Delta Epsilon Phi
Suggested Initiation Ritual


We are gathered here for the initiation of these students into the German Honor Society of … (name of your school).
We are happy to make you members of … (Greek affiliation chapter name), the … (state) chapter of the national German Honor Society Delta Epsilon Phi. There are over 900 chapters of Delta Epsilon Phi nationwide.
Let your membership in this Honor Society reflect your continued interest in increasing your understanding of your own culture by learning to appreciate another.
In the presence of these witnesses, we ask you now to join this Honor Society:
Sponsor: Ihr habt euch als Schüler der deutschen Sprache besonders ausgezeichnet und euer Interesse an der deutschen Sprache und Kultur bewiesen. Seid ihr bereit, Mitglied der Ehrenverbindung Delta Epsilon Phi zu werden? Antwortet mit einem klaren "Ja".
Inductees: "Ja."
Sponsor: Und jetzt heißen wir euch herzlich willkommen in die Ehrenverbindung Delta Epsilon Phi.
We now declare you members of Delta Epsilon Phi, the National German Honor Society.
Please come forward when your name is called to receive your membership certificate.
Let us look at the light which comes from this candle. (Pause - light each student's candle.) Let this light symbolize your commitment to international understanding. May this light be ever with you, for it will enable you to extinguish the darkness which misunderstanding and mistrust bring about. May it always guide you in your attempt to promote friendship and understanding between your country and other countries of the world. And now, as you extinguish your the flame of your candle, let us hope that it will remain with you and guide you always.