International Order of Twelve
Daughters of the Tabernacle
Ritual of the Degree of Adoption



At the proper hour the C.P. takes her seat and gives one rap and says:
We are about to … Tabernacle No. …. All persons who are not Daughters will please retire.
C.P. to I.St:
Daughter Inner Sentinel, please get the pass in the first degree and report.
I.St. to C.P.:
Daughter Chief, I have visited all persons present, and find all in possession of the pass except … naming the person or persons who have not the pass.
If there are any present who have not the pass, the I.St. stands them before the Tabernacle.
Thank you.
If there are any Daughters present who have not the pass, the G.P. asks, if there are any Daughters or Sir Knights in the Tabernacle who can assure the Tabernacle that the member (or members) have the … degree. If there are any present who have met in open Tabernacle with them, they can give the assurance. The C.P. then gives them the pass, and they are seated
You will give notice to the O.St. that we are about to open.
The Inner Sentinel gives notice to the O.St. that the Tabernacle is about to open, and directs her
to be vigilantly on guard, and not admit anyone until further orders.
The I.St. closes the door and gives two raps.
The O.St. answers by two raps.
I.St. to C.P.:
The Tabernacle is guarded by a Daughter with full instructions.
Thank you. Knowing that our Tabernacle is guarded, all will please clothe put on regalia and assemble around the Tabernacle, and assist me to open the Tabernacle in the first degree.
The members form a circle around the Tabernacle with the C.Pr. in the center of the circle.
They join hands and sing the following hymn:

There is a safe and secret place
Beneath the wing divine,
Reserved for all the heirs of grace;
Oh, be that refuge mine!
The least and feeblest there may hide,
Uninjured and unawed;
A hand almighty to defend,
An ear for every call,
An honored life, a peaceful end,
And heaven to crown it ally
After the hymn is sung, the following prayer by the Chief Priestess:
O, God, the protector of all that trust in Thee, without whom nothing is strong, nothing is holy, increase and multiply upon us Thy mercy, that Thou, being our suler and guide, we may so pass through things temporal that we finally lose not the thing eternal Grant this, O, Heavenly
Father, for Jesus Christ’s sake, our Lord. Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!
While the word amen is spoken, all members raise and lower their hands, and repeat the word.
Officers and members, repair to your stations and remain standing. Please notice; give the signs.
If all the degrees are opened, all the signs are given.
The C.P. then gives the pass aloud. She gives one rap and says:
C P.:
I declare … Tabernacle No. … opened in the first degree, in peace and harmony, and the officers in their seats, ready for any business that may come before the Tabernacle.
C.P. to I.St.:
Daughter I.St., please give notice to the O.St. that the … Tabernacle No. … is now open in the first degree, and if there are any Daughters or Knights who seek admittance admit them with the pass.
The I.St. gives two raps at the door; the O.St. answers by two raps, and opens the door and receives the instructions. The I.St. closes the door and gives two raps; the O.St. answers by the same. This ceremony must be gone through with every time the door is opened
I.St. to C.P.:
Daughter Chief, the Tabernacle is vigilantly guarded.
C.P. to I.St:
Thank you; we are prepared for duty and work.
If it is a business or stated meeting, proceed by the rules; if for work, the C.P. states it.


Ceremony of Adoption

Daughters, we have assembled for the purpose of adopting and investing ... into the Tabernacle; I will thank you for your assistance.
The Board of Examiners will please retire and prepare the candidate or candidates and attend them.
The B. of E. prepare the candidates by blindfolding, and conduct them into the Tabernacle, and
march them slowly atound while the following hymn is sung:

Let her who on Sumaria’s ground,
Beneath a sultry sky,
Oft at the patriarch’s well was found
Her weary toil to ply
Thus we our measured span employ
In labors long and vain,
We try each boasted fount of joy
And drink and thirst again
As the singing ends, they stop in front of the C.P., she gives three raps, and all the members stand.
And Miriam, the prophetess, the sister of Aaron, took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women went out after her with timbrels, and with dances.
"And Miriam answered them: Sing ye to the Lord, for He has triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath been thrown into the sea."
C.P. to B.E.:
You will conduct the candidate to the V.P. for further instructions.
As they go around the hall, the members sound gong and ring the bells, until they arrive in front of the V.P The C.P. gives one rap, and all the members are seated
The V.P. then reads:
"So Moses brought Israel from the Red Sea, and they went out into the Wilderness of Shur, and they went three days in the wilderness and found no water.
Lord, who shall rest or dwell in Thy Tabernacle, or who shall rest upon Thy holy will?
Even they that leadeth an incorrupt life, and doeth the things which is right; and speaketh the truth from their heart ‘They that hath used no deceit in their tongue, for done evil to their neighbor, and hath not slandered their neighbor.
After the reading, the C.P. gives three raps; all stand and repeat after the C.P.,:
Whose doeth these things shall never fail.
You will now conduct the candidate to the Chief Priestess for further instruction.
The C.P. raps, and the members are seated.
As they pass around the hall the following hymn is sung:

