Pi Kappa Alpha
Initiation Ritual

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Opening Ceremony
This ceremony shall be used for each Chapter meeting, District or National Convention, or Supreme Council meeting.
The Officers and members of the Chapter (or Convention, or Supreme Council) being assembled, the S.M.C. (President) raps three times with the gavel. All rise and remain standing.
Before proceeding the S.M.C. (President) ascertains if all present are members.
S.M.C.: Brother Worthy Master (Vice President), what is Pi Kappa Alpha?
I.M.C.: Pi Kappa Alpha is a general, national, Greek letter, secret, social, college Fraternity.
S.M.C.: On what is it founded?
I.M.C.: It is founded on ….
S.M.C.: Of whom is it composed?
I.M.C.: It is composed of college men banded together as brothers.
S.M.C.: What are its purposes?
I.M.C.: Its purposes are to foster the social values of good fellowship; to promote high scholarship and to inculcate high ideals of American manhood.
S.M.C.: Let us pray.
Our Father, we ask Thy blessing on this meeting, the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, and its members. May all our acts redound to the prosperity of the Fraternity and to Thy glory. Amen.
This printed prayer may be given by the S.M.C. himself, or an original prayer may be given by the S.M.C. or some other brother.
S.M.C.: I now declare this meeting of … Chapter (or Convention, or Supreme Council) open for the transaction of such business as may regularly come before it., requiring all here assembled to conduct themselves with order and propriety.
The S.M.C. (President) gives one rap with the gavel and all are seated.
Initiatory Ceremony
This ceremony is held as a part of a regular meeting, but it is recommended that no business be transacted when an initiation is held.
Minutes should be kept, and in all cases the meeting should be opened and closed with the official ceremony.
S.M.C.: We are now about to initiate into the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity … and … if more than one candidate. Brother Conductor, you will retire and prepare … for initiation into this Fraternity.
The M.C. salutes, takes the blindfold, retires and goes to the waiting room.
M.C., addressing the Candidate: You are now about to be initiated into the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity by … Chapter. I am to be your guide through the beautiful ceremony which is intended so to impress your mind with the lofty ideals of Pi Kappa Alpha that they will form a lasting pattern throughout your whole life.
You will now be blindfolded.
If a front-opening white robe is available, it shall be put on the candidate at this time. If not, no robe shall be worn by the candidate. The candidate is blindfolded and led to the Chapter door. As the candidate and the M.C. approach the door of the Chapter room, the Chapter members may, if they so desire, softly sing the chorus of "The Garnet and Gold”
Pi Kappa Alpha,
All hail to the Garnet,
All hail to the Gold!
Pi Kappa Alpha,
All hail to the Garnet and Gold!
Ad lib until alarm at the door.
The M.C. leaves the candidate several feet front of the door, then approaches and gives the Fraternity knock.
The Guard then partly opens the door.
M.C.: Mr. …, the duly elected candidate is waiting to receive his initiation into the new life. 
The Guard closes the door, turns toward the S. M.C., and salutes, saying:
GUARD: Brother Worthy High Master, Mr. ... is waiting to receive his initiation into the new life.
The Guard closes the door, turns toward the S.M.C. and salutes, saying:
S.M.C.: Brother Worthy Master, you will retire and examine the candidate.
The I.M.C. rises, salutes the S.M.C. and retires, accompanied by the Guard. The I.M.C. approaches the candidate from in front and addresses him.
I.M.C.: Worthy candidate, seeking admission into our sacred circle, answer me in strictest truth the following questions:
Do you or do you not believe in God?
If he answers “I do not" or its equivalent, the ceremony shall stop at once and the candidate, still blindfolded, shall be led from the room.
Are you now or have you ever been a member of any existing general, national, Greek letter, secret, social, college fraternity?
Should the candidate's answer be "Yes," he must be told that section 8 of Article II of the Constitution prohibits dual membership and that be cannot enter the Fraternity. He shall be conducted out of the room at once and not unbandaged until then.
Do you enter this Fraternity of your own free will, with the sole purpose of conserving its best interests, and complying with its requirements?
The candidate replies.
