Installation of Officers of a Fortress

Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit 1906

The Advocate is commissioned by the Grand Commander or Commander-in-Chief as Grand Advocate on the night of installation.
The Advocate, attended by two aides, will enter the ante-room. One of the aides will advance to the inner door and give the countersign, saying that he is acting as aide to a Grand Officer, and bears a message for the Commander. The Sentry will admit him, and call the Officer of the Day, saying:
Officer of the Day, a Grand Officer's Aide bears a message for the Commander.
The Officer of the Day will advance, salute and escort the aide to the altar facing Commander. The aide salutes the Commander, and addresses as follows:
Commander of ... Fortress, No ... I am commissioned by the Advocate acting for Grand Fortress of the State of ... (or Supreme Fortress) to inform you that she (or he) is present, under orders from the Grand Fortress, (or Supreme Fortress), to install the officers of this Fortress into their respective stations, provided the questions which I am instructed to ask of you are satisfactorily answered.
Have the reports of your Adjutant and Quartermaster for the past term been forwarded to headquarters?
Has the roster of the Fortress been made up and, with the per capita tax, forwarded to same?
Have your officers been legally elected?
Are they present?
And are you ready for installation?
The Commander will call up the Fortress:
Grand Aide, I will ask you to convey to the Grand Officer in waiting our fraternal greetings, and say in reply to her (or his) questions that the reports have been made up, and the roster of the Fortress, with the tax, forwarded to headquarters. Our officers have been duly elected. and the Fortress is ready for installation.
The aide will salute and retire. escorted by the Officer of the Day to the door. The Officer of the Day will then turn out the Canton. The Grand Advocate, Grand Officer of the Day, and Grand Chaplain, with the Aides, accompanied by the Officer of the Day, will then enter the hall preceded by the Canton which will form in company front facing the Commander, and behind the Grand Officers who will be stationed in front of the Altar facing the Commander.

Officer of the Day:
Commander, I have the pleasure of introducing the Grand Advocate and Coterie of Grand Officers.
The Commander will call up the Fortress. The Officer of the Day will assume his station.

Lady (or Sir) Advocate, as a representative of the Grand Commander (or Commander-in-Chief) it gives me pleasure to welcome you. We trust that you will find all our appointments in military order and that the duties you are about to perform will be as pleasant to you, as we hope the result will be profitable to us. Officers of the Fortress, please vacate your stations. I now surrender my office to you.
Grand Advocate:
Commander, in vacating your chair of office, I beg that you will accept the seat on my right until your officers are duly installed. The Grand Chaplain and Grand Aides will please assume their stations. Grand Officer of the Day, please present the officers elect.
The Grand Chaplain takes the chaplain's station The aides take places on the platform, right and left of the Grand Advocate, the right aide standing behind the Commander. The Grand Officer of the Day, with the Canton, marches to the Lieutenant Commander's station, where he calls the names of the officers: elect, who leave their seats as their names are called and form in line in front of the Canton (the Canton will be facing the Commander). When all are in place the Officer of the Canton will command. Right forward twos, right march, column left, march, column left, march, column left, march. Twos left, halt.

The movements should be executed to bring the Canton between the altar and the Commander, facing that officer. While these orders are being executed the officers: elect will march in front of the Canton, forming a line facing the Commander.

Grand Advocate:
Officers, you have been selected by the members of this Fortress to fill the various official positions for the coming term. The fact of this selection in itself tells of the confidence which they repose in you. It is to you, and the manner in which you acquit yourselves, that the Fortress depends for success. I exhort you first to be regular and punctual in attendance; be vigilant and earnest in the work of your office; and let all your acts appertaining to the Militant branch receive your zealous and hearty consideration. Are you all willing to enter at once upon your duties?
All answer:
We are
Grand Advocate:
I will then request you to present yourselves before the altar, and I will authorize the Grand Chaplain to administer to you the oath of office.
The Canton, Officer of the Day, with the officers: elect, will then form two circles around the altar, the officers: elect forming the inner circle, facing inward.

Grand Advocate:
Grand Chaplain, you will administer the oath of Office.
Grand Chaplain:
Officers elect, you will please place your left hand on the Bible, raise your right, and repeat after me the following obligation:
I do solemnly promise that, having been elected, I will serve in the capacity to which I have been promoted, during the term of office, faithfully performing all such acts as said office requires of me to the utmost extent of my ability. I make this vow with the intent to religiously observe all that it implies.
At the conclusion of the obligation the Canton will be seated and officers: elect resume former position in front of Commander.

