The Golden Rule Degree
Initiation Ritual



The degree must be conferred in a solemn and dignified manner. Nothing shall be permitted which shall in any way offend or humiliate the candidate. No burlesque performance, buffoonery, or rough usage is allowable, nor shall the candidate be assaulted or subjected to any indignity of any kind.
In conferring this degree, the use of any animal, or representation thereof, or noises indicating the presence of any animal is strictly prohibited.
Appropriate scenery, costumes and furniture may be used, the same being left within reasonable limits to the option of the encampment, but in no case must such additions be allowed to conflict with or modify either the form or language of the ritual.
The use of guns, pistols, blank cartridges, explosives of all kinds, and every kind of fire-arms, or offensive, irritating, or overpowering drugs or chemicals is strictly prohibited.
At no time during the conferring of the degree shall any patriarch be substituted for the candidate.
In this degree, the High Priest assumes the character of Aram (pronounced Ar’ am), the Guards of Tent act as his servants, the First, Second, Third and Fourth Watches as Barbarians, and the various nations are represented by members selected by the Chief Patriarch.
The High Priest shall occupy a tent of the ridge-pole style, as provided in the Patriarchal Degree. Skins should be placed upon the floor before the door.
The High Priest, as Aram, should represent a venerable man. He should wear a wig and long gray beard, a long purple gown without trimmings and sandals.
The Guards of Tent, as his servants, should wear simple, long, brown robes, with turbans to match and sandals.
The officers and patriarchs representing the various nations should be clothed in a manner appropriate to the customs of the nations they represent.
The stations of the various nations should be located in positions in the room as nearly as possible to those laid down in the diagram, and their abodes or camps should illustrate the habits and customs of the nations they represent, but nothing of a burlesque nature shall be permitted.
It is provided in Part II that the candidate shall be blindfolded. The blindfold shall be raised while the candidate is at the High Priest’s tent, and at the stations of the various nations, also from the time he is met by the High Priest (after leaving Nomad’s camp) until he is bound by the Barbarians.
When the candidate enters the room in Part II, it is noon-time. The High Priest is presumed to sleep until early evening. The lights should be gradually dimmed, so that the effect, as the High Priest leaves his tent, as Nomad raises his face and hands in adoration to the stars, will be that of evening. Lights remain dim until Chief Patriarch instructs Junior Warden to, "remove the bonds," etc., when the room is made bright.
During Parts I and II, only such officers need occupy their stations as are employed in the work of such portions of the degree.
During the tableau in Part III, all officers except the Chief Patriarch, should participate with the representatives of the various nations in the presentation of the tableau.
The encampment room should be prepared for Part II, as shown in the diagram, immediately after the candidate has retired at the conclusion of Part I. All tents, huts, etc., must be removed before candidate enters the room in Part III.
Appropriate vocal or instrumental music, consistent with the ritual, is permissible at any time.
The Grand Patriarch of each Jurisdiction and the Chief Patriarch of each encampment, are expressly charged with the duty of enforcing all of the above regulations.


Chief Patriarch:
Scribe, have any candidates been elected to receive the Golden Rule Degree?
Should there be more than one candidate, change text throughout the ceremony from singular to plural.
Chief Patriarch, Patriarch … reading name in full has been elected to receive the Golden Rule Degree.
Scribe hands two cards, each bearing name of candidate in full, to Chief Patriarch, who will retain one of these cards during entire ceremony.
Chief Patriarch:
Junior Warden handing card to that officer, retire to the anteroom and ascertain if this candidate is in waiting.
Junior Warden, bearing crook, retires in form and re-enters in form, and reports from center of floor.
Junior Warden:
Chief Patriarch, Patriarch … reading name of candidate in full is in waiting for the purpose of being advanced to the Golden Rule Degree.
Junior Warden resumes his station.
Chief Patriarch calls up the encampment.
Chief Patriarch:
Patriarchs, we are about to close the encampment in the Royal Purple Degree, to be opened in the Golden Rule Degree. Junior Warden, you will declare accordingly.
Junior Warden:
I declare the encampment closed in the Royal Purple Degree and open in the Golden Rule Degree.
Chief Patriarch:
Officers and patriarchs, it is so done.
The Patriarchs respond:
It is so done.
Chief Patriarch seats the encampment.
