak freely then, and may your Companions by your words gain wisdom.
Worthy Councilor will give three raps and then say: Officers and Companions, all being ready for the transactions of the business of the hour, we will begin in due form. Worthy Prophet will you favor us with words of prophetic wisdom?

Worthy Prophet reads or repeats Prov.4: 1-13, as follows: Hear ye Companions instruction and attend to know understanding. For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law. For I was my Father’s son, tender and only beloved in the sight of my mother. He taught me also, and said unto me, let thine heart retain my words; keep my commandments and live. Get wisdom; get understanding, forget it not; neither decline from the words of my mouth. Forsake her not and she will preserve thee; love her and she will keep thee. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom; and with all thy getting, get understanding. Exalt her and she shall promote thee; she shall bring thee to honor when thou dost embrace her. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grave; a crown of glory shall she deliver to thee.
Here, O Companions and receive my sayings and the years of thy life shall be many. I have taught thee in the way of wisdom; I have lead thee in right paths. When thou goest, thy steps shall not he straightened and when thou runnest, thou shalt not stumble. Take fast hold of instruction, let her not go; keep her; for she is thy life.
W.F’s: Amen! Amen!!
W.C.: Worthy Fathers, have we a motto for our Order?
W.F’s: We have.
W.C.: Will you give it to us?
W.F.J.: Union.
W.F.I.: Friendship.
W.F. A.: Protection.
All W.F’s: Union and Friendship for Protection.
W.C.: How do we meet?
All C’s: As Companions.
W.V. C.: Why do we meet?
All: For protection.
W.S.: Do we receive it?
All: We do.
W.T.: How?
All: Through our Order.
W.P.: Can you prove it?
All: We can. All give sign of the Order.
(Tune Nettleton, same as “Come thou Fount.”)
In our Council here convening,
May we each our work perform;
Let the duties of the evening,
Make us better ere the morn.
All we need is firmly standing,
Proving what we each can do;
Then with vigor upward tending,
We will aid the good and true.
Here we meet with friendly greetings,
Each our lives and hearts to cheer;
May we ever hold the teachings,
Of our noble Order dear.
Let us be a band of brothers,
Guided by the voice of love;
‘Till life’s journey here shall bring us,
To the port of rest above.
Let us ever live Companions,
Knowing that the hour will come;
When life’s labors, joys and pleasures,
Will have come to every one.
May the record of our life then,
Be of deeds and service done;
Worthy of a noble purpose,
Efforts made and victories won.
Worthy Councilor gives one rap seats all. Companions waiting to enter can now be admitted.
W.C.: Officers and Companions, the hour is yours. Worthy Vice-Councilor, what have you to offer for our good?
Worthy Vice-Councilor rises and speaks if he desires. If not, he will say: Worthy Councilor, nothing for the hour.
W.C.: Worthy Secretary will you favor us with a report of the last meeting?
W.C.: Is the report; sustained?
W.C.: The report is approved,
W.C.: Worthy Secretary have you any applications for membership to present?
W.C.: Report of Committee on membership,
W.C.: Balloting for candidates.
If a ballot is to be taken the Worthy Councilor says: Companion Escort, place the ballot.
Companion Escort must submit the ballot box to the Worthy Fathers for inspection, then place it in position on the Alter and retire to his station. The Worthy Councilor will then say: Companions you are about to ballot on the name of: …, the ballot is ready. White elect, black reject. Act wisely and impartially.
One or more candidates may be balloted upon at the same time, as provided in the By-Laws. Only Companions in good standing, members of the Council are entitled to vote. All votes shall be cast under the sign of the Order, the ballot to begin with the Worthy Treasurer, at the left of the Worthy Councilor and proceed around to his right. All who wish can go and cast a vote. When all seem through, Worthy Councilor shall say: I am about to close the ballot. Have all voted who wish to do so? The ballot is closed. Companion Escort prove the ballot.
Companion Escort shows to Worthy Fathers who examine it. He then takes to Worthy Councilor who also examines and announces the result.
