Daughters of Isis


Opening Ceremonies
NOTE: Abbreviations used should be pronounced in full when addressing the officers:
Ill. Commandress - Illustrious Commandress
1st Lieut. Commandress First Lieutenant Commandress
2nd Lieut. Commandress Second Lieutenant Commandress
1st and 2nd Cere. Daughter - First and Second Ceremonial Daughter
Ill. Commandres: The officers will take their stations and regale themselves. 1st Lieut. Commandress, you will announce that I am about to open this Court for the dispatch of business. You will announce the same to the 2nd Lieut. Commandress, and she to the Daughters, that all may be duly informed as to our purposes.
1st Lieut. Commandress: 2nd Lieut. Commandress, the Ill. Commandress is about to open this Court for the dispatch of business. You will announce this to the Daughters so that all may be duly informed as to our purposes.
2nd Lieut. Commandress: Daughters, the Ill. Commandress is about to open this Court for the dispatch of business.
Ill. Commandress: 1st and 2nd Ceremonial Daughters, you will take up our Mystic Pass and repeat the same to me.
1st and 2nd Ceremonial Daughters take up the pass from the members on the North and South sides of room.
2nd Cere. Daughter: 1st Ceremonial Daughter, the Mystic Pass has been satisfactorily given in the North.
1st Cere. Daughter: Ill. Commandress, the Mystic Pass has been satisfactorily given by all.
Y. T. I. L. E. D. I. F.
Ill. Commandress: Y. T. I. R. U. P.
Inside Spy, you will inform your companion, the Outside Spy, that I am about to open this Court, direct her to guard accordingly.
Inside Spy closes the door and raps oooo which is answered by the Outside Spy.
Inside Spy: Ill. Commandress, we are guarded
Ill. Commandress: Inside Spy, how are we guarded?
Inside Spy: Doubly picketed.
Ill. Commandress: ‘Tis well The High Priestess will pray.
High Priestess: Our Father, we bring this meeting into your presence knowing that your loving care as around us and that your will br us and this organization is only for good. May all our work here reflect the loving kindness which we have for You and for each other. May we each feel the deep sense of duty that goes with our obligation for service, and may we never fail to do our best. Amen
Ill. Commandress: Attend to the giving of the Signs.
Saluting Sign: Cross both arms above the head, the hands open, palms outward. Bow to Ill. Coin. and then to the 1st Lieut. Com.
Warning Sign: Raise right hand perpendicularly, palm of hand forward.
Answer to Warning Sign by one seeing the sign. Raise right hand perpendicularly, back of hand forward.
Distress Sign: Right forearm perpendicular, balance of arm horizontal, fingers extended, then swing the hand three times.
The words of Distress: A Daughter of the Desert.
Ill. Commandress: I now declare this Court open for business.
Outside Spy will see that the Candidate’s outer wraps are removed; blindfold her and then conduct her to the mouth of the desert (door) where a heavy battery is made.
Ill. Commandress: What is the cause of this confusion at the door of our secret temple?
Inside Spy, opening door: What is the cause of all this intrusion?
Outside Spy: We have made a captive.
Inside Spy: Ill Commandress, our trusty spies have made a captive.
Ill. Commandress: Who is she? From whence does she come and what is her desire?
Inside Spy: She is the nurse of the youthful Horus, she has escaped from the wrath of Typhon and desires to find refuge with the Daughters of Isis.
Ill. Commandress: Admit her, but see to at that she does not reveal the secret of the entrance to our secret temple. Oriental Guide goes to inside of door and when the Candidate is admitted, takes her arm and conducts her around the Court five times, then causes her to kneel at the altar Music and singing during the circumbulation.
Ill. Commandress: You will find this a very pleasant and beautiful degree. There is an obligation you must take before you become a Daughter of Isis I suppose that you are willing to take it?
Candidate, prompted by Oriental Guide: Yes, I am walling on the honor of a woman to become acquainted with its mysteries
Candidate repeats after prompting by Commandress or Oriental Guide.
I, ...,  do hereby and with the help of my faith / solemnly and sincerely promise and swear / that I will not give or communicate the secrets / of the Order of the Daughters of Isis / to any person an the known world / except at be to a lawful and true Daughter of Isis / I furthermore promise and swear / that I will keep the secrets of the Daughters of Isis / when communicated to me as such / or whenever their interest or safety shall require it / I furthermore promise and swear I will obey all due signs, / orders and summons / coming from a Daughter of Isis / or the Grand Imperial Commander /
Before I violate any part of this oath / I will tread the hot sands of the Desert with bare feet /
I further promise and swear / upon my honor as a woman if I become a Daughter of Isis / to obey the Constitution and regulations of this Court / and the Grand Court / and I will not hold any communications with any other than those working under a warrant / coming from the National Imperial Court /
I further promise and vow, / with a firm and steady purpose / to perform and keep the same / under no less penalty than having my body severed in 14 pieces / and thrown into the river / if I violate any part of this obligation.
Ill. Commandress: You will kiss the Bible three times, the Koran once, the red stone once.
Ill. Commandress: Sister, an your present condition, what do you most desire?
Candidate, prompted by O.G.: Light.
Ill. Commandress: Daughters, help me to bring this newly made Sister from darkness to light. Clapping of hands and stamping of feet. God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Oriental Guide removes hoodwink.
Ill. Commandress: I will now give you the Signs by which you may be known. See explanation in Opening Ceremonies for all Signs.
The Saluting Sign is given thus The Warning Sign is The Answer to the Warning Sign is given thus The Distress Sign is given thus The words of Distress are The Sacred Word is NOBILITY
The Oriental Guide will give you the Grip Interlace each other’s fingers of the right hand.
Closing Ceremony
Ill. Commandress: 1st Lieut. Commandress, I am about to close this Court Have you, or any Daughter, any objections?
1st Lieut. Commandress: None, Noble Commandress.
Ill. Commandress: 2nd Lieut Commandress, does any work of charity remain undone?
2nd Lieut. Commandress: None that I know of Noble Commandress
Ill. Commandress: 1st Leut. Commandress, are you a Daughter of Isis?
1st Lieut. Commandress: I have traveled the blinding desert
Ill. Commandress: What binds you to our Order?
1st Lieut. Commandress: My sacred obligation
Ill. Commandress: Having assumed that sacred obligation, what did you do to make it more binding?
1st Lieut. Commandress: I was caused to kiss the red stone of Horus.
Ill. Commandress: It is well Inside Spy, you will inform your comrade the Outside Spy, that I am about to close ... Court No ... Daughters of Isis. Order her to permit no interruption.
Inside Spy, opening the door: Outside Spy, the Ill. Commandress directs me to inform you that she is about to close this Court and you are directed to permit no interruption.
Ill. Commandress: Let us sing our closing ode.
Closing Ode.
Ill. Commandress: High Priestess, you will give the closing prayer.
High Priestess: Eternal God, Father of us all, as we close our meeting, we thank You again for our many blessings. Bless each one here as we part in fellowship. Give us patience and willingness to do our duty to our work, and to each other. We pray that our faith may be strengthened, our love for our fellowman increased, and our Christian service continued. May Thy loving care protect us until we meet again. Amen.
Ill. Commandress: * * * (raps)
1st Lieut. Commandress. * * *
2nd Lieut. Commandress: * * *
Oriental Guide removes the Holy Bible, Koran and Red Stone.
Ill. Commandress: This Court is now closed. Go in peace and may God guard you until we meet again.
All: Amen, Amen, Amen, O Lord.