Chief Patriarch:
Inside Sentinel, inform the Outside Sentinel that the encampment is open in the Golden Rule Degree.
Inside Sentinel retires and re-enters without form.
Chief Patriarch:
Junior Warden, retire to the anteroom, receive and introduce the candidate.
The Junior Warden retires in form, bearing crook.


All of the candidates must he conducted through Part I. When more than one, the officers will add the plural number to the text.
The Junior Warden will approach the inner door with the candidate, who is not blindfolded and give the usual alarm.
Inside Sentinel (Opening wicket):
Who comes there?
Junior Warden:
A patriarch, who wishes to be instructed in the Golden Rule Degree.
Inside Sentinel:
Is he prepared to learn the mysteries and practice the duties of this degree?
Junior Warden:
He has hitherto proved himself a faithful and true man, and I have no doubt that he is worthy of further confidence.
Inside Sentinel:
He has permission to enter.
The inner door being opened to admit the in, the Junior Warden enters with the candidate and proceeds to the center of the floor, where both face the Chief Patriarch.
Junior Warden:
Chief Patriarch, I present to you Patriarch … giving name in full, who has faithfully served his time as a herdsman in the field, and has been admitted to the rank of a patriarch. He has been instructed to bestow on those in want a generous hospitality, and he now wishes to be taught the principle of toleration.
Chief Patriarch:
Patriarch, I congratulate you on having a desire to comprehend the cardinal virtue of Odd Fellowship.
Practical toleration is one of the noblest of human actions. The authority of conscience should be respected in all the relations of life; and our Order teaches that there should be no discrimination in the exercise of this right.
Junior Warden, present the patriarch to the Senior Warden.
Junior Warden presents candidate to Senior Warden from the center of the floor.
Junior Warden:
Senior Warden, by direction of the Chief Patriarch, I present to you Patriarch … giving name in full.
Senior Warden:
My brother, the lesson of this degree is toleration. It permits others to think and act according to their convictions. Are you willing to recognize this principle of action?
Candidate answers:
Senior Warden:
Patriarch, there is a solemn and impressive ceremony through which you must pass. Be candid and firm. Answer, truly and without hesitation, all questions put to you.
Junior Warden, you will retire with the candidate.
The Junior Warden, without form, will retire with one of the candidates to the anteroom.
The encampment room is then prepared for Part II as indicated in the diagram.
Patriarchs representing different nations will enter and assumes their positions.


Suggested positions for High Priest and Nations. Heavy line shows journey traveled by Junior
Warden and candidate. Dotted lines indicate journey of High Priest and Guard of Tent when in search of Junior Warden and candidates. Long dashes show route of Barbarians.



Only one candidate need be conducted through Part II. More than one may receive the degree at one time. While the one, acting as candidate, is being conducted through the dramatic parts, others may be seated where they may easily view the work. The Junior Warden should inform those who are being seated that the candidate who participates in the dramatic work is representative of all. If it is desired that all candidates personally participate in such work, each must be conducted separately.
Lights bright in encampment room.
The candidate is blindfolded and is clothed in a dark gown and turban. The inner door being
partially open, the Junior Warden and candidate enter the room without any alarm, and proceed around the room, during which tune the Junior Warden addresses the candidate as follows:
Junior Warden:
Our journey is long and our path leads by the habitations of men of different races, whose creeds and manners are not like ours. They differ even from each other. Pause. We shall meet men who war among themselves and with all with whom they come in contact. Pause. Danger is ever by our side. Be watchful and careful.
They proceed around the room a sufficient number of times to leave the impression that they are on a long journey. It is suggested that a powerful ceiling light be turned on to represent a strong sun.

The heat of this noon-day sun is oppressive. Let us seek a place of rest.
They halt and Junior Warden sees, in the distance, the High Priest’s tent.
Ah! A tent. Pause. I know not who dwells therein, but a venerable man sits at the door.
They approach the tent, at the door of which the High Priest, as Aram, is sitting. As they are passing by, the Junior Warden salutes the High Priest.
Junior Warden:
Peace be with thee, O patriarch.
High Priest:
Peace be with you, O travelers. Rising. Pass not by, I pray you, the tent of Aram, but tarry here until the evening, for the heat overcometh you.
Junior Warden and candidate seat themselves on floor or low elevation at, or near, door of tent. Junior Warden rests his crook against the tent.