Have you confidence in the members of our brotherhood, and have you courage to endure the various parts of this initiation unto the very end?
The candidate replies.
I.M.C.: Before entering the Chapter room it is necessary that you pledge me your word of honor never to reveal anything connected with this noble order of Pi Kappa Alpha which may come to your knowledge, and that you will take all the obligations and oaths required of you to complete this ceremony. Do you thus pledge before these witnesses and before God?
The candidate replies.
After the candidate pledges, the I.M.C. says:
I.M.C.: Let me caution you to attend carefully to ever step in the initiatory ceremony now to be administered to you, with due gravity and obedience to all directions.
The I.M.C. then enters the Chapter room, leaving the door ajar, advances in front of the S.M.C., salutes, and says:
I.M.C.: Brother Worthy High Master, the candidate who has knocked at our door from without, is not nor has he ever been a member of any existing general, national, Greek letter, secret, social, college fraternity. He desires to enter our midst and taste of the sweets of our sacred brotherhood, with pure and sincere motives. He has taken the pledge before the witnesses to remain eternally silent as to all that transpires. I deem him worthy to enter our family circle, but ask the final vote of the brethren here assembled.
The I.M.C. remains standing.
S.M.C.: Brethren, are you finally willing to admit this candidate into close communion with us?
CHAPTER, in unison: We are.
The candidate should hear this question and response.
S.M.C.: Brother Worthy Master, instruct our Brother the Conductor, to conduct the candidate, Mr. ... into our presence, that we may further examine and instruct him in our mysteries.
The I.M.C. salutes and goes out.
I.M.C., to Conductor: The worthy High Master directs that the candidate shall enter the Chapter room.
M.C. places a small cup of salt in candidate's left hand: Hold this cup carefully for you will have great use for it when you enter this portal.
The I.M.C. then leads the way into the Chapter room, going at once to his seat. The Conductor, on the candidate's right, and, the Guard, on the candidate's left, enter the Chapter room. When they are well within the room, the Guard steps back and closes the door. The Sentinel thrusts the palms of both hands against the candidate's shoulders, bringing him to a sudden halt. This should be done firmly but not violently. His hands remain on the candidate’s shoulders. At the same time he says to the Conductor in a severe tone:
SENTINEL: Brother Conductor, how dare you bring into these sacred precincts one who knows not the mysteries of our order?
M.C.: This is my friend, Mr. …, who bas been duly qualified by our Worthy Master. He desires to form another link of our sacred and mysterious circle.
SENTINEL, to Candidate: Give me a pledge of sincerity and fidelity as you value your life.
M.C. to Candidate: Place your right hand over your heart. Done. Offer the urn of salt to him who challenges you. Done. Taste with him the salt it contains. Done.
The candidate places his right hand over his heart, then extends the urn of salt (held in left hand) to the Sentinel who takes a pinch of the salt and places it upon his own tongue. The candidate likewise takes a pinch of the salt and plates it upon his tongue. The Sentinel, after tasting the salt, replaces his hands on the candidate's shoulders. The Conductor prompts the candidate if necessary. The Conductor then continues, softly:
M.C.: The salt is symbolic of the purification and preservation of the friendship which our Fraternity teaches.
SENTINEL, gives slight pressure to candidate's shoulders as he says: Pass on, friend, and good speed.
If time and space permit, the Chapter may add another challenge by a second Sentinel before the candidate is finally escorted to the altar table.
The Conductor escorts the candidate to a position directly in front of the S.M.C. The Sentinel and the Guard are seated.
S.M.C.: Brother Conductor, who is this stranger?
M.C.: Brother Worthy High Master, this is my friend, Mr. …, who has been duly qualified by our Worthy Master, and has been pledged and passed by out Brother Sentinel along our arduous way. He desires to form another link of our sacred and mysterious circle, and is willing to pledge you sincerity and fidelity.
S.M.C.: Let him pledge without tardiness or delay.
M.C.: Place your right hand over four heart. Done. Offer the urn of salt to him who challenges you. Done. Taste with him the salt it contains.
The candidate repeats the offering and tasting of the Salt.
M.C.: The salt is symbolic of the purification and preservation of the friendship which our Fraternity teaches.
