Phi Epsilon Kappa
Initiation Ritual


Opening Ceremony
President, gives rising signal which is three raps of the gavel: The Guide will ascertain if all present are members of Phi Epsilon Kappa.
Guide, makes the circuit of all Brothers for the grip and password, starting with the Vice President and moving counterclockwise around the assemblage, ending with the President. In the event of a large attendance, he may be assisted by one or more brothers designated by the President. He then reports to the President, without giving sign: Brother President, I find all present are members of Phi Epsilon Kappa.
President, gives seating signal; all Brothers resume their seats: Brother Guide, what are your duties?
Guide rises, as does each officer when addressed by the President, and remains standing until he has completed his reply: To prepare prospective Brothers for Pledging and for Initiation, and to ascertain if all those present in closed meetings are, members of Phi Epsilon Kappa.
President: Brother Sergeant-at-Arms, what are your duties?
Sergeant-at-Arms, remains standing: To guard the door and to allow only those who are qualified to enter.
President: Brother Historian-Editor, what are your duties?
Historian-Editor, rises and remains standing: To write a summary of the year’s activities, be chairman of the publicity committee, and send to the National Officers such data as may be deemed desirable for publication.
President: Brother Treasurer, what are your duties?
Treasurer, rises and remains standing: To receive all monies, to make all authorized disbursements, and to keep an accurate record of all expenditures and receipts.
President: Brother Secretary, what are your duties?
Secretary, rises and remains standing: To keep minutes of all meetings, to carry on all correspondence, and to keep other necessary records.
President: Brother Vice President, what are your duties?
Vice President, rises and remains standing: To perform the duties of the President in his absence, and to counsel all Pledges.
President: It is the duty of the President to preside at all meetings and to enforce the Constitution of Phi Epsilon Kappa.
President: Brother Vice President, what do the letters 'P E K' represent?
Vide President: They represent the initials of the Avenues by which we endeavour to attain our Ideal.
President: What is that Ideal?
Vice President: A Sound Mind in a Sound Body.
President: What are the Avenues leading to that Ideal?
Vice President: Physical perfection, education, knowledge.
President: What are the Pillars of our Fraternity?
Vice President: Peace, friendship, and brotherly love.
President: Brother Vice President, give the sign of the Fraternity.
Vice President gives the sign and maintains it until President gives rising signal, request Brothers to do likewise and returns sign.
President gives rising signal, which is three raps of the gavel: Brothers will do likewise. After the Brothers give the sign, the President recognizes them by returning it.
President: Brothers, what is your duty as members of Phi Epsilon Kappa?
Brothers: To promote and elevate the ideals and ethics of our profession.
President gives the seating signal, which is one rap of the gavel: I now declare this meeting in session.
Initiation Ceremony
Preliminary examination
This portion of the procedure to test the candidate's fitness, mentally and physically, to become a member of the Fraternity may vary from Chapter to Chapter. Teams of three or more members are responsible for the examination of each of the candidates. They prepare for this by reading the candidate's paper and quizzing him on it. The candidate may also be asked questions relative to the material contained in the Pledge Manual. Finally, the candidate may be requested to perform certain physical stunts of deterity, flexibility or balance to test his physical skill and coordination. This should be in the spirit of good fun and at no time should hazing be permitted. In case the class is large, several examinations may be carried on simultaneously in adjoining rooms.
NOTE: The Chapter Officers are assigned definite parts in this ceremony, it may be desirable to have an Initiation Team, not necessarily officers, which will rehearse the parts carefully and commit them to memory – thus adding dignity to the ceremony. In any event, select for parts those members who will be deemed most suitable.
The Guide leads the blindfolded Neophyte to the door of the initiation room and knocks once for admittance.
President: Brother Sergeant-at-Arms, ascertain who seeks admittance?
Sergeant-at-Arms, replies to the Guide with one knock and opens the door: Brother Guide, who seeks admittance?
Guide: A Brother of Phi Epsilon Kappa.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Are you alone?