W.C.: Companions you have elected (or rejected) the applicant (or applicants.)
If necessary continue the ballot until all names have been presented. Then Worthy Councilor will say: Companion Escort return the ballot box to its place.
W.C.: Degrees conferred.
If any degree is to be conferred, the work will come in at this time, unless deferred until later in the hour.
W.C.: Worthy Secretary have you any communications?
W.C.: Have you any bills to present?
W.C.: Reports of Committees.
W.C.: Companions, General Business will now be considered.
Business of general nature comes up at this time. Deferred business, New business; In which all can take part. Companions will rise when they wish to speak and say: Worthy Councilor and give sign of the Order. Then if Worthy Councilor is not engaged he will give attention to what is said. Companions in speaking must be respectful in all they say, treat all with proper regard and not speak more than twice on the same question, unless so allowed by the Council. Companions wishing to retire will ask either Worthy Councilor or Worthy Vice-Councilor if they can do so. If request is granted, they will retire in due form:
Approach Alter and give sign of the Order, then Companion Protector will allow them to pass out. In voting on all ordinary questions it shall be done by the uplifted hand. All should strive not to be excused when any business of importance is being considered, but remain until a favorable opportunity offers.
The Worthy Councilor can at any time if he deems it for the good of the Order, call up any item of business and the Council may consider it if it so desires, provided that such action must be in accord with the laws, rules and regulations of the Order.
W.C.: Election of officers.
Officers shall be elected as provided in Article VII of the Constitution of the Subordinate Council.
W.C.: Installation of officers.
W.C.: The object of this fraternity is to promote friendship and brotherly love among its members, to bestow substantial benefits upon its members, the widows, children, heirs and relatives of injured or deceased members, to care for the sick and indigent members and to comfort the sick and unfortunate by brotherly ministrations in times of trouble or sorrow. Companions, do you know of any members requiring such ministration.
W.C.: Has any Companion any thing to present for the good of our Order.
Any item which would properly come under this head can now be considered, social meetings, excursions, banquets, picnics and things of this nature will come under this head.

W.C.: Companion Escort, you will retire and ascertain if any candidates are in waiting desiring to receive the honors of our Order.
Companion Escort retires in due form, returns to Alter in due form and says: Worthy Councilor, agreeable to your order I have to report Candidate …, (If more than one, name all.) present wishing to receive the honors of our Order.
W.C.: Companion Escort, you will again retire, properly instruct the Candidate how to enter, and then return to your position.
Companion Escort retires and instructs Candidate, tells him to give three raps and when door opens to enter and advance to center of room.
When Companion Escort retires officers and Companions vacate their places, all mask and assemble about the Alter and engage in lively conversation. Companion Escort enters, takes his position and also masks. The Alter is in due form, bible and emblem thereon. Candidate enters and advances toward Alter when he is seemingly discovered by the Companions, who are much surprised, annoyed and excited. A Companion says: Companions, A stranger!
Another Companion: An intruder! A spy!!
Other Companions: What, a stranger in our Council Chamber?
General Confusion. Companions crowd about the Alter much excited. One says: Put him out!
At this time Companions can do as they decide best with the Candidate.
Another Companion: Why is he here!
Another Companion: Worthy Councilor, a stranger in our Council Chamber.
Worthy Councilor advances to Alter and says: How is this? A stranger in our Council Chamber! Where is he?
All Companions: Here! There! Here! Here!
They Point to Candidate.
Worthy Councilor now near Candidate, with Alter between them, says: Stranger, why are you here? Have you any right to enter our Council Chamber? Where is your invitation?
Candidate has none. Companion Escort will then say: Stranger come with me and if I find you worthy we will return again.
Companion Escort and Candidate retire. Companion Escort looks among papers in ante room, and finds Candidate’s Application and asks him if it is his signature. Candidate will say it is. Then Companion Escort will say let us take it with us and I am sure it will make you welcome. If more than one Candidate all do the same. Companion Escort then gives three raps, door opens and they enter. Council Chamber now is in due form, all in proper places and all masks removed. Companion Escort and Candidate approach Alter and Companion Escort says: Worthy Councilor, a stranger seeks admission to our Order: Will you receive him?