S.M.C.: Mr. …, are you still desirous of entering our sacred bonds and being one with us in our noble brotherhood?
CANDIDATE, prompted by M.C. if necessary: I am.
S.M.C.: Brothers mine, sharers with me in the sweet joys of this union, you have passed and pledged this candidate as he did enter this sacred confine, and have thereby shown your willingness to accord him a goodly welcome into our circle; are you then willing that we proceed with the initiation which will make this candidate worthy to receive the sacred name of "Brother" from our lips?
CHAPTER, in unison: Yes, thrice yes.
S.M.C.: Worthy candidate, let me now admonish you to give careful ad earnest attention to the instructions which you will receive.
The M.C. faces the candidate toward the S.C.
S. C., addressing the Candidate: Do you of your own free will desire to become a member of this Fraternity, from a conviction of its merits and prompted by no improper motives?
CANDIDATE, prompted by M.C.: I do.
S. C.: Repeat after me the following oath: As I hope for mercy at last the Great Day, / I swear that I have given my answers / to all the questions asked me / during this ceremony / in the strictest truth.
The Conductor faces the candidate toward the S.M.C.
S.M.C.: Sir, you have answered to our entire satisfaction the questions which you have been asked and have pledged your word that your answers are all true.
Let us pray.
All kneel, except the Conductor and Candidate.
Our Father, the source of every blessing, grant Thy benediction upon the work of this hour. Bless him who is about to link himself by ties of friendship and brotherhood to those who already fill our ranks. May this step redound to his and our happiness, and to Thy Glory, through Jesus Christ. Amen.
All rise, and remain standing.
S.M.C.: It now becomes my duty to administer to you the Obligation, upon the strict observance of which depend the entire security and prosperity of our noble order. From it you cannot vary by word, by look, by tone, or by act.
You will kneel and place your hands upon the open Bible before you and repeat the Obligation after me.
The candidate kneels, still blindfolded. The M.C. assists him to place his hands. The S.M.C. raps three times. The Officers, except those at altar table, and members of the Chapter with bowed heads and arms folded, take their positions grouped behind the candidate and the M.C.
The S.M.C. directs the S. C. and the Th.C. to light the urn lamps. He then signals the Brothers in attendance on the ceremony to extinguish the lights.
The S.M.C. kneels behind the altar table and places his hands over the candidate's hands. He then signals the M.C. to remove the blindfold.
S.M.C.: I, … full name,  / in the presence of the Brothers here assembled, / do most solemnly pledge my word of honor, / never to reveal, / directly or indirectly / by word, sign or deed / any of the secrets, / or to disclose any of the proceedings of this, / the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity. / I furthermore pledge my word of honor / to receive into fellowship / any member in good and regular standing / in this Fraternity, / and to cultivate a true spirit of fellowship / toward the brethren. /
I likewise promise to offer to this Fraternity / the energy of a zealous member, / warmly supporting its Constitution, / and striving to further its interests. / I promise to vindicate its character / and uphold its reputation. /
And I take this Obligation of eternal secrecy / under the sense and acknowledgment / that should I consciously or unlawfully violate it, / I would be, and must count myself, / worthy of the opprobrium, / scorn and contempt / of my fellow men. /
So help me God.
S.M.C.: Brother, as evidence of your earnestness, you will kiss the Book on which your hands now rest. Pause. It is the Sacred Word.
The candidate kisses the open Bible.
The S.M.C. takes his position beside the candidate, but remains standing, facing the altar. Seven candles have been placed on the altar between the urns. The Brothers form a group around the candidate and the S.M.C.
The S.M.C. repeats each name slowly and with emphasis as he lights the candles in the following manner:
S.M.C., lights first candle: May the flame of Pi Kappa Alpha burn in this worthy heart to do you honor. Pause. Julian Edward Wood.
BROTHERS: Julian Edward Wood.
S.M.C., lights second candle: And may it glow through all eternity in the spirit of pause Robertson Howard.
BROTHERS: Robertson Howard.
S.M.C., lights third candle: May its burning, heat cleanse our impurities that we may better portray the ideals of fraternal brotherhood. Pause. William Alexander.