Guide: No, I have with me … gives full name(s) of Neophyte(s), who has (have) proved himself (themselves) worthy of admission into our Fraternity.
Sergeant-at-Arms: Await the bidding of the President.
Sergeant-at-Arms turns, gives sign, and when recognized, addresses the President: A Neophyte(s) who has (have) proved himself (themselves) worthy, accompanied by our Brother Guide, seeks (see) admittance.
President: Let them enter. Guide leads the Neophyte to the front of the room and places him before the President. The Neophyte remains blindfolded. When there is a group of Neophytes, the Guide, assisted by a Brother for each Neophyte, places them in a semi-circle before the officers.
President: Neophyte(s), you have been admitted for the purpose of initiation into our Order and for an explanation of the fundamental concepts of our Fraternity. In order that you may be imbued with the Spirit of Phi Epsilon Kappa, you will be given an understanding of the entire structure which we are striving to build. In attaining our ultimate objectives for the Individual, we make use of three approaches. Our Brother Treasurer will explain the first of these, the Physical.
Treasurer; Our organization is dedicated to the ideal of a sound mind in a sound body. We endeavor to approach this Ideal by means of three Avenues, the first of which is physical perfection. The Greeks were the first to recognize the beauty and value of the symmetrical, well-developed physique. Swimming, games, and other exercises were employed to attain a healthy body. Today, there is a renewal of this recognition of the importance of a sound body. By means of well-graded and carefully selected activities we lay the foundation for a vigorous, healthy, active citizenry.
President: Our Brother Secretary will explain the second approach, Education.
Secretary: The second Avenue leading to our Ideal is Education. Upon education is predicated the advancement of civilization. Obviously, such education must be all-inclusive. It must be more than schooling or book-learning. In addition to an intellectual curiosity, based upon scientific viewpoint, it must develop a social intelligence - the ability to live, work and play in the social group. Those of us who are engaged in the field of Physical Education are aware of the special opportunity afforded us and we strive diligently to accomplish this aim. In order to do this with greater facility and understanding, we look to the Third Avenue .
President: Our Brother Guide will explain the third approach, Knowledge.
Guide: Knowledge means more than the possession of information. It includes the ability to make judicious use of information. It should be broad and profound and should avoid specialization to the point of narrowness. It should connote the cultivation of the social graces as well, in order to insure a proper balance.
President: :Neophyte(s) you have heard the three approaches for attaining our Ideal, now Brother Sergeant-at-Arms, what constitutes the basis of this Fraternity?
Sergeant-at-Arms: The three pillars of Peace, Friendship, and Brotherly Love.
President: Brother Treasurer, explain the first of these, Peace.
The proper slide is projected on the screen or wall. Pause, while Guide removes Neophyte’s blindfold – in large groups, have Neophyte remove his own blindfold.
Treasurer: Peace. Since time immemorial, civilization has achieved its greatest advance in time of peace. Peace is the inspiring and protecting influence which brings forth in man the power to create and leave for posterity ideals of refinement, love, and beauty. It makes possible the realization of hopes and ambitions and the accomplishment of things worth while. The life of a group is friendship, and the essence of friendship is peace. And so, since it is our ambition to inclucate and preserve within our ranks a real spirit of harmony and unit of action, we must ever strive to promote and maintain peace among us.
Neophyte’s blindfold is replaced. The rising signal is given and the Neophyte is conducted around the room by the Guide and back to place while the first verse of the Pillar Song is sung. The seating signal a given. Note: In small rooms or with large groups the parading may be dispensed with.
President: Brother Secretary, what is the second pillar?
The proper slide is projected on the screen or wall.