W.C.: Companion Escort what right has he to expect to he admitted here?
C.E.: By his own act and the recommendation of a Companion. The proof is here.
Companion Escort advances and presents Candidate’s application to Worthy Councilor, who takes it and examines and returns it (or them, if there is more than one Candidate he will in each case do the same.) Worthy Councilor after examining rises and says: Stranger, a worthy Companion having so favorably recommended you, it is my pleasure to receive you, but before I can extend to you the privileges of our noble Order, I must be convinced that you come to us with good and true intent. To this end are you willing to take a solemn and binding obligation; not to your injury, but for your good, if you faithfully keep your pledge. What is your answer?
If Candidate says I am, then Worthy Councilor says: If Candidate is not willing he must retire.
W.C: Companion Escort, present the stranger in proper position.
Candidate stands before Alter with left hand on bible and right hand uplifted. When in position Worthy Councilor gives three raps and says: Companions assemble to witness the obligation.
As Companions form a circle Worthy Councilor advances to Alter and circle is made by the Companions around the Worthy Councilor, Alter Companion Escort and Candidate. Companion Protector will not leave his station. Worthy Councilor will say: you will repeat your name and carefully thoughtfully say after me.
I, …, in the presence of these witnesses and the Eternal God, do most solemnly promise that I will not reveal, but ever hold in strict confidence, the mysteries and secret work of the Loyal Mystic Legion of America, that I take this obligation of my own free will, that I will be faithful to and abide by the Constitution and By-Laws of the Supreme Council, the Grand Councils and the Subordinate Councils of the Order, that I will strive to promote harmony and friendship among its members, deal justly and honestly with each member and his family, that I will to the best of my ability aid in all proper ways to promote the interests of the Order, that should I ever become delinquent or be suspended and thereby forfeit my good standing in the Order, I will regard this Obligation just as binding upon me then as I do at this hour. To all of which I do hereby and hereon solemnly pledge my sacred honor.
As soon as obligation is taken all members of the Council without changing position will unite in singing the Obligation Ode.
(Tune, Rock of Ages)
May this solemn pledge thus be,
Kept most sacredly by thee;
Then you friends will surely find,
Ever faithful, true and kind;
But if you the right neglect,
You will forfeit our respect
You are now m honor bound,
Faithful then may you be found;
To our Order while you live,
Prompt attention to it give
Then you will a member seem,
Held by all in high esteem.
Keep this solemn pledge in mind.
And if you should seem inclined;
To neglect its binding power,
Let your courage in that hour;
Hold you worthy as a friend,
Prove you faithful to the end.
Singing may be omitted if desired. After singing Worthy Councilor will say: Friend, this pledge of loyalty which you have taken, convinces me that you are worthy of our confidence and it is now my duty to further instruct you in the mysteries of our Order. I will now communicate to you the pass word, the sign of the Order, the grip, the recognition sign and the sign of distress, of the Subordinate Council.
Worthy Councilor now gives Candidate the secret work, communicated, not written and explains it. He then retires to his station, gives one rap which seats the Council, and then he says: Companion, for by this honorable name you will henceforth be addressed, you are now a member of our Order in good standing and entitled to its privileges and benefits and will remain as such, as long as you promptly pay your dues and assessments and comply with the rules of the Order. Companion Escort you will now conduct our Companion to the ante room and aid him in entering the Council Chamber in due form.
Companion Escort and Candidate retire and reenter Council Chamber and in due form approach Alter and give sign of the Order; Worthy Councilor then says: Companions, you will now extend a cordial welcome to Companion ….
Worthy Councilor gives three raps, Companions arise all unite in singing Welcome Ode.
(Tune America, Same as “My Country is of thee.”)
Companions all unite,
And welcome with delight;
This friend to cheer.
Our Council will receive,
You, whom we all believe;
Worthy with us to live,
Here then abide.