High Priest (Seated — To Servants):
Bring food and drink for the travelers.
Servants bring bread, salt and water, which are placed before the High Priest. They then retire, one to each side of the tent.
High Priest, by gestures, invites Junior Warden and candidate to partake. They immediately start eating which prompts the High Priest to
extend his hands over the food and invoke a blessing.
High Priest:
O Lord, we pray Thy blessings upon us and upon this bread, of which, in Thy name, we partake.
Junior Warden and candidate continue eating, when Junior Warden says:
Junior Warden (for candidate):
Aram, I will partake of thy food and drink, for I am hungry, but I will not pray to thy God for He is not the God of my fathers; why, therefore, should I present my vows unto Him?
High Priest (rising, in anger):
He who prays not to the God of Aram dwells not in Aram’s tent. My servants shall spurn you. The wilderness shall be your home. To Servants. O, my servants. Servants appear. Drive these revilers from my dwelling.
Servants eject Junior Warden and candidate, by gestures, from the door of the tent. No violence is to be offered the Junior Warden or candidate, and the servants are not to place their hands upon them.
As they leave, the High Priest calls after the travelers:
High Priest:
Pollute not Aram’s tent again, ye unbelievers.
Servants return to sides of tent.
High Priest resumes his seat at the door of his tent and gives way to anger fin pantomime]. After a short pause, his head sinks upon his hands in meditation. Soon he apparently falls asleep. The Servants then take position near him.
When Junior Warden and candidate are ejected, they proceed on their journey.
Junior Warden (to candidate):
We have suffered because we would not pray to the God of another. There is no God but our God.
They proceed until they reach an abode in which representatives of the brown race dwell.
Junior Warden:
Ah! Here dwell men of another race than Aram. Let us seek their hospitality.
They approach the brown race and by the following words and gestures, signify their desires:
Junior Warden:
Is there rest here for one of our race?
They are driven off by the brown race, gestures only being used.
Junior Warden:
Ah, those pagans! Worshippers of idols and of fire! They are as cruel as was Aram.
They continue on their journey until they arrive at camp of yellow men, who, as they pass, cast angry glances and threaten to attack them, but do not, neither do they impede their progress.
Junior Warden (hurrying on):
Those followers of Confucius are worse than the pagans we have left.
They proceed to the camp of the black race.
Junior Warden:
And here is the black race they halt, as if intending to tarry as different in religious faith as in manners.
The representatives of the black race ignore them.
Junior Warden:
No. We will pass on.
The Junior Warden and candidate proceed. As they journey, their path is crossed by a Nomad, who shall make no outcry. The Junior Warden makes signs of hunger and weariness. The Nomad responds by signs, and invites them, by motions, to his camp at end of room, where all are seated. As lights grow dim, the Nomad builds and lights a camp fire and then proceeds to prepare food, while the travelers rest upon the floor beside the fire.
As the Nomad is preparing food for the travelers, the High Priest [typifying Aram and occupying his tent] awakens from his sleep and, in an agitated and somewhat excited manner, speaks to the servants, who have remained by him as he slept.
When the High Priest begins speaking the Nomad will cease preparations. And the room must be absolutely quiet until be has finished.
High Priest:
As I slept, the Lord appeared unto me and said: "Aram, where is the stranger that sojourned this day with thee?" And I answered:
"Behold, O Lord, he ate of Thy bread and would not offer unto Thee his prayers and thanksgivings. Therefore did I chastise him and drive him from before me into the wilderness." The Lord became very wroth with me and said: "Who hath made thee a judge between me and him? Have I not borne with thine iniquities and shall thou mark thy brother’s errors? Arise and follow the stranger; carry oil and wine, anoint his bruises, and speak kindly unto him. For, I, the Lord thy God, am a jealous God, and judgment belongeth to me.
High Priest is visibly affected. After meditation, he resumes:
Now that I am awake, I feel the wrath of God upon me yet. Pause. I will atone. I will clothe myself in sackcloth and ashes. Pause. I will follow the stranger into the wilderness and seek to do unto him as the Lord commandeth.
The High Priest, assisted by First Servant, clothes himself in sackcloth, puts ashes on his head, and, with First Servant to attend him, goes out along the path in search of the candidate. The Second Servant remains, as if in charge of the tent. On the journey, the High Priest carries a crook which he uses as a staff. The first servant follows closely, also with crook, and carries, over his shoulder, a short sack containing food and drink.