BROTHERS: William Alexander.
S.M.C., lights fourth candle: May this flame spread its radiance through the hearts of our Brother and weld them into a bond of deep affection. Pause. Littleton Waller Tazewell.
BROTHERS: Littleton Waller Tazewell.
S.M.C., lights fifth candle: May it increase in intensity until it is felt throughout the world. Pause. Frederick Southgate Taylor .
BROTHERS: Frederick Southgate Taylor ..
S.M.C., lights sixth candle: And may it ever reflect the glory of "Congeniality based upon character." Pause. James Benjamin Sclater, Jr.
BROTHERS: James Benjamin Sclater, Jr.
S.M.C., lights seventh candle: And now may this new flame burn forever in faith and fidelity; may it add more light to the glowing fire of our ideals. Pause. Repeats the new initiate’s name.
BROTHERS repeat new initiate's name.
The S.M.C. turns to the candidate and addresses him:
S.M.C.: You will now rise. Done. You have just taken the oath of eternal secrecy and fidelity to our Fraternity, and have sworn to be eternally true to your oath. You have been received into our bonds, and believing that you now fully understand the nature and solemnity of the oath and the purpose of this initiation, and that you will never depart from its teachings by word or deed, it is my pleasure to seal your bonds by placing upon you the badge of our Fraternity.
The S.M.C. selects badge from cushion and places it over candidate’s heart.
Wear this badge in a vertical position to remind you to live an upright life; wear it over your heart to remind you that our Brothers should always be in your affections; wear it at all times  to remind you ever of the highest ideals of brotherhood.
The S.M.C. then gives the candidate the grip.
S.M.C.: Brother, I give you the grip of the Fraternity, and welcome you into the sacred bonds of our beloved union. In so doing, allow me to congratulate you upon your entrance into our most noble and beautiful Fraternity, for by your acquisition of these sacred bonds, and by the compacts you have herein formed, you have gained many true and lasting friends.
You will now be conducted from the Chapter room and await additional instructions. Brothers, join me in extending a hearty and cordial welcome to our new Brother.
As soon as the S.M.C. says the last line the lights are to be turned on. There will be a brief. congratulatory recess at this point, in which each member gives the grip to the new Brother. Then the Conductor will lead the initiate to a separate room where he will wait apart from other Candidates and initiates.
The candles should not be extinguished until the initiate is out of the room.
Each candidate shall be initiated alone through this point of the ceremony, then all the initiates shall be seated before the S.M.C. The remainder of the Initiatory Ceremony shall be conferred upon them collectively.
Section 2
All members rise as the M.C. leads the initiates into the Chapter room in the order in which they were initiated.. The M.C. seats them in a row facing the S.M.C. The proper number of chairs should be ready. The S.M.C. gives one rap with the gavel and the Chapter is opened.
S.M.C., addressing the Initiates: I may now call you Brothers, a name which signifies your right to share our love, to enjoy our pleasures, and to partake of our joys; a name which implies that as our character is strengthened, so will yours be made stronger, and as our good name is lowered, yours also will be degraded. Let it therefore, ever incite us to work and strive that the character and reputation, the standing in the classes, and the life outside the wicket door must, by each member, be shaped and upheld, so that Pi Kappa Alpha will gain glory and profit by your entrance into the bonds.
Our Brother, the Worthy Master will now address you.
M.C. salutes and stands in front of the initiates.
M.C.: The Officers of the Chapter consist of the following:
President, addressed in Chapter meeting as the Worthy High Master. Outside of meetings he is known as S.M.C., Senior Magister Capitis.
Vice-President, addressed in Chapter meeting as Worthy Master. Outside of meetings he is known as I.M.C., Junior Magister Capitis.
Recording Secretary, addressed in Chapter meeting as Recording Scribe. Outside of meetings he is known as S.C., Scriba Capitis.
Treasurer, addressed in Chapter meeting as Financial Scribe. Outside of meetings he is known as Th.C., Thesaurus Capitis.
Corresponding Secretary, addressed in Chapter meeting as Correspondent. Outside of meetings he is known as M.S., Magister Scriptor.