Long may life he to yen,
And you prove ever true;
To this great clan,
Our Order will protect1
And fully compensate,
All who it may elects
If faithful prove,
Let all be faithful then
For we cannot tell when,
The summons conies.
Union and friendship here,
Unite Companions dear,
And we shall hope to cheer,
Aid and protect.
Singing may be omitted if desired.
After singing all advance to Alter and shake hands with new Companion. All Companions present should do so. Candidate will remain standing at Alter; Worthy Councilor will give one rap, Companions return to seats. Worthy Councilor the addresses Candidate as follows: Companion do you desire more wisdom, more knowledge and a better understanding of the hidden mysteries of our noble Order?
Candidate will likely say I do. Then of Worthy Councilor says: Since you desire to know the hidden Mysteries of our Order, I will with pleasure comply with your request.
Explanatory Degree
C.E.: Worthy Councilor, Companion (or Companions) … is ready to act your pleasure and receive the Explanatory Degree.
W.C.: Companion, it being your desire to know the hidden mysteries of our Order, I will state that before you can fully understand and appreciate its objects and the benefits which from it you will derive, it will be necessary for you to enter upon a journey, a pilgrimage, attended with same difficulties, but  if you are of good courage you will in due time reach the abode of our Worthy Fathers, who will give you wise council and direct you so you will be duly instructed and enabled to fully enjoy the pleasures and benefits of our Order. Are you ready to proceed?
Candidate will answer I am.
W.C.: It is my desire that you be granted letters to our Worthy Fathers by our Worthy Secretary, and that a Companion be appointed by our Worthy Vice-Councilor as an escort, to accompany you to their abode. Your aspirations are high, your desire and purpose noble. Let your courage be strong as you go forth in the strength of manhood, your worthy purpose to attain and your victory will he that of a tried and true Companion. Worthy Vice-Councilor have you commissioned a Companion to accompany our Companion on his journey?
W.V. C.: Worthy Councilor, Companion Escort is in readiness to attend our Companion.
W.C.: Worthy Secretary are the letters written?
W.S.: Worthy Councilor, the letters are ready.
W.C.: Companion Escort, you will now present our Companion to our Worthy Secretary who will favor him with letters to our Worthy Fathers. You will take the letters, conduct our Companion to the place of starting, with care prepare for his journey and if our Companion proves faithful, in due time and form present him to our Worthy Fathers.
Companion Escort and Candidate go to Worthy Secretary’s station and Worthy Secretary gives Companion Escort letter he has prepared. When Companion Escort has received the letter Worthy Councilor will say: Go Companion, and may you in good time reach in safety, your journey’s end.
Companion Escort starts with Candidate and as they go Companions say: Adieu! Farewell!! Farewell!!!
Companion Escort and Candidate enter ante room when Companion escort hoodwinks Candidate and dresses him for his journey in such manner as the Council may arrange, gives him cane, grip etc. When thus provided for his journey, they enter the Council chamber without form. While Companion Escort is preparing Candidate Worthy Councilor and Companions arrange Council chamber, have various Companions stationed to perform their special work, so all is ready when Companion Escort and Candidate enter.
Companion Escort should study carefully this portion of the work, for very much of its success and beauty depends upon the way in which he perform his part. Repeat words slowly and move around the Council chamber so as to arrive at the right place at the proper time. The dashes indicate pause in speaking. All should be in readiness and all know their part and act promptly.
C.E.:   Be of good courage, the way may seem lonely ─ and weary ─ but be not dismayed, ─ press forward manfully to the end. Night has overtaken us and the way is dark. ─ In times past many dangers have beset this lonely place, ─ but it is necessary to pass it that we may reach the hill country beyond ─ and arrive at the home of the Worthy Fathers where much instruction will be given you. ─ They are men of wisdom. Many years have been theirs. Ah! What noise is that? Is that thunder? This is indeed a gloomy vale. A storm seems to be approaching ─ Courage Companion.
While Companion Escort is saying the above, Companion of the Council should cause it to thunder and a great storm should seem to be upon them. A clatter of horses hoofs should be heard.