Secretary: The second pillar is Friendship. Pause, while Neophyte’s blindfold is raised. Friendship has been defined by Aristotle as "one mind in two bodies". As such it demands a sympathy which is mutual and a love which is blind to human weaknesses. It is not physical, but a spiritual expression of trust as brought out in our relations with each other. Its price is compromise and sacrifice, prompted by love and affection. Friendship in our social and fraternal life involves a deep regard and strong fidelity. We make our friends, not by calling them friends, but by being a friend. The greatest misfortune in life is not the breaking of friendship ties, but the failure, through unworthiness, to make them. The man who puts his friend before himself has discovered the central secret of friendship. Jonathan was ready to see his friend David upon the throne which he himself had a right to claim.
Friendship puts everything into a new and noble perspective. A society of good friends is a great and gracious society, as a society of selfish individuals never can be. Friendship plants seed which truly watered turns a desert into a garden. Jesus never said a more gracious word to His disciples than this, "Ye are my friends". He bound them to Him and He bound himself to them in ties of unselfish devotion.
Neophyte's blindfold is replaced. The rising signal is given and the Neophyte is conducted around the room by the Guide and back to place while the second verse of the Pillar Song is sung. The seating signal is given.
President: Brother Vice President, what is the third pillar?
The proper slide is projected on the screen or wall.
Vice President: The third pillar is Brotherly Love. Pause while Neophyte's blindfold is raised.
Brotherly Love is that condition of mind and soul which springs from the mutual appreciation and reverence for one another. Its existence and genuineness involve service, sacrifice, and attachment. Such attachment entertains no malice, jealousy, or envy, but is nourished by deeds of kindness and self-denial. It constitutes the very basis of our organization. Therefore, let us make the love of our Brothers real; clothe it in kind deeds and noble praise; and cause it to be the strength of our unity, the binding force which holds us together in the bond of Phi Epsilon Kappa.
Neophyte's blindfold is replaced. The rising signal is given and the Neophyte is conducted around the room back to place while the third verse of the Pillar Song is sung. The seating signal is given. The blindfold is removed.
President: Neophyte, our Ideal has been revealed to you, together with the Avenues by which we endeavor to attain it. The Three Pillars which support this structure and which form the basis of our Fraternity have also been revealed to you. We have no desire to refuse admittance to anyone whom we deem worthy of our confidence. In order that we may be assured of the sincerity of your desires we would have you take certain pledges. Answer, then, the following questions as your heart prompts you: "Do you now desire to become a member of Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity? If so the answer is "I do."
Pause for reply of Neophyte.
Are you willing to confide in the Brothers and to receive their confidence when the occasion warrants? If so the answer is "I am;"
Pause for reply of Neophyte.
Are you willing to obligate yourself to observe ethical conduct in your personal and professional relationships? If so the answer is, "I am,"
Pause for reply of Neophyte.
Are you willing to do all in your power to promote a fraternal feeling among the Brothers of th1s Fraternity? If so the answer is, "I am."
Pause for reply of Neophyte.
By these answers you have shown the sincerity of your desire to become one of us. Now you will be permitted to take the oath that will bind you to us as a Brother. Place your right hand over your heart and repeat after me the following: I, …, each Neophyte individually gives his name in full, solemnly pledge my word of honor / that I will keep inviolate / all signs, passwords, grips, and secret workings of this Fraternity.
That I will uphold the name and honor of this Fraternity, / do all in my power to advance its interests, / and help the brothers in distress.
That I will not hold malice against a member of this Fraternity.
That should I see a Brother doing wrong, / I will, as a Brother, warn him of his conduct.
That I will not persuade anyone to become a member of this Fraternity, / or propose the name of any man for membership, / unless I know him to be worthy/ of the honor of our friendship.
Appropriate background music be played during the administration of the oath.
President: Brother , as I now may call you, I urge you to keep this bond and not reveal what you have seen or heard this day. We have received you as a Brother. You are bound to us for all time. Let us live as Brothers, giving each other that sympathy and that friendship which assists and cheers us on our journey through life. Our motto is, Friendship Hath Power". Gives rising signal. Brothers or soloist sings second verse of Pledging Song, "Oh, Promise me". Gives seating signal.