Conductor, addressed in Chapter meeting as Conductor. Outside of meetings he is known as M.C., Mercurii Capitis.
Additional Officers are Historian, House Manager and such other officers as local conditions require.
In referring to the Officers of the Chapter, except during meetings, only the initials of the Latin titles are used.
Long and careful study of the customs, laws and traditions of Pi Kappa Alpha is necessary for you to fully understand the significance of the ideals which aft woven into the history of our Fraternity and hallowed through the years by being exemplified in the characters of the countless Brothers who compose its membership.
Your initiation into Pi Kappa Alpha recapitulates in a comparative sense the important steps in the history of its own development.
You were challenged at the door and requited avouchment before you could proceed, just as our Fraternity was required to prove itself in its early struggles to succeed.
Your Obligation is a promise of faith and loyalty on your part and is a continuation of the faith and loyalty of our Founders.
You have been taught the lessons of Friendship, Love and Truth. You have seated your faith by tasting the salt, which is symbolic of the purification and preservation of the friendship which our Fraternity teaches.
May your fidelity to the ideals of Pi Kappa Alpha be further confirmation of the tradition of the Fraternity, "Once a Pike, always a Pike.”
Chapters may locally substitute “Pi Kap” or "Pika" if they wish.
The I.M.C. salutes the Worthy High Master and takes his seat.
S.M.C., addressing the Initiates: You will please rise. The Conductor will now communicate to you the password, exemplify the grips, and instruct you in thee several signs, the means of recognition and the method of gaining admission to a Chapter meeting.
The M.C. rises, salutes the S.M.C., and faces the initiates.
As the M.C. begins speaking, he gives the grip to each of the initiates, assuring himself that it is understood.
M.C.: This is the grip of the Fraternity.. Let me caution you that special care should be observed in giving and receiving the grip in order that it may not be discovered by others. The simplicity of the grip aids in preventing discovery, but the manner in which it is given, requires the covet grip by the left hand, The grip must never be given to a Brother before an outsider unless the band be covered by the left hand.
Try always to give the grip standing close to the· Brother.
The current password is …. Whispers password to each initiate. The password is never spoken above a whisper
To gain admission to a Chapter Meeting after it has started, you will approach the door and give …, which will be answered similarly from within. You will give … which will be answered the same from within. You will then give … which will also be answered alike from within. When the door is opened you will give your name. The Conductor will report to the Worthy High Master who will direct him to admit you on the proper password. You will then give the Conductor the password in a whisper, enter the Chapter room, salute the Worthy High Master, and take your seat.
This is the salutation sign. Illustrates as he explains. The arms are crossed in the form of an ‘X’in front of the body, with the forearms some distance from the body and the right forearm on the outside. The fists are clenched.
This sign is to be given upon being admitted to a Chapter meeting and when addressing the Worthy High Master.
This is the sign of fidelity which you used when, offering the urn of salt to your challenger. Illustrates.
This is the voting sign. Illustrates. Raise the right hand above the shoulder open palm toward the chair for the affirmative vote; back of hand toward the chair for a negative vote.
For the purpose of recognizing one whom you do not know to be a Brother, you will say: …, to which he will reply: ….
The M.C. repeats the two key phrases.
The M.C. salutes and resumes his seat.
S.M.C.: The Recording Scribe will now instruct you in the Colors, Flower and Code.
The S.C. rises, salutes the S.M.C. and explains the Colors, Flower and Code of the Fraternity.
S.C.: The Colors of Pi Kappa Alpha are Garnet and Old Gold, originally adopted by the Founders. Garnet is symbolic of courage and sacrifice; Old Gold is symbolic of worth.
The Flower of the Fraternity is the Lily-of-the-Valley.
This is the Secret Code. The S.C. shows the code to the initiates, but there is no necessity of going through the alphabet.
This is the password which was communicated to you.
S.C. writes out the password in code on paper or black board. If he chooses, he may prepare it prior to the initiation. The secret work of the Fraternity is written in this code. Destroys password.
You will now sign the Membership Record, using your full name.
The member ship record is on a table at the side of the room ready for the initiates to sign in order of their initiation. The S.C. supervises the signing. The M.C. escorts the initiate to the table in turn and returns him to his seat.