As the High Priest starts on his journey, the Nomad, at his camp, sets food before the Junior Warden and candidate, and then lifts his face and hands, as if in adoration, to the stars. The Junior Warden shakes his head as if in opposition to such adoration. The Nomad, in anger, refuses them food and drives them from his fire. The candidate must not be submitted to any indignities. The Nomad shall not lay his hands upon either the Junior Warden or the candidate.
As they hasten from the Nomad’s camp they are met by High Priest and servant. As the Junior Warden and candidate are about to pass by, the High Priest says:
High Priest:
Pause, O travelers.
Junior Warden and candidate halt and face the High Priest.
High Priest (to candidate):
O stranger, I come to atone or my error. Pardon, I pray thee, and partake with me of bread and salt.
High Priest and servant seat themselves on the floor. Junior Warden and candidate remain standing. Servant commences to open sack containing food, but does not take food therefrom. High Priest gives his entire attention to these preparations, his mind being thus withdrawn for a time from the Junior Warden and candidate.
Junior Warden, glancing over his shoulder, sees Barbarians in distance.
Junior Warden (to candidate):
The dangers we have passed are as nothing to those that now confront us. Here come the intolerant and persecuting Barbarians, who are ever ready to sacrifice the man of another creed upon the altar of their own peculiar faith.
Barbarians approach.
Junior Warden:
There is no escape. Tarry here near the High Priest. I will go meet them.
Junior Warden seats the candidate on the floor near the High Priest and his servant, and advances to meet the Barbarians.
Barbarian (to Junior Warden):
Of what country are you?
Junior Warden answers.
What is your religion?
Junior Warden answers.
Seize him! Bind him! Kill him!
The Barbarians bind the Junior Warden with thongs, but do not otherwise molest him. Any assault or rough usage is strictly prohibited.
Immediately after the thongs have been placed on the Junior Warden, the High Priest, whose attention has been attracted by the assault, arises with his servant.
High Priest (standing) (to servant):
What means this uproar and confusion?
Servant goes forth to investigate and finds the Junior Warden bound. On the approach of the servant the Barbarians flee. The servant returns.
Servant (to the High Priest):
The Junior Warden having declared that he is … and … has been seized and bound by persecuting Barbarians.
High Priest (to servant):
Bring hither the patriarch.
Servant brings in the Junior Warden, still bound.
High Priest (to servant):
Remove the bonds which have been imposed by the intolerance of man, and let our brother feel that a code prevails here which tramples on human prejudices, and asserts the high birthright of humanity.
Servant removes thongs.
High Priest:
O stranger, in sackcloth and ashes do I repent that I drove thee from my door. The God of nations is the Father of all men and all men are brothers.
Junior Warden (for candidate):
Aram, I, too, have sinned.
High Priest:
Share with me, I pray thee, my food and drink.
High Priest, Junior Warden, and candidate are seated upon the floor or low elevation near Senior Warden’s station. The servant, at gesture from High Priest, produces from his sack a small loaf or parcel of bread which he places before the High Priest, who extends his hands over it as if blessing the food. The Junior Warden and candidate bow their heads but no words are spoken. High Priest then takes the bread and breaks it, handing a portion to the Junior Warden and to the candidate, and all partake. The servant then produces a drinking utensil and hands it to High Priest, who drinks from it and passes it to Junior Warden and candidate, who also drink from it.
When refreshments have been completed, the servant will pack all the utensils and the High Priest will address the Junior Warden and candidate.
High Priest:
Patriarch, we have endeavored to illustrate an era for which kings and patriarchs waited and sought, but never found. We trust that the lessons of this occasion will be deeply engraved on your heart.
The ceremonies you have witnessed are especially designed to impress you with the great principle of toleration. In the present condition of mankind, owing to the prejudices of education or habit, it cannot be expected that men should think alike. This is philosophically impossible. Honest in our own opinions, we should accord the same honesty to others. While we should in no instance tolerate licentiousness or vice, we should overlook all differences of a minor nature which may divide us from our brothers, and cordially unite with the virtuous and good, irrespective of country, religion, or politics, in the discharge of those duties which all agree to be paramount. As a brother of this sublime degree, it is expected that you will always act upon the golden rule, doing unto others as you would have them, under similar circumstances, do unto you. Thus will you cooperate with the great mission of Odd Fellowship, and hasten the period when man shall hail his brother man with fraternal greetings: when falsehood shall be driven from the earth, and the race of Adam form a universal family, acknowledging the God of the Universe as Father, and every child of man as a brother.