One Robber: Didst thou expect to escape us? Your treasures we must have.
The robbers then take from Candidate all they deem best.
C.E: Help! Help!! Help!!!
Companion Escort gives the words of distress. Companions now rush up and one Companion give the answer: …
Companions: Away robbers! Away! These are our Companions we must and will protect them.
At this moment some Companion should fall heavely to the ground, as he does so, he should cry out as if much injured.
Companion escort removes hoodwink from Candidate.
A Companion: Have you been injured?
C.E.: No, you have reached us in time and we feel most greatful for your timely aid.
Another Companion: We indeed are thankful that you escaped. Now pursue your journey, the dangers are past. We must go and assist Companion Jonathan, for as he hastened to your aid his horse stumbled and cast him headlong to the ground. We fear he is severely injured.
C.E. and Candidate pass out of Council Chamber into ante room and door is closed.
C.E.: Companion, we are now at the door of the abode of the Worthy Fathers, let us seek to enter.
Companion Escort gives three raps. When Companion Protector opens the door, Companion Escort presents letters and says: A Companion in quest of knowledge would gain audience with the Worthy Fathers. Please present his letter.
Companion Escort hands Companion Protector the letter and Companion Protector says: Companion, I will with pleasure present your letter and in due time return answer.
Closes door and presents letter to Worthy Vice-Councilor and says: Worthy Vice-Councilor, a communication from Companions on a pilgrimage.
Worthy Vice-Councilor reads letter and says: Admit them.
Companion Protector returns to the door, opens it and says: Our Worthy Vice-Councilor will receive you and direct you on toward the inner Council Chamber.
They enter and in due form give the sign of the Order, return to station of the Worthy Vice-Councilor, when Companion Escort gives three raps on the floor with staff and Worthy Vice-Councilor says: Who is here?
C.E.: A Companion Escort who is accompanied by a Companion who has bravely performed the pilgrimage to your door and now wishes to gain audience with our Worthy Fathers, from them to gain further understanding in the hidden mysteries of our Order.
W.V.C.: Your earnest efforts after knowledge should be rewarded. Conduct Companion … to the Worthy Prophet, who will assist him in his most laudable purpose.
They start for Worthy Prophet and pass around Council Chamber. As they go Companion Protector says: Worthy Councilor, most important news just received.
W.C.: Companion Protector you will report it. Attention, Companions.
C.P. : Our Beloved Companion Jonathan, who in ins effort to rescue Companion … from his perilous condition when the robbers attacked him, hastened with great speed, his horse stumbled over a broken rock and fell, casting our Companion to the ground. He is in a critical condition and needs aid and brotherly ministration.
W.C.: Companions, it is sad, we must aid him. Worthy Prophet, will you at once dispatch two Companions to the assistance of Companion Jonathan, forgetting not the benefits to which he is entitled, for a serious accident has befallen him.
Companion Escort and Candidate who have passed once or more times around Council Chamber should now be in front of Worthy Prophet’s station, Companion Escort gives three raps as before, when Worthy Prophet says: Who desires to pass this way?
C.E.: Worthy Prophet, a Companion Escort and Companion … in quest of further instruction in our Order.
W.P.: It is well, instruction he shall have, I have just received word from our Worthy Councilor that Companion Jonathan has met with a most serious accident. I will appoint you two Companions to go and minister unto him. Go without delay for the case is urgent. Go first to Worthy Secretary for the proper order, then to Worthy Treasurer, receive the benefits due our injured Companion and take with you for his relief. Nourish him, watch with and comfort him and come again in due tune and report.
Companion Escort and Candidate go to Worthy Secretary who says: The proof is here, take the order quickly and proceed.
Takes the order and goes to Worthy Treasurer and presents it.
W.T.: The order is in due form. The benefits are always ready for our worthy Companions. Take this to our injured Companion and give him words of cheer.