The S.M.C.’s instructions following may be read from a scroll. If the scroll is used, this section may be typed and pasted upon a long strip of paper which can be rolled from right to left as the S.M.C. reads.
S.M.C.: The final part of the instructions relating to the secret work of the Fraternity consists of explanations of the symbolism of the Coat of Arms and the badge.
The Coat of Arms consists of a gold triangular shield, known as the first cycle, with a riveted edge and a garnet center. On this shield appear in gold the Greek letters PI KAPPA ALPHA and underneath the Greek letters a gold dagger with the point downward. A gold ribbon appears on the left and right sides of the shield, respectively, upon which is inscribed in the lour folds thereof the small Greek letters in garnet. Phi Phi Kappa Alpha. The shield is surmounted or rests upon a gold key and sword, crossed behind the shield and connected at the bottom with a gold chain which passes below the point of the shield. The hilt of the sword is clasped with a gold hand. The key crosses from the lower left hand corner to the upper right hand corner, with the flange upward. The sword crosses from the lower right hand corner to the upper left-hand corner, with the point upward, and is of the Army service saber type. Beneath the shield appear two sprays of lily-of-the-valley, in green and white, which cross each other and are tied by a ribbon, The shield itself is surmounted by an Esquire Helmet in gold, on which appear three feathers in their natural color, white. In the background appear rays, as though coming from the sun..
Our Coat of Arms shows that our Fraternity signifies to us and what each member should mean to Pi Kappa Alpha. The figures on the Coat of Arms ate symbolic of the virtues which are taught in our Ritual. The Crest, with three white ostrich plumes, is one of the most honorable augmentations which may appear on a Coat of Arms. It reminds us of one of the cardinal virtues of the Fraternity man: Honor. The helmet shows that victory is assured if we but adhere to the precepts taught by our Fraternity. The color of the shield, red, is symbolic of the courage which we must exemplify, and of the zeal which we must espouse our Fraternity's cause.
The Dagger is symbolic of faith and of the protection which Pi Kappa. Alpha gives us and which we must give to it. The metal of the dagger and of the letters PI KAPPA ALPHA, gold, illustrates the value of these principles.
The riveted border symbolizes our faith in Pi Kappa Alpha and demands that we be doubly zealous in following the teachings revealed by the characters en the shield.
It is highly appropriate that the emblem of learning, the key, be represented in our Coat of Arms. In addition, it symbolizes Truth.
The sabre, wielded by the hand symbolizes power and authority. The joining of this device to the key with a chain shows that we may employ the advantages gained by education to our benefit and the benefit of those less fortunate.
The Fraternity flower, the lily-of-the-valley, is a modest bloom. Its hardiness and beauty signify that by heeding the lessons taught in the Ritual, our lives may become more
Tranquil, pure, and purposeful.
The glorious light of Truth emanating from the shield represents the radiance of Fraternity achievement which envelops each one of us. All who would bask in this inspiring influence are bound in honor to foster the best interests of Pi Kappa Alpha.
Here you see the Greek capitals, PI KAPPA ALPHA, in a crossed dagger and key. They, the name by which we are known, are the initial letters of the Greek words ...., which, when translated into English, mean ….
The Dagger is further symbolic of Faith in the sense that we should always prove faithful to the ends and objects of our beloved order. The Key is further symbolic of Truth in the sense that we should always prove true to our oath, and lock in the inmost recesses of our hearts the proceedings of our Fraternity.
Here you see the four small Greek letters "Phi Phi Kappa Alpha." They are the initial Greek letters of the words …. Translated into English they mean ….
Dramatic: pause, then repeat:
This is the foundation upon which our Fraternity is raised. It constitutes the Secret Motto of Pi Kappa Alpha.
In order that we may be more especially distinguished from the rest of the community, we have adopted this badge. Hold badge before initiates. The design, as you see, is a Shield surmounted by a Diamond. Our character should always be as pure and unsullied as the peerless Diamond, while above all action, the Shield of Truth should be held triumphant.