Spirit divinel attend our prayer,
And make our hearts Thy home;
Descend with all Thy gracious power;
Come, Holy Spirit, comet
Come as the light; to us reveal
Our sinfulness and woe;
And lead us in the paths of life,
Where all the righteous go.
The hymn ended, they arrive in front of the C.Pr.
Conductor to C. Pr.:
Daughter Priestess, the V.P. sends the candidate to you for full instructions.
Thank you. The C.Pr. says to candidate: Before you can proceed, you must take a binding obligation, such as all Daughters have heretofore taken.
The C.Pr. conducts the candidate to the Tabernacle and seats her.
C.Pr. to C.P.:
Daughter Chief, the candidate is now ready for adoption.
Thank you. C.P. gives three raps and says: Daughters, form around the Tabernacle and assist in the obligation.
The Chief Priestess gives the obligation and the candidate repeats:



I, …, in the fear of the Lord, and in the presence of these friends, do most earnestly promise that I wil keep the secrets of the Tabernacle.
I further promise, that I will notice and obey all signs and calls.
I further promise, that I will aid a worthy Daughter by counsel, advice, warning or means.
I further promise, that I will defend the good name of a Worthy Daughter, either in her presence or in her absence.
I further promise, that I will obey the laws, rules and regulations of the Grand Temple and Tabernacle of this Tabernacle, or any other of which I may become a member.
And further, I promise, that I will use every honorably endeavor to aid in the success of a worthy Daughter or a Brother Friend in business.
I further promise, that I will keep the secrets of a Worthy Daughter or a Knight when imparted to rae, and give tlem warning of danger, and give them timely notice of their enemies.
I further promise, that I will answer all hailing signs, or signs of distress, and go to the relief of the person who gives them, and aid or protect with all my power and ,strength.
I further promise, that I will not wrong the Tabernacle, nor a Daughter of it, either by word, deed or action; that I will right iheir wrongs, if it be possible for me to do so.
To confirin this, my solemn obligation, I, before God, and in the presence of the Daughters and Sir Knights, bind myself, under the dreadful penalty of having my right hand cut off, should I willfully violate or knowingly break any part of the obligation that I have just taken. May the Lord God help me to keep my oath.
Amen! Amen!! Amen!!!
The candidate stands up while the C.P. gives this advice:
Daughter, you have just taken an oath which all have taken, who entered here.
It has never been willfully broken. I admonish you to carefully examine every part of it and fix it on your memory, for it is only this that makes you a Daughter of the Tabernacle.
Daughters, you will form a circle and assist me in the reception.
At the words "Look and Live!" "Be True!" the shock is given and the hoodwink is dropped from
the Daughter’s eyes. The members are seated and the officers in their places. The candidate is conducted to the C P., and while going around, the following is sung:

Come as the fire and purge our hearts
Like sacrificial flame;
Let our whole soul an off’ring be
To our Redeemer’s name.
At the ending of the hymn the Daughter and Conductor stop before the C.P. The Conductor gives
two raps.
Whom have we here, and what is your wish?
This Daughter has been regularly obligated, and now wishes instruction, that she may make herself known as a Daughter of the Tabernacle.
Thank you. She shall be invested with the language, and its secret meaning and use.
C.P. to Daughter:
We are about to impart to your keeping the secret language of the Tabernacle, that you may make yourself known as a Daughter of the Tabernacle at all times and places. We work by signs and grips; you will please observe:
The Saluting Sign
The left hand to the left ear. When you enter an open Tabernacle, you advance to the front of the Tabernacle House and salute the C.P. with this sign, and then turn and salute the V.P. in the same way; and take your seat. You are also reminded by this sign to listen to the calls of a distressed Daughter, and to hear and obey all instructions given to the Tabernacle.
The Hailing Sign
Hands locked (in this manner) and draw up and down: so. This sign is used when yon wish to consult a Daughter or Sir Knight, to obtain advice or information. Should you see this sign given anywhere or in any place, go to the person giving it and upon proof that she is a Daughter, aid her by advice or information.
The Pass
It can be given at any time when clasping hands with any person, and if the grip is returned, you can test the giver by the word ….
By this means you can tell a Daughter by the hand at at any time or place
The Word
The first person says M. A., the second says I. R. A. M. The first says true. This is the word that admits you to the Tabernacle, when it is open in the degree of adoption and the word used to test the pass.
C P. to Conductor:
You will please conduct our last made Daughter to the V.P. and request her to invest her with the collar of the Order.
As they go around the hall, the following hymn is sung:

