Royal Order of Jesters


The original meeting resulting in the formation was held on February 20, 1911, by Shriners on a pilgrimage to Aloha Temple, Hawaii, in the Captain’s office of the “S.S. Wilhelmina.” Noble A.M. Ellison of San Francisco, California, was responsible and the original cast included a Director and thirteen members. It was organized June 25th, 1917, at an informal meeting.
Jesters are made from members of the Shrine in good standing, membership is by invitation only, not application.

It is a “fun”degree, with absolutely no serious intent. The motto, ‘Mirth is King,” is sufficient to give voice to the purpose of the organization.
The order denounces any kind of publicity. An internet-site, made by one of its members was removed after intervention of the National Court of the Order. The primary reason behind such action was the desire of the Board to minimize to the extent possible the public exposure or its access to Jester information.  

Initiation Ritual