President delivers lecture explaining the Plaque. For this purpose, the Plaque should be illuminated or its slide should be projected on the screen or wall: Brother, the Plaque of Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity which you see here, embodies briefly the history and principles upon which the Fraternity is built.
At the top you see the rising sun which marks the rising of the first Physical Education Fraternity. The sun has thirteen beams denoting the year of its organization, namely, 1913.
The symbol of your profession is the winged foot, which is placed in the sunbeams.
The Fraternity was founded on the 12th day of April. The daisy, being the April flower, was selected as the Fraternity flower. Here it is placed on either side of the Plaque.
The shield is bounded by fourteen stars, designating the charter members of Phi Epsilon Kappa Fraternity. Within this shield, you will note, are represented the symbols of the Pillars of our Fraternity.
In the upper left-hand corner, you see the handclasp which is the sign of Friendship; below this you will find the key which is symbolic of Brotherly Love; and in the lower right-hand corner is the olive branch, the emblem of Peace.
Since none of these can stand alone, the three Pillars are bound into one powerful structure, with a foundation capable of supporting this great Order through life. This Structure was gradually revealed to you in the course of the Initiation Ceremony. It is placed in the upper right-hand corner of the shield.
To attain full status as a member you signed the Chapter Scroll. At the bottom of the Plaque you see a scroll bearing the name of the Fraternity, 'Phi Epsilon Kappa', which stands for our motto, "Friendship Hath Power", and which represents the initials of the Avenues by which we endeavor to attain our Ideal of "A Sound Mind in a Sound Body."
President: You will now attend to Brother (A National Officer, the District Counselor, the Faculty Adviser, or an Alumnus), who will deliver the Charge.
Prominent Brother delivers the Charge: My Brother, by your induction into our Fraternity, you have assumed a double responsibility - one to your Profession, the other to your Fraternity. You have looked forward to this moment as an achievement; you have considered this Initiation as an honor, a reward for outstanding work.
This is only partly so.
You have been selected because your past record indicates that you are capable of accomplishing more. This Initiation is your opportunity to associate with others of your caliber and, by virtue of that association, to achieve more, to contribute more. It is your opportunity for greater service.
Our Fraternity is a professional Fraternity. As such, we are dedicated to its constant improvement through study, experimentation, and discussion, and to the end that Physical Education will be worthy of professional status.
Conduct yourself, then, as the representative of a noble profession, embodying the highest code of ethics. Guard well its reputation, bearing in mind that yours is a life of unselfish service, sincere purpose, worthy and judicious leadership.
President: The officers will now instruct you in the secret workings of this Fraternity. President proceeds to a position in front of table. If two or more Neophytes are initiated simultaneously, other officers may assist. They instruct the newly initiated Brothers in:
The Grip - the precise method of executing it and when to use it.
The Password - the Neophyte should be cautioned never to voice it above a whisper.
The Sign - for gaining recognition in Closed Meetings and when coming late to a Closed Meeting.
The procedure to gain admittance to a Closed Meeting - knocks, grip, password, and sign.
The signals for rising and for sitting - as given by the President.
President, with the necessary assistance:
1. Pins Fraternity badge over the heart. (Reminds Brothers that it is never worn on the outer coat)
2. Secures pledge pin (if pledge pins are used)
3. Requests signature, in india ink, on chapter scroll.
4. Presents membership certificate.
5. Presents membership card.
Closing Ceremony
President gives the rising signal: At the opening of this meeting, our Brother Vice President reviewed the fundamental concepts of our Fraternity - our Ideal, the Avenues by which we endeavour to approach this Ideal, and the Pillars supporting the Fraternity.
That we may keep these ever in mind, let us join hands and pledge our loyalty in song.
The Brothers form a circle facing inward, join hands in a front chain-lock, and sing the Loyalty Song. The front chain-lock is formed by extending arms side-downward and outward, right arm uppermost, grasping the hand of the man one removed form you on either side.
President, upon completion of the song: I now declare this meeting adjourned.