Abide with me from morn till eve,
For without Thee I cannot live
Abide with me when night is nigh,
For without Thee I cannot die.
Be near to bless me when I wake,
Ere through the world my way I take
Abide with me till in Thy love
I lose myself in heaven above.
The singing ended, they stand before the V.P.
Conductor to V.P.: Daughter Vice, the Chief sends this Daughter to you to be invested and instructed.
The Chief’s orders shall be obeyed.
It is with pleasure that I present you with the collar of our Order. It is worn in this manner.
You will notice the collar; it will remind you that wherever and whenever you see it you will meet an adopted Daughter of the Tabernacle, and it admonishes you to be circumspect in your actions toward a Daughter.
Be faithful to every duty in the Tabernacle, faithful to your obligation, faithful to keep and conceal all that is done in our meeting, and may you become an honor to our Order.
V.P. to Conductor.:
You will please seat the Daughter near the Tabernacle.
She is seated in front of it.
The C.P. gives three raps and all present form a circle around the Daughter and C.P. and join hands, forming the chain.
C.P. says:
Daughter, please stand up and look around the circle. You will see that all are linked together, forming a perfect chain.
This teaches you that our obligation binds us to protect and defend you, and in time of danger to form a bulwark all around you. We will open the chain to admit you.
The C.P. places the Daughter in the Circle; all clasp hands and raise them up while the C.P. says:
You are now adopted as a Daughter of the Tabernacle, and as you are joined hand in hand, so you are joined in heart and mind to the Daughters throughout the world. May the link of harmony, love and peace never be broken.
The members all say, as they raise and lower their hands three times:
Let nothing but death part us!
And clasp their hands and say:
Welcome! Welcome!! Welcome!!!
The C.P. gives one rap and all are seated. The C.P. then announces that … has been adopted as a Daughter of the Tabernacle The C.R. will enter her name upon the roll.

1st Daughter: Your appearance is familiar to me.
2d Daughter: Yes, we have met before.
1st: When, where and in what place; can you tell?
2d: I have passed the sea and went three days’ journey in the Wildnerness of Shur.
1st: You dwell in the Tabernacle, with timbrels in your hand?
2d: I am an adopted Daughter. I have been taught to sing the song of triumph.
1st: What makes you a Daughter of the Tabernacle?
2d: A binding obligation, such as all have taken.
1st: Have you any part of that obligation in your memory?
2d: I havc received every part of the adoption, and promised to notice and obey all signs and calls.
1st: How will you prove your right to be received as a Daughter?
2d: By saluting, hailing; but more truly by the grip and token
1st: Will you give them to me?
2d: I will if you will assist me to divide it. They give the grip.
lst: : I was taught to say M. A.
2d: My answer is R. I. A. M.
1st: Right, Daughter, M. R. M. I greet you.
Let nothing part us but death.


The C.P. gives one rap.
Daughter I.St., we are about to close … Tabernacle No. …, to remain closed until…. You will please inform the O.St. and tell her to attend and guard the outer door.
The I.St. gives three raps, and the O.St. answers by three raps, and opens the doors.
I.St. to O.St.:
… Tabernacle No. … is about to close to remain closed until …. You are requested to attend and guard, and not to permit any to enter or pass out until further orders.
She then closes the door and gives three raps; the O.St. answers by the same.
Daughter Chief, the Tabernacle is guarded and the Sentinel is on duty.
Thank you. Gives three raps and says: Daughters, you will please assemble around the Ark, and assist us to close this Tabernacle.
They form a circle, with the Chief Priestess in the center.
Invocation by the C.P.:
May the grace of Christ, the Saviour,
And the Father’s boundless love;
With the Holy Spirit’s favor,
Rest upon us from above
Thus may we abide in union
With each other and the Lord;
And. possess in sweet communion,
Joys which earth cannot afford.
Amen! Amen!! AMEN!!!
If the Tabernacle is opened in the Third Degree, give all the signs; if not, give the signs in the degree in which it is open.
I now proclaim that … Tabernacle No. … is closed until ….
Daughter I.St., you will please inform the O.St that the Tabernacle is closed.
The I.St. gives three raps and is answered by the O.St with the same The door is opened and the order delivered.