Worthy Treasurer as he says this counts out the benefits the Companion would receive, in coin or something representing the same and droppes into hand of Companion one at a time, so all hear. Companion Escort and Candidate then retire. They enter ante room and there find Companion Jonathan is in bed his head bandaged and etc, he is to be almost dead in appearance. They minister to him. He asks for water and Candidate gives it to him. He also gives the person in charge the funds. Companion Escort explains what it is etc. They then return to Council Chamber and at once report to Worthy Prophet. Companion escort says: Worthy Prophet, our mission has been performed. Companion Jonathan is very ill. We fear he will not recover. We comforted him and every need supplied, and have returned in sorrow to report.
W.P.: Companions, it is well, a sacred duty well performed, for your faithfulness in this hour of trial, you have my blessing and permission to pass on to our Worthy Councilor who will an important lesson teach, and then direct you on your way.
They go to Worthy Councilor, Companion Escort gives three raps as before. Worthy Councilor says: Who seeks entrance at the door of the Worthy Councilor?
C.E.: Worthy Councilor, a Companion who has received the Worthy Prophets blessing and now comes to you hoping he may be favored with the lesson which the Worthy Prophet said you would impart, for he seeks knowledge in regard to our Order.
Companion Protector here says: Worthy Councilor, a message for our Worthy Secretary.
W.C.: You will at once deliver it.
Companion Protector advances and delivers message to Worthy Secretary and returns to his post,, as he does so the Worthy Secretary opens message and reads to himself, then when Companion Protector has reached his post, Worthy Secretary says: Worthy Councilor, sad news indeed; Our noble Companion Jonathan in peace, has passed to the eternal world.
Worthy Councilor rises and says: Companion Escort and Companion you will be seated for a time.
Companion Escort should take a seat with the Candidate at right or left hand of Worthy Prophet. Worthy Councilor then says: Companions, we are called to mourn the loss of a beloved Companion, a true man, a trusting, faithful friend. Death has suddenly overtaken him while in the discharge of duty. He risked and lost his life in the effort to save a Companion. Great shall be his reward. Let us our heads in sorrow bow.
Worthy Councilor sits down, all bow their heads for a moment, then Worthy Councilor says: Companions this will not do (all look up.)
We have a duty to perform. For our departed Companion, we can do little. For his loved family we can do much and thus fulfill our sacred trust.
Let each Companion well his past perform.
Worthy Secretary let the benefit treasury be set.
Worthy Secretary’s places the treasury box on the table or stand in front of Worthy Councilor, who gives three raps which calls up ll and then he says: Companions now form in unbroken line and as we pass, let each his part therein bestow, to benefit those dear to our departed friend.
Worthy Councilor deposits his coin, then Worthy Secretary his. The line of march should be headed by the Worthy Treasurer who as he passes the treasury makes his deposit and goes from his station toward the Worthy Secretary’s and on around the room. All Companions follow in line. Each one has a coin in his hand as he passes the treasury box deposits his coin in it. When Candidate reaches the treasury box he has no coin and attempts to pass without, but Worthy Secretary who stands as a guard over the treasury should stop Candidate and say: Companion, how is this, no offering? Search and see, for no true Companion can pass without his portion for this most worthy cause.
All stand while Worthy Secretary speaks. Candidate examines and finds a coin. Companion Escort having placed one in Candidate’s pocket without Candidates knowledge. Candidate places it in the treasury then Worthy Secretary says: Right Companion, forget not to perform this duty whenever called, remembering that it rests on all alike, we are all equal here.
When all have passed they resume their seats and Worthy Councilor says: Worthy Treasurer collect the funds and hold them for their lust an(l worthy Purpose.
Worthy Treasurer takes charge of treasury box and funds.
W.C.: Worthy Secretary, search the records and find the number of the benefit certificate of our departed Companion and in due form an order draw, as therein provided and without delay, the funds as therein agreed forward to the one entitled to receive, that our Obligation may be fully paid and our sacred duty, to the memory of our departed Companion Jonathan, promptly performed.
Worthy Secretary looks over records and says: Worthy Councilor it is here, the record is Complete. Your order shall be obeyed.