High Priest and all with him rise.
High Priest:
The God of Nations is the Father of all men.
Junior Warden (for the candidate):
And all men are brothers.
Chief Patriarch:
Junior Warden, you will present the patriarch to the Chief Patriarch.
High Priest and servant return to tent.
Junior Warden presents candidate to Chief Patriarch from the center of the floor.
Junior Warden:
Chief Patriarch, by direction of the High Priest, I present to you Patriarch … giving name in full.
Chief Patriarch (to candidate):
My friend, be always just and fear not. You have not hesitated, when occasion demanded, though surrounded with danger, to avow your principles. This is the solemn duty of every honest man, but, as you seek for mercy, and toleration of your views, so should you practice mercy and toleration yourself. When you reviled the God of those of a different race, with whom you sought rest and shelter, you no more recognized the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man than did they who drove you from their habitations. You should not forget that all men are of one family, that all have one nature, that all are immortal. Forget not the command of the God whom you worship: "Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself." When this lesson shall have been rightly learned, and practiced, then, indeed, will all men be brethren. Then shall universal toleration that knows no division of nation or of race, herald the coming of the perfect day when all the world shall be at unity and all men shall hail each other as brothers. In planning for that day our Order is ever ready to cooperate with all men, regardless of their nationality, race, or creed, who pledge themselves to the same purpose. In so doing, we claim the privilege of limiting our membership to those whom we believe can best cooperate with us to reach such a happy conclusion.
Junior Warden, you will retire with the candidate.
Junior Warden and candidate retire to anteroom.
The encampment room is restored to order. All tents, huts, etc., are removed.



A tableau is formed in any portion of the room, except the Chief Patriarch’s station, by representatives of the different races and pursuits of the earth, robed as in Part II. All officers and patriarchs participating in the degree, except the Chief Patriarch and the High Priest, and as many members present as can be used to good advantage, should be so grouped, and the different races should be so placed as to form a comprehensive and effective illustration of the "Brotherhood of Man."
During this part of the degree the Chief Patriarch and High Priest must remain at their stations.
All of the candidates must be conducted through Part III. When more than one, the officers will add the plural number to the text.
The inner door being opened to admit them, the Junior Warden, with the candidate, who is not blindfolded re-enters and proceeds to the center of the floor, where both face the Chief Patriarch.
Chief Patriarch:
Patriarch, look around you. Junior Warden and candidate face tableau. Behold the change a few moments have wrought! Emblematic of that change which shall occur when the Golden Rule shall have asserted its power and obtained its dominion over the world. The high and impassable barriers that separated man from his fellow-man are broken down. All sit together, as brothers, in harmony and love. The descendants of Abraham and the followers of the Crescent are commingled with those of the Cross as one happy family, knowing no diversity of faith or creed, and a calm repose has come upon the elements of strife. The spear of the warrior is broken and the sword of the conqueror lies rusting in the scabbard. Discord and contention shall be known no more.
A procession is formed by the patriarchs participating in the tableau which proceeds around the room. During the marching, the following Ode may be sung, or the verses may he recited by the High Priest.
Unless the singing can be properly rendered it is much better to have the High Priest recite the verses from his station.

No more shall nation against nation rise,
Nor ardent warriors meet with hateful eyes,
Nor fields with gleaming steel be covered o’er,
The brazen trumpets kindle rage no more,
But useless lances into scythes shall bend,
And the broad falchion in a ploughshare end;
No sigh, no murmur, the wide world shall hear,
From every face be wiped off every tear;
All crimes shall cease, and ancient fraud shall fail,
Returning justice lift aloft her scale;
Peace o’er the world her olive wand extend,
And white-robed innocence from heaven descend.
At the conclusion of the Ode the patriarchs representing the different nations retire from the encampment room, and the officers resume their stations.
Junior Warden and candidate face Chief Patriarch from center of the floor.
Chief Patriarch:
Junior Warden, you will present the candidate to the Senior Warden for the charge of this degree.
