Phi Sigma Epsilon
Initiation Ritual

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Business Meeting

President: The meeting will come to order, and have the roll call.
Secretary: Roll call of actives, pledges, and honorary members.
The President may at this time bring up any important things concerning pledges.
President: Brother Conductor, you will prepare the membership for regular meeting.
Conductor: …Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon is about to open for regular business procedure Will all those who are not listed as active alumni, or honorary members please retire from the room?
The pledges and all who are not members will retire from the room. The Conductor examines by glancing over those present. If there be anyone of whom he may be in question, he will notify the President and the President will thereupon verify his membership or in case he does not know him, he will ask the stranger to leave the room and appoint someone to examine this individual.
Conductor to the President: Worthy President, upon examination of those present I see no one who is not a Brother Phi Sigma Epsilon. I thereupon declare this meeting opened and in order for the regular business procedure.
President: We will have the minutes of last meeting.
Minutes read and approved.
Report of house man.
Report of Treasurer.
Report of chairman of social committee.
Old business.
New business.
Report of committees.
Suggestions for the good of the chapter.
Initiation Ritual
President: Meeting will come to order for initiation of new members into the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood. Brother Conductor, Brother Conductor, are there any candidates in waiting to receive the initiation ceremony?
Conductor: Worthy President, there are … candidates waiting to receive the initiation ceremony.
President: Will the Conductor retire and prepare the candidates for final initiation into the fraternal order symbolized by the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood.
Conductor: I will, Worthy President. The Conductor leaves the room to prepare the candidates of the representation.
Conductor, to the candidates in the outer room: You know yourselves to have completed all requirements, are you willing to proceed?
Candidates: We are.
Conductor: Then you will accompany me to the Chapter Room to receive the lessons set forth within the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood
The Conductor gives the alarm at the door by rapping three times.
Sentinel: Worthy President, there is an alarm at the door.
President: Attend the alarm.
Sentinel: Who comes there?
Conductor, outside: The Conductor with Candidates prepared for initiation.
Sentinel, to President: Worthy President, the Conductor waits without, with Candidates prepared for initiation into the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood.
President: How shall we know these Candidates to be worthy of initiation into the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood?
Sentinel, to Conductor: How shall we know these Candidates to be worthy of initiation into the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood?
Conductor: By their having completed the requirements satisfactorily and by having shown themselves capable and worthy of true Friendship.
President: Admit them.
The Conductor enters with the Candidates around the burning torch, forming a semi-circle facing the President’s station. The Conductor takes a stand to the right.
Conductor: Worthy President, I present these Candidates for initiation into endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood?
President: My friends, you are about to become members of this, a National College Social Fraternity. Fraternities are organized for a real purpose. You can only become a good fraternity man when you know something of the purposes and workings of the order. There are many lessons set forth as you pass around the different stations in the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood. Therefore, I would ask you to observe closely and ponder well all lessons as they are set forth. Brother Conductor, you will advance with the representation to the station of Phi where they will receive the first lesson in the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood.
The Conductor advances to the station of Phi, with the Candidates.
Conductor: Keeper of the Charge of Phi, I present these candidates (or this representation) to receive the first lessons in Friendship and Brotherhood.
Keeper of the Charge of Phi: My friends, you are about to become members of Phi Sigma Epsilon, a National College Social Fraternity, whose membership believes that in all successful achievements of mankind since the dawn of group activity there have been present certain cardinal principles, which made for each step of man's growth and development.
The members of Phi Sigma Epsilon hold that the Cardinal principles of Friendship and Brotherhood are most fundamental in all group life that aspires to any degree. Friendship and Brotherhood have been the basis of all the world's great philosophies, which have come out of the east to point the way of western civilization toward something higher than material accomplishment for the sake of itself. Today not only religious organizations preach the gospel of Friendship and Brotherhood but institutions of learning, business organizations, and service clubs the world over, are spreading the good tiding of Friendship and Brotherhood as the great principles of service to mankind.