Companion Escort and Candidate now resume their places before Worthy Councilor who says: Companion …, you have performed your duty. This great lesson learned, you shall enter the inner Council Chamber where abide our Worthy Fathers. Companion Escort you will conduct our Companion there, that he may share their understanding, knowledge, wisdom.
A small canopy can be arranged and placed about each Worthy Father so as to make them have separate abodes. The Companion Escort will then stop before each in proper order.
Companion Escort and Candidate go to the abode of Worthy Father Jacob and Companion escort give three raps as before.
W.F.J.: Who would enter the inner Council Chamber.
C.E.: Companion Escort with Companion … who is seeking after understanding.
W.F.J.: Enter Companions, for the inner Council Chamber is not closed to those who true understanding would obtain. Rest from your labors while I recall a portion of your pilgrimage that you may with an understanding mind and heart, its lesson newly learn. Companion your life is a pilgrimage along its way are joys, sorrows, dangers, accidents. It is well to he ever and always duly prepared to meet them. Our Order seeks to fully protect its members. The lesson of the hour has clearly taught you this. Forget it not. Protection to yourself is protection to your Companions, in this our noble Order. Companion, proceed our Worthy Father Isaac who will to your understanding and knowledge.
The next stop in front of Worthy Father Isaac and Companion Escort gives three raps.
W.F.I.: Who stands at the portal of my door?
C.E.: Companion Escort with Companion …, who by the permission of Worthy Father Jacob, at your feet Worthy Father Isaac, would knowledge seek.
W.F.J.: Companion, it is my will that you should enter and I will instruct you. As you journeyed hither a brave and noble Companion fell, fell in his effort to aid you when the hour of danger came. You escaped uninjured, but he, alas, met a sad, sad death, so unexpected to us all. Perchance when on another journey, you may be the one, the only one unfortunate. Then forget not the knowledge you have gained, neglect no known duty.
Perform fully each, then you shall a good name secure. Such are my words. Ponder them and see to it that your standing as a Companion is not neglected, for then you will surely he protected. You have understanding, knowledge, to these should be added wisdom. Gladly do I direct you where you will obtain it. Our honored Worthy Father Abraham will with pleasure impart it. With confidence do I commend you unto him. Even now he waits ready to impart it unto you. Companion, may you thus your purpose gain. Adieu.
Companion Escort and Companion pass to Worthy Father Abraham. Companion Escort gives three raps.
W.F.A.: Companions, tarry not without the door, for it is ever open to all who come, for only Companions of our Order enter here, and all such shall beneath my roof find welcome. Companion … long has been your pilgrimage, faithful your efforts and sure shall be your reward. It is recorded in the book of God. “Wisdom is the principal thing, therefore get wisdom.” To His wisdom let me add this lesson. You have in your journey witnessed the fall of a loved Companion, stricken down in the prime and vigor of active manhood, suddenly, unexpectedly, by a fearful accident. He has gone. Death, that grim visitor, who must sooner or later come to all; early claimed him. No time, or but little, was his for meditation. Well was it for him and his loved ones, that he was
a Companion in our Order. Through his wisdom and the great blessings which our loved Order brings, in such sad cases, you have seen those dear to him, though bereft of his helping hand, cheered and blessed. Companion never forget his wisdom. Ever do thou likewise, then will those you hold near and dear be protected, if you with like wisdom stand faithful to the noble Order of which you are now a true Companion. Ever remain as such and you will have wisdom indeed added to your understanding and knowledge. Companion you are now at the end of your pilgrimage. One lesson more remains for you to learn. Our Worthy Councilor will impart it, then you will be at rest and may take refreshment. Let wisdom ever attend you, be your guide and keep you in good standing in this great brotherhood. You may now return to this Council Chamber of our Worthy Councilor and receive his words of advice and encouragement.
Companion Escort and Companion pass on and when in front of Worthy Vice-Councilor they turn and proceed to Alter face Worthy Councilor and gives sign, when Companion Escort will say: Worthy Councilor, our Companion has completed with well earned honor his long pilgrimage and awaits with pleasure your words of instruction.
