Knights of the York Cross of Honour
Ceremony of Installation of Officers in a Priory


G.M.G., *: Knights by virtue of the authority in me vested as acting Grand Master General of the Convent General, Knights of the York Cross of Honour, I declare the Convent General open, for the purpose of Installing the Officers of … Priory, No. …, K.Y.C.H.
Will the Prior-elect present himself before me done. Knight Prior-elect, before consecrating and constituting this Priory in which you will preside, the active members of Convent General will retire with you for the purpose of investing you with the ‘Secrets of the Chair". Please be good enough to place these Knights in charge of the Knight Deputy Prior-elect, until our return. *. Done.
G.M.G. and Knights of the Convent General retire with Prior-elect and invest him with the necessary information.
G.M.G. and all retain and G.M.G. assumes East.
G.M.G., ***:
Knight Prelate, lead our devotions.
May no strife disturb thy days, nor sorrow thy nights, and may the pillow of peace kiss thy cheeks, and the pleasure of imagination attend thy dreams; and when length of years hath made thee tired of earthly joys, and the curtains of death gently close around the scene of thy existence, may the angels of God attend thy bed and take care that the expiring lamp of life shall not receive one rude blast to hasten its extinction; and, finally, may the blessing of God wash thee free from all impurities and prepare thee to enter into the land of everlasting life and felicity. But, while this Priory shall be part of thy earthly Tabernacle, let its Officers and Knights be beacons of light as inculcated in the four bodies of Freemasonry in which all our members have presided. Amen.
G.M.G., *:
I shall now install your Officers, as elected, and such other Officers as you have chosen. Knights-elect will place themselves before the Altar.
The Altar if made ready by opening Bible and lighting the four candles at each corner of it.
Em. Knight, Prior-elect, you have been installed four times, once each in the four bodies of the York Rite of Freemasonry and have, previous to this ceremony, been instructed in the "Secrets of the Chair" of our Order. The duties of the presiding officers are, therefore, well-known to you. Unlike other Masonic bodies in which you have previously been installed as presiding officer, each member of this Order has likewise presided in these bodies. Thus you have been chosen as an honorary leader in an honorary body, a leader of leaders, which carries with it a life membership in the Convent General. I congratulate you heartily, but recall to your mind that the success of this Priory rests in your hands even more than in any of the other bodies in which you have presided. During your incumbency you must plan the meetings of the Priory and direct its doings in such a manner that the meetings will be interesting and beneficial as well as harmonious to all the Knights. You will call all meetings of the Priory and see to it that you meet at least once during every calendar year.
G.M.G. to Knight Deputy Prior:
Knight Deputy Prior, your duties are those of presiding officer in the absence of the Em. Prior. At a meeting where you preside you will have equal authority with the Em. Prior, and in his absence or in case of his illness, you will assume his duties.
G.M.G. to Knight Registrar:
Knight Registrar, your duties are those naturally pertaining to the office you hold. You will keep an accurate account of the Transactions of every meeting of the Priory and make an Annual Return to the Registrar-General following your Annual Convocation, each year.
G.M.G. to Knight Treasurer:
Knight Treasurer, your duties are those naturally pertaining to the office you hold. You will keep an accurate account of the monies of the Priory and pay out only such funds as are authorized by the Priory and on a voucher signed by the Em. Prior.
G.M.G. to Knight Warder:
Knight Warder, you are the inner guard and shall answer all alarms at the door and ascertain the cause, advising the Em. Prior thereof. You will, while the Priory is in session, guard it from all cowans and eavesdroppers and suffer no one to pass or repass without order from the Em. Prior.
G.M.G. to Knight Prelate:
Knight Prelate, it is your duty to offer up all prayers to Diety at the opening and closing of the Priory, during the Reception of Knights, and at such other times as required by the Eminent Prior.
G.M.G. to Knight Orator:
Knight Orator, you will address the newly greeted Knights at the conclusion of the Reception Ceremony in accordance with the address prepared for that purpose.
G.M.G. to Knight Herald:
Knight Herald, you will introduce all who are to be received as Knights into the Priory and proclaim them such after due reception.
The Officers, with the exception of the Em. Prior, will assume their stations.
G.M.C. conducts the Em. Prior to his seat.
I now seat you on the Throne of … Priory, No. …, K.Y.C.H., in full charge thereof, with the hope that this Priory will prosper during your leadership. May your year be a happy one.
G.M.G., ***:
Knights, salute your Prior. Done by crossing arms, right over left, and bowing slightly. By virtue of the authority in me vested as Grand Master General of Convent General, Knights of the York Cross of Honour, I declare the Prior and Officers of … Priory, No. …, K.Y.C.H., installed and the Priory at labor; and the Convent General closed. *.