Junior Warden escorts candidate to the station of the Senior Warden.
Junior Warden:
Senior Warden, by direction of the Chief Patriarch, I present the patriarch for the charge of this degree.
Senior Warden:
Patriarch, you have been taught to recognize as a cardinal virtue the golden rule, which commands us to do unto others as we would have them do unto us. Here we endeavor to inculcate a just observance of those high moral affections and duties, for the enforcement of which society can enact no code. Here no artificial distinctions of nation, sect, or tribe are recognized. All stand upon one common level, and are alike entitled to that consideration and regard which each claims for himself. The rule by which we walk is founded upon the immutable truth, that all men are brothers; but the code of society regulates the degree of association. From one common source, the existence of all is derived, and we are bound to each other by common ties. A nerve of the same life runs through the human race, and gives to each an interest in the welfare of all that live. Recognizing, as we do, this bond of union, the evils that afflict our brother man become in a measure our own; his misfortunes are our misfortunes, and his sufferings do but increase the pains that shoot through our systems, and render life so feverish and fitful. If we smite him, we smite a member of our own body; and if we strike for his blood, our own flesh shall feel the wound. From all this vast brotherhood we claim sympathy in distress, truth in intercourse, and full and free toleration. As we claim these for ourselves, and yield them up at the mandate of none, so are we bound freely and fully to accord them to others.
Junior Warden, you will present the patriarch to the Chief Patriarch for further instruction.
Junior Warden proceeds around the room to the station of the Chief Patriarch.
Junior Warden:
Chief Patriarch, by direction of the Senior Warden, I present this patriarch for instruction.
Chief Patriarch:
Patriarch, I will now instruct you in the mysteries of this degree.
Chief Patriarch instructs according to the unwritten work. "In this degree there is an alarm at the inner door or entersign, a password, an explanation of the password, a sign, and answer to the sign."

You will now give me the sign of the Golden Rule Degree and I will respond with the answer.
After satisfactory rehearsal, the Chief Patriarch will say:
Chief Patriarch:
Recognizing you as a patriarch of the Golden Rule, the Junior Warden will invest you with a black collar trimmed with yellow, emblematical of this degree.
Junior Warden advances to chair of Chief Patriarch. Receives regalia from that officer, returns to center of floor, and places regalia upon the candidate.
Chief Patriarch calls up the encampment.
Chief Patriarch:
And now, in the name and by authority of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows, I declare you duly advanced to the Golden Rule Degree.
Junior Warden escorts the new member to a seat.
Chief Patriarch:
We are about to close the encampment in the Golden Rule Degree, to re-open in the Royal Purple Degree. All patriarchs who have not attained the Royal Purple Degree will please retire in form. They will advance to the center of the floor and address the Chief Patriarch with the sign of the Golden Rule Degree.
All patriarchs present who have not attained the Royal Purple Degree will advance without delay to the center of the floor and address the Chief Patriarch with the sign of the Golden Rule Degree. The Chief Patriarch will give the answer to the sign.
Chief Patriarch:
The Inside Sentinel will now permit you to depart.
After the patriarchs have retired, the Chief Patriarch shall proceed.
Chief Patriarch calls up the encampment.
Chief Patriarch:
Junior Warden, declare the encampment closed in the Golden Rule Degree.
Junior Warden:
I declare the encampment closed in the Golden Rule Degree.
Chief Patriarch:
Patriarchs, we are about to re-open the encampment in the Royal Purple Degree. The Junior Warden will ascertain that all present are qualified to sit in the Royal Purple Degree.
After the examination has been made:
Junior Warden:
Chief Patriarch, I find the patriarchs qualified.
Chief Patriarch:
The patriarchs will advance the sign of the Royal Purple Degree.
The Chief Patriarch will give the answer to the sign.
Chief Patriarch:
Junior Warden, proclaim the encampment open in the Royal Purple Degree.
Junior Warden:
I proclaim the encampment open in the Royal Purple Degree.
Chief Patriarch:
Officers and patriarchs, it is so done.
The patriarchs respond:
It is so done.
Chief Patriarch seats the encampment.
Chief Patriarch: Inside
Sentinel, inform the Outside Sentinel that the encampment is open in the Royal Purple Degree.
Inside Sentinel retires and re-enters without form.