Ceremony to be used in the Institution of a New Fortress

Dit amerikaanse rituaal dateert uit 1906

When a sufficient number of ladies and Chevaliers desire to be instituted into a Fortress of the Ladies Militant the Deputy Commander will proceed in accordance with the ceremony as hereinafter prescribed. Should there be recruits the Deputy Commander may proceed to initiation or obligate them at her (or his) option and they may become charter members. If they are obligated only, the Deputy Commander will use the obligation of the enrollment ceremony after which she (or he) will institute the Fortress, electing and installing officers. The Deputy Commander will appoint an Officer of the Day and Adjutant to assist in the work.
Deputy Commander:
Officer of the Day, you will present the ladies and chevaliers who are applicants for a charter for a Fortress of the Ladies Militant.
The Officer of the Day will arrange the candidates in a line facing the instituting officer.
Officer of the Day, addressing Deputy Commander:
I have the honor to present to you these ladies and chevaliers who are applicants for a charter under which they may conduct a Fortress of the Ladies Militant.
Deputy Commander:
Adjutant, you will please read the names of the applicants.
To applicants.
As your names are called please say, Present.
Adjutant reads names:
Deputy Commander, the names have been called.
Deputy Commander:
The Adjutant will now read the commission authorizing the institution of a Fortress of the Independent Order Ladies Militant.
The Adjutant reads Commission.

The instituting officer will at this juncture obligate or enroll according to circumstances as heretofore set forth.

Deputy Commander:
Officer of the Day, you will present all the applicants for a charter before me.
Officer of the Day: Deputy Commander, I am pleased to present these applicants for a charter.
Deputy Commander:
Before I can grant you a charter it will be necessary for you to take an obligation. You will please raise your right hand and repeat after me, saying:
If granted a charter, I (repeat your full name) sincerely promise and declare that I will faithfully observe all laws, rules and regulations of the Supreme Fortress and Grand Fortress and those of my own Fortress. That I will lend my best endeavors toward the upbuilding of the order in every legitimate manner, and I will ever keep in mind, and strive to further, the interests of the Patriarchs Militant branch of Old Fellowship. I will perform all duties devolving upon me, either in an official or private capacity, willingly and cheerfully, to the best of my ability.
I will obey those in authority in all that is rightfully demanded, striving ever to exemplify the motto
of the Order: Friendship, Love, Charity and Fidelity.
Now by the power in me vested I hereby declare ... Fortress, No ... Independent Order Ladies Militant duly instituted and entitled to all rights guaranteed thereby.
Seats Fortress with one blow of the gavel. The Deputy Commander will proceed with the election and installation of officers as prescribed by the laws of the order.