All achievements of civilization that have been enduring, either material or spiritual, have sooner or later given to civilization certain symbols from certain of their characteristics, as a constant reminder to man of the value of the particular quality symbolized. For centuries man has spoken of anything constant and enduring as being everlasting as the pyramids, those gigantic piles of masonry that remain to mark the age of glory and the splendor of the empires of the valley of the Nile. Engineers tell us that one of the secrets of the endurance of these monuments of the east, in spite of the ravages of time and civilization, is the triangle shape of the pyramid. From this, Phi Sigma Epsilon has taken a symbol of eternal Friendship and Brotherhood. This symbol is carried out in all manner of representation of our Fraternity. Greater than this it is carried out in the life of each member within the life of the chapter, and within the life of the National Organization.
Phi Sigma Epsilon has its charter membership, three chapters corresponding to the three points of the pyramid. The points of the triangle are vital in that they represent the places where the strain may be greatest with in the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood. May Phi Sigma Epsilon ever guard these points of the triangle, and build for the success of its members and the organization. The points of the triangle are set with the unity of three pearls.
Since from time immemorial another symbol of supreme value has been the Pearl of Great Price. The Pearl which I place in the Apex of this triangle is symbolic of honor. This is a quality which all members of our Fraternity hold most dear, for it is only with honor before home, family, society and God, that man can hope for achievement that is enduring.
So strong is our belief in the honor of man toward parents, fellowman, womankind, and God, that we have chosen as a symbol for the quality of honor at the apex of the pyramid, the armor of the Knights of Old, who risked their lives and all to stand with honor before God and man. Honor is truly a Pearl of Great Price.
To the Conductor:  Brother Conductor, you will now conduct the candidate (or this representation) to the Keeper of Sigma where they will receive the next lesson.
Conductor, marches with the Candidates to Sigma: Keeper of the Charge of Sigma , I present these candidates, who have received the charge of Phi to receive the Charge of Sigma.
Keeper of the Charge of Sigma: I place within this corner of the base of the triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood the Pearl of Justice.
Fraternity exist for fellowship amongst men of like mind. True fellowship can exist only where there is an abiding Spirit of Justice. Justice does not mean judgment in the light of the teaching of the ancient people of the earth, who believed they existed for the purpose of passing judgment and meeting out punishments, rather it means open-mindedness, liberality, toleration, and understanding of mankind, as taught by Jesus and his philosophy of  open-mindness towards one’s fellows. “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” as an admonition that will make happier homes, greater fraternities, more useful religious organizations  and will finally bring about understanding between peoples of the earth that will hasten the day when “swords shall be beaten into plow shares and spears into pruning hooks.” There the common sense of most shall hold a fruitful realm in all, and the kindly earth shall slumber lapped in universal law, because this is a philosophy of justice.
No true Phi Sigma Epsilon will pass judgment until with open-mindedness he has viewed all sides of any question, lest he lose one of the Pearls of Great Price. The symbol of justice is the ancient scales, which allows as much on one side as it allows on the other in maintaining a proper balance.
Brother Conductor, you will conduct the candidates to the Keeper of Epsilon, for the next lesson .
Conductor marches with the candidates to the Keeper of Epsilon: Keeper of the Charge of Epsilon, I present these candidates (or this representation) who have received the charges of Phi and Sigma, to receive the charge of Epsilon.
Keeper of the Charge of Epsilon: The triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood would not be complete without the Pearl of Wisdom. Sages and prophets through the ages have extolled the virtues of wisdom. An ancient writer once admonished his readers, "Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all thy getting, get understanding. Exalt her and she shall promote thee; she shall bring thee honor when thou dost embrace her. She shall give to thine head an ornament of grace; a crown of glory shall she deliver unto thee. The Lord by wisdom hath found the earth, by understanding hath he established the heavens. My son, let wisdom not depart from thine eyes; keep sound wisdom and discretion; so shall there be life unto thy soul, and grace to thy neck. Then shalt thou walk and thy foot not stumble. When thou liest down thou shalt not be afraid."