Upon this Shield we have placed the Greek letters "Phi Phi Kappa Alpha," in order that as long as we wear the badge of our Fraternity, our motto may be before out eyes: that we may also be reminded that we are bound together by … and that we are obligated by the most sacred considerations to violate non of these three principles.
Upon the Diamond we have placed the Greek capitals Pi Kappa Alpha, the name by which we are known.
In the above, the M.C. should stand beside an enlarged replica of the Coat of Arms, and as the S.M.C. reads from the scroll describing the various parts, the M.C. should point them out to the initiate.
S.M.C.: We have initiated you by this ceremony into the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity, and not alone into a single Chapter thereof. The united Brotherhood of loving fellows from all over our glorious land, greet you through me, and cordially, graciously welcome you into our Brotherhood, and pray that you may be ever worthy of our esteem and love.
Here let me counsel you to shape your conduct with the requirements of the Constitution, in which you will be instructed later, always obeying the laws which bind us together, and respecting the Officers of the Fraternity whom we have placed over us to guide us.
You should always work in harmony with Pi Kappa Alpha’s interests, and, keeping its welfare always before your eyes, strive by every proper means to advance its prosperity.
You should lay aside all prejudices and ill-feeling from you, henceforth forevermore, and, cherishing the objects of our beloved Fraternity, endeavor to foster those noble qualities of the heart which it is intended to develop..
The Ceremony .of Initiation will conclude with the Charge, which will be delivered by Brother … name of Alumnus.
The S.M.C. should request an able alumnus to deliver the Charge.  It must be memorized, with the alumnus holding the Ritual open in front of him, but quoting from memory. The alumnus salutes the S.M.C. before beginning.
ALUMNUS: Upon … we have established this Fraternity, designed to develop the better qualities of the heart and to open its avenues to friendship and kind feelings.
Man's nature is a social one, and its highest, as well as purest, enjoyments are gleaned from his association with his fellow men.
… shines a star, whose genial ray has all the brightness in time of joy to enhance our happiness, and all the sympathetic tenderness in time of adversity to mitigate our grief.
… is the crystallization of all the finer feelings and beautiful sentiments of the heart, beaming a dearer consolation in sorrow and a sweeter sympathy in happiness.
Without … no union of the feelings or compact of the affections could endure. Stamped with the seal of Divinity, it is the bond of … and the security of … and the complicated and varied conflicts of life, "Trumpet-tongued” its clear notes respond to the challenge of trust, as it springs from confiding breasts. When affliction sweeps its desolation across the breast, and sorrow draws the curtain of grief around the heart, what charm but … but can soothe our anguish?
And, again, when joy floods the soul, with its wealth of happiness, what eye but … can view our future without envy?
On this foundation then let us raise the beautiful superstructure of our Fraternity. Secure on this strong base-work it will defy alike the blasts of envy and the whirlwinds of passion.
Here are laid aside the bickering jars of discord; here “Gentle Peace" holds her quiet sway and "Charity,” with open heart and ready hand, administers solace in misfortune and extends assistance in need.
… will bind our hearts in affection and … with its glowing seal will cement the union of futurity.
Then with … as our Motto, let us draw closer the ties which bind us together, and unite heart and band in forwarding the objects for which our Fraternity was established.
The S.M.C. gives three raps with the gavel and all rise.
S.M.C.: The Chapter shall say in unison the words of our Motto, represented by PHI PHI KAPPA ALPHA.
CHAPTER, in unison: ….
The regular closing ceremony is conducted immediately, after which the Brothers silently form a single line circle around the room for a Circle of Friendship.
For the Circle of Friendship, the Brothers will form a single circle around the room. Each alternate Brother crosses his arms, right over left. The others extend their arms to right and left and all clasp hands, so that each is clasping the respective hands of the Brothers on either side. The S.M.C. then whispers the current password to the Brother on his right, who in turn does the same, sending it around the Circle.
When the password returns to the S.M.C. he gives the Fraternity grip to the man on his left and the grip is passed through the entire Circle in rapid successive order, the alternate men with crossed arms having to pass the grip via their left hands. The entire proceeding is executed in silence; except for the whispering of the password.
The members then quietly leave the Chapter room.