Grand Officer of the Day:
Grand Advocate, I present to you Lady ..., who has been elected and has duly qualified for the position of Chaplain of this Fortress for the coming term.
Grand Advocate:
Lady ..., you are promoted to the position of Chaplain. Your office gives you charge of the religious observances of the Fortress. I ask you at all times to discharge these duties with becoming dignity and decorum. You will now assume your station.
Grand Officer of the Day:
Grand Advocate, I present Lady ..., whom the members have elected Quartermaster for the ensuing term.
Grand Advocate:
Lady ..., you are promoted to and entrusted with the duties of Quartermaster of this Fortress. I need not impress upon you the necessity of care and punctuality in all your transactions. You will be entrusted with all monies belonging to this Fortress, receiving all income and revenue, and paying out all disbursements on an order duly signed by the Adjutant and countersigned by the Commander. You must have your books at all times accurately kept, and ready for the inspection of the Commander or Finance Committee (who alone are authorized to examine them). At the close of your term you will present a report to the Fortress, showing its financial condition. I exhort you to observe a faithful interest in your office. You will at once retire to your quarters and assume your duties.
Grand Officer of the Day:
Grand Advocate, I introduce Lady ..., who has been elected Adjutant of this Fortress.
Grand Advocate:
Lady ..., you are promoted to the position of Adjutant of this Fortress, which office calls for an accurate record to be kept of all its transactions. You will issue all official orders and communications, publish all notices, take note of all monies paid in and hand the same over to the Quartermaster at the close of each session, taking the Quartermaster's receipt for same. You will keep an accurate roster of the membership of the Fortress, call the roll of officers at each assembly, and note all absentees. It is imperative that you be punctual in attendance and vigilant in your Grace, for on the faithful discharge of your duties will greatly rest the success of this Fortress. Your comrades have shown by their selection of you to fill this post that they place implicate confidence in you, and we feel that you will prove yourself worthy. You will retire to the Adjutant's quarters, and at once assume your official duties.
Grand Officer of the Day:
Grand Advocate, I present to your notice Lady ..., who has been honored by election to the office of Lieutenant Commander.
Grand Advocate:
Lady ..., you have, by the voice of your comrades, been promoted a step nearer to the executive office of this Fortress. You are now second in command. You will at all times assist the Commander in the duties of her office, and should the Commander at any time be absent, you will assume her station and office, and direct the affairs and business of this Fortress. Having passed through the junior offices, you will at the close of this term be eligible for the office of Commander. It is therefore incumbent upon you to be regular in attendance and studious of the rules and workings governing the Order, so that should your comrades elect you at some future time to fill the higher office, you will be enabled to do so with benefit to the Fortress and honor to yourself. You will retire to the second officer's quarters and assume your station.
Grand Officer of the Day:
Grand Advocate, I introduce with pleasure the Officer of the Day elect, for installation.
Grand Advocate:
Officer of the Day, you have been honored by an election to a position which involves much work and responsibility. You will have charge of all Chevaliers present. See that they are properly uniformed, and comport themselves with proper soldierly bearing. You will see that no one is present who is without the sign and countersign. It will be your duty to receive all visitors at the inner door, introduce same to the Commander, act as escort at all musters, and perform such other duties as may be incumbent upon you by the ritual, or by the order of the Commander. I trust that you will enter upon the duties of your office with the zeal and energy of a tried
soldier, remembering that the path of duty is often a thorny one to tread; and be ever ready to assist, by every means in your power, the onward progress of the Fortress, for upon your efforts depends much of its success. You will retire to quarters.
Grand Officer of the Day:
Grand Advocate, I present the Officer of the Canton elect for installation.
Grand Advocate:
Officer of the Canton, you will have command of the Canton, subject to the orders of your superior officer. You will post and relieve the Sentries, and do such other guard and escort duty as may be assigned to you. Your office carries with it more responsibility than you may at first imagine, as upon the drill, appearance and soldierly movements of your company depends much of the attractiveness of the Fortress. I trust that you will therefore use every endeavor to make your term of office a success. You will retire to quarters.
Grand Officer of the Day:
Grand Advocate, in commending to your notice, the Commander elect of this Fortress, I do so with a sense of gratification, realizing that in the selection the Fortress has been guided by a desire to place at its head one who has demonstrated in the past her fitness for the exalted office.
Grand Advocate:
Lady ..., I congratulate you upon the position which by merit has been earned by you, and it gives me great pleasure to install you into the office of Commander of ... Fortress No ....
It will be your duty to preside at all sessions of this Fortress, conducting such business as may come before it in conformity with the laws, rules and regulations as laid down by the Grand Fortress of the state of ..., and of the Supreme Fortress. Let punctuality and regularity in attendance mark your term of office. At all times preserve an evenness of temper. Decide all questions firmly and impartially, without fear or favor. Remember, that you are about to assume a position which will call for the exercise of the noblest individuality of character. You must neither court the smile nor fear the frowns of those around you; but in strict observance of your duty let it be in such a manner that your womanly sweetness of character will draw all hearts toward you, and that your retirement from this office will draw forth the praise of all, and as you leave the Commander's chair the time: honored words, 'Well done, thou good and faithful,' will be specially applicable to you. You will now retire to the officers' quarters, assume your duties and with the Lieutenant Commander, Past Commander and Chaplain, appoint your subordinate officers.
The Officer of the Day will report for instructions.
Officer of the Day arises and salutes.