W.C.: Companion you will recall that when first received into our Order, it was your desire to have understanding, knowledge, wisdom. I trust that you have in your long pilgrimage, been able to reach the mark to which it, was your purpose to attain, and having gained it that the scenes enacted, the lessons learned and the thoughts imparted, may make a deep and laying impression upon your mind. Such is the purpose for which they have been given. May they prove of great profit to you and ever keep you an active, faithful Companion in the great Order of which this Council forms a part, the loyal Mystic Legion of America, as it is known to those who are not of us, but it is my pleasure now to give you the full, true meaning of the words; Loyal men, living, acting. Companion it is now my pleasant duty to bid you welcome, and that I do most gladly. May you ever find your abode with us a pleasure. Welcome Companion to full fellowship in our Order. Companion Escort you will now conduct our Companion to a seat with his Companions.
At this point refreshments, fruit, etc. may be served. When arranged to do so, Worthy Councilor will say: We will now take refreshments. When through he will call to order and proceed in due form with the work of the hour.

Closing Ceremonies

W.C.: Worthy Treasurer, please render your report.
W.T.: Worthy Councilor, the receipts since last report have been: Life Benefit Fund, $ --; Accident Benefit Fund, $ --; General Fund, $ --; Total, $ --. Balance in the Treasury including the above: Life Benefit Fund,$ --; Accident Benefit Fund, $ --; General Fund, $ --; Total $ --.
W.C.: Companions, all hail!
Gives three raps, all rise except Worthy Councilor.
W.C.: Worthy Vice-Councilor give instructions to our Companion Escort and Companion Protector, for I am about to complete the business of the hour.
W.V.C: Companion Escort, our Worthy Councilor is about to close the business of the hour. At the Close of the service you will place the rituals and odes in charge of the Worthy Secretary and all paraphernalia you will make secure and ready for future use.
W.V.C: Companion Protector, you will during the absence of your Companions carefully guard our Council chamber and see that it is properly protected until we meet again. Worthy Councilor, the necessary instructions have been given.
Worthy Councilor will arise and say: We convened as Companions, we part as friends. Let us ever remain as such. Our interests are mutual. As we go hence let high aspirations and noble purposes be ours Let us not be content simply to live, but live to act. Act wisely and well, each striving manfully his part in life to perform, never forgetting the deeds of mercy, friendship, charity, which lighten sorrow and bring joy and gladness to the unfortunate in life. Promptly may each Companion perform his duty, for at most, short will be the hour for worthy effort. We must part. It may be we shall not all meet again in Council. Then Companions, live wisely, live truly, live nobly, that our record may be untarnished and then, when the summons comes, we may he ready and hope to meet again, with the Great Father, the creator of this and of the eternal world.
W.C.: Worthy Father Abraham, Grant us thy blessing.
W.F.A.: May the God of Abraham and of Isaac and of Jacob, be our God. May his blessings be with us in our efforts to promote friendship and benevolence. May He attend us in our journey onward, homeward. May He keep us faithful to each other, to ourselves and to Himself. May He receive us when we shall have ended this earthly pilgrimage, as Companions in His eternal home.
All.: Amen!
W.C.: Worthy Prophet, your benediction.
W.P.: Peace be and abide with you, one and all, Until we meet again. Amen!
All: Amen!
Closing Ode.
(Tune same as “Stand up, Stand up for Jesus”)
Companions now in closing,
Let song our hearts unite,
And thus in concert showing,
Our pleasure for the night;
Our business now is ended,
Our duty is well done,
No effort now is needed,
Before the rising sun.
As on Life’s journey seeking
All good that we can do,
Hold high in friendly greeting
Our noble Order too,
Let its great work so ever
Be kept by all in mind,
Regret then will we never
Our efforts for mankind.
Our work is great and noble
Full worthy of our thought,
Then think not of the trouble
But labor as we ought
To bring our friends and neighbors
Within its ranks to see,
The grandeur of its labors,
Until eternity.
W.C.: Companions, the business of the hour is finished.
Worthy Councilor gives one rap.