Let me commend to you wisdom. It is one of the priceless gems of life, much to be desired by those who would reach the heights of character and usefulness in life. Would you make your lives worth while? Would you achieve distinction in some field of human endeavor? Then heed the ancient injunctions "Get Wisdom." Wisdoms like character, is a product of gradual growth. It must be sought eagerly. No price is too great to pay for true wisdom. Anything which would tend to handicap you in your quest for this priceless pearl is unworthy.
I, therefore, place the pearl of wisdom in the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood to bind it together. May it, together with honor and justice, constitute the foundation upon which you will seek, ever, to build your lives. This foundation can never crumble nor deacay.
Brother Conductor, you will conduct the candidate to the burning torch where the Worthy President will give final instructions.
The Conductor leads the candidates to the center of the floor where they face the President.
President: Phi Sigma Epsilon’s crowning purpose is excellence of academic achievement in affairs of mankind, and in the wholesome life of service. From earliest history the symbol of greatest achievement has been the crown, whether it was the simple garland of leaves or the jewel-studden diadem. As the President of Phi Sigma Epsilon, I place this crown in the center of this symbolic triangle, which you have seen created here this evening, trying together honor, justice, and wisdom in the endless triangle of Friendship and Brotherhood.
In this Fraternity, like all others, there is an oath to which all membership is solemnly bound at this time you will be bound into this Brotherhood of College Men.
Raise your right hans, / and say I, / pronounce your name and repeat after me … / … / do solemnly swear by God, / my mother, / my Fraternity, / and all that I hold most sacred, / that I will never communicate / or make known in any conceivable way / to any human being other than a Phi Sigma Epsilon Brother,/ any part of the secret work of this Fraternity,/ nor any of the workings thereof,/ which may be deemed feasible to be withheld by the Fraternity./
Furthermore,/ I swear to abide by/ and act in accordance with/ the constitution and laws of this Fraternity./ As an undergraduate./ I will regard my academic work as my first duty/ and my Fraternity as my second./ As an alumnus,/ I will cherish my continuing membership/ and work to perpetuate my Fraternity./ I will never become a member of another college social fraternity,/ without the consent of Phi Sigma Epsilon./
I swear that I will at all times/ stand willing and ready to give counsel,/ advice and sympathy to a Brother,/ and will do my utmost/ in helping a Brother in financial, physical or moral distress./
I will never hesitate/ to make known to the Fraternity a Brother's mistakes,/ and in case made mistakes,/ I will accept the counsel of the Fraternity/ and endeavor to correct them accordingly./ I will conduct myself while in college,/ and as long as I am a member of this Fraternity/ so as to shower only credit and honor upon the Fraternity/ its members, and the fraternity system.
I will propose for membership / only those men whom I have met personally/ and know to be able to fulfill the requirements/ of the order and obey its laws./
I will hold most sacred the badge of this Brotherhood,/ and will allow no person not a member to wear it/ except my Mother,/ my Sister,/ and the girl whom I have promised to marry./ Should I ever in any way violate this sacred oath,/ I wish to be cast out of the Fraternity./
Secret Work
The secret work of this fraternity consists of three things, a password, a grip, and a token.
The password is …, symbolic of crowning hope of achievement of all chapters and all members of Phi Sigma Epsilon. This word is to be required of all persons of whom the sentinel is in doubt as to membership, in observation, under the direction of the President in the opening of each chapter meeting. This password shall be used by the Brother receiving the grip from another Brother.
The grip consists of a firm, hardy, goodfellowship handshake made by the one offering the grip, clasping the other Brother’s right hand, and at the same time placing his left hand commendingly upon the back of the Brother's, clasped hand in the manner of complimenting him for his excellence. The Brother receiving the grip, thereupon, should reply …. The token is the crown of excellence, the universal symbol of highest achievement.