Sir, you will assemble all the newly appointed officers and parade them for installation.
Officer salutes and retires to the center of the room, where he calls up the appointed officers, who arise as their names are called and assemble in the center of the room, facing the Commander forming in line in order as they are to be installed. The Grand Advocate pronounces the office of each and as this is done the officer addressed takes two paces in advance, salutes and remains at attention.

Grand Advocate:
Outer Sentry! Chevalier, you have the honor of being appointed to act as Outer Sentry of this Fortress for the coming term. Your position is a very important one, calling for vigilance and a faithful discharge of your duty. You will have charge of the outer door, and will admit no person who is not in possession of the sign unless ordered by the Commander. Be alert and attentive, that no spies or enemies gain admittance. The downfall of many a grand citadel has been traced to the listlessness or infidelity of its outer guard. See that at the close of your term of office nothing but well: merited praise is yours. You will now retire to your quarters.
Sentry salutes, faces about and retires to post.

Grand Advocate:
Inner Sentry !
That officer advances two paces and salutes.

Grand Advocate:
Your office gives you charge of the inner post. You will admit no one unable to give the countersign, unless ordered to do so by the Commander. Be vigilant and attentive to your duties. You will retire to quarters.
Grand Advocate:
Aides! Your duties will call for you to be in attendance on the right and left of your respective officers, to convey reports or dispatches, and in any way assist them, as they may desire. You will retire to quarters.
Grand Advocate, aAddressing the Past Commander:
And now, Past Commander, I have the honor to congratulate you upon the successful termination of your term of office, and to tender you the thanks of our Grand Commander for the able manner in which your duties have been performed. It is only just that, having passed through the ordeal of the term's work, you should have a well: earned rest, and while we trust that your interest will in no wise diminish, we relegate you to the Past Commander's chair, where your burden of office will be much lighter, and while thanking you for the past, we still ask for your assistance and support in the future welfare of the Fortress. You will at once assume your rank and station.
Grand Advocate, addressing the retiring Past Commander:
Retiring Past Commander, I am authorized by the Grand Commander to tender you the sincere thanks of the Grand Fortress for your long term of active service, and to say to you that, while we lose an active officer in the subordinate Fortress, we trust that your interest in the order will ever be manifest, and that we may always have your valued assistance.
Grand Advocate, addressing the Commander:
And now, Commander, my mission has been accomplished, and I, in the name of the Grand Fortress of the State of ...(or Supreme Fortress) declare the officers of ... Fortress, No ..., installed into their respective offices in regular form for the ensuing term, and until their successors have been elected and installed.
Grand Advocate, in behalf of the members of this Fortress, I extend to you and your assistant Grand Officers sincere thanks for the satisfactory manner in which you have performed the duties devolving upon you (three raps of gavel * * *). Officers and members, salute our Grand Officers.
Each member gives military salute, which is acknowledged in like manner by Grand Officers. The Commander seats members. The Grand Officers may retire in form, or may be seated without ceremony. The Grand Officer of the Day will accompany each officer to their respective stations, after the instructions of the Grand Advocate.