Initiation Ritual for the Second Portal


The Story of Light

Each of the world's greatest religious founders, those who left to mankind a spiritual heritage. a system. doctrines or a code of living by which man could commune with the God within, was a beacon of Divine Light in a dark and saddened world of humanity. Their lives were shining examples of the truths they expounded. The· reason bitterness oftentimes exists between the present-day exponents of these great religious movements is that they in their own lives and conduct do not. as their predecessors did. exemplify their religious principles.
It is intriguing and inspiring to read The Story of Light, the beginning and evolution of the great religious movements, the construction of broad roads upon which man hopes to reach a closer understanding of his God. It is most befitting that with each initiation intended to evolve your consciousness you be given a brief biography of these religious founders. these eminent personages.


Many of the legends and sagas which are woven about the lives of religious leaders or founders contribute so much to their glory in the minds of religionists that an attempt to disprove these tales is misconstrued by them as a sacrilegious act. However, this should not be the case, as almost all of the religious leaders, spiritual lights of mankind, have performed actual deeds which are even more to their credit than the imaginative ones. Persons who are not superstitious welcome the true facts about the lives of these spiritual personages.
Patrick was not, as is commonly believed, born on March 17; he did not drive the snakes and frogs out of Ireland. He was not an Irishman, did not believe himself a Saint, his true name was not Patrick. and there is considerable dispute as to whether or not he was a Roman Catholic. He was a Christian first and foremost-that is, he devoted his later life to Christianity-but being free from any sectarianism he never participated in the religious schisms or disputes prevalent at the time. There is no record of his ever visiting the Pope, nor did he attend any monastery. His devotion was toward Christianity as a whole. His true name was Succat. He had another name, Cothrigge, Latinized Patricius, from whence came the Patrick.
The accounts of his life are mainly taken from his own work entitled The Confession, and the biography by Muirchu. He described the conduct and life of his youth as nearly heinous, but his acts are thought to be but peccadillos. At sixteen he was captured by wild Irish tribes and made a slave sheepherder. He lived this rugged life for six years, and while in this solitude communed with nature. A voice spoke suddenly to him, one day, saying, Blessed youth, thou art soon to go to thy fatherland. A sudden transition of mind took place, and he acquired, it is related, a spiritual insight and feeling. He fled his captors, tramped two hundred miles to a small town, begged passage on a ship with a barbarous crew and was wrecked three days later on the coast of Ireland.
The crew, mainly Pagans, walked with Patrick for days across the wild spaces of Ireland without food, jeered him as a Christian, and demanded that his God produce food. He prayed and it is related that a few hours later the company came across a herd of wild swine, upon which they fell and gorged themselves with food.
After this gorging of pork he had a strange vision of oppression by Satan. There is disagreement as to whether or not this vision was merely a nightmare because of excessive food, or a theophany.
At last, it is recounted he overcame Satan, and the experience marked his life and set his course. He took it upon himself to convert the wild tribes of Ireland, the Druids, steeped in nature mysteries, to Christianity. It is claimed he personally baptized 12,000 people. The warfare between the Christians and Druids continued for centuries. The Irish people at this period were at the same point of mental and spiritual development as the
Jews were at the time of Moses. They were extremely superstitious and resorted to all forms of magical methods. Patrick devoted himself to driving these practices from Ireland. He was also a lawmaker as was Moses, and was said to have been the author of the famous Brehon laws. At his death. which is estimated to have been on or about March 17, 461, his body was placed on a wagon to which were chained unbroken bullocks who were permitted to go as they willed. Where they stopped, there he was buried, which is declared today to be a place known as Downpatrick. For centuries the Irish custom was to celebrate a man's death date instead of his birth date, thus March 17, celebrated today, is not his birthday, but the day of his death. He was not canonized as Saint until centuries after his death. His outstanding tribute to the light of the world was the Christianizing Ireland.


Fratres and Sorores, Greetings!
It is a pleasure to permit you to participate in an initiation ceremony which formerly was confined exclusively to our Temples. As you will recall, you received special ceremonies for performance in your sanctum--in the Neophyte Section.
For years there were no further initiation ceremonies for the students, such as yourself, who studied in their sanctums, because the Temple Initiations, as they were called, were very elaborate affairs, beautiful in their significance and symbolism, inspiring in their treatment of these principles, but necessitating a number of staff officers. However, the Supreme Grand Lodge under the direction of the Imperator has prepared initiations for the higher Degrees of the Order, based on the Temple Initiations, containing the same thoughts, the same symbolism, and the same titles, Degrees, and passwords; but they have been so arranged that they are adaptable to your sanctum.
I am sure these ceremonies will mean much to you in presenting in an allegorical way the truths of the monographs which follow. Read these instructions carefully before proceeding with the ritual. Select a certain night or day that you intend to use for the conducting of the ceremony, which will take about one-half hour's time. Be sure that you have absolute privacy so that the beautiful effects and the vibrations which will be produced by this ceremony will not be disturbed.
Remember, it is to your advantage to perform this ceremony. You will comprehend its value after you have conscientiously performed it.
Apron: If the student has one of the ritualistic aprons (these can be obtained from the Rosicrucian Supply Bureau), he should wear this apron while performing the initiation ceremony. It is not imperative that the apron be used, but if he has one, this is an occasion for its use.

This diagram is showing the arrangement of your sanctum for this Initiation. This requires that you arrange your room in a certain way so that you can properly carry out the ritual and gain the utmost from its profound symbolism. Study this diagram carefully before performing the ritual.
You will note that the page is ruled off in an oblong shape. This represents the dimensions of your room and sanctum. You, of course, have previously arranged an altar. Your altar, as was explained in the Neophyte Guide which you received with your first Neophyte Initiation, may be a simple affair. It may consist merely of a dressing table or a shelf in one part of the room with a mirror above it and two or three candles on it. Your altar will indicate the symbolical East of your sanctum regardless of the geographical direction.
Of course, if you can place your altar in the exact geographical east of your room, that is just so much the better. No matter where it is in your room, your altar always constitutes the East of your sanctum.
By looking at the diagram again, you will notice that in the center of the room there is a triangle, underneath which appears the word Shekinah. It is an old Egyptian word, thought for centuries to be a Hebrew word. This symbol represents the presence of the concentrated power of the Holy Assembly of the Cosmic, in the center of the Temple, or in this instance,
the center of your Sanctum. This symbol of the Shekinah you can make by taking a piece of white cardboard and cutting out of it an equilateral triangle about twelve inches in size. At the opposite end of the room, as shown in the diagram, place a chair so that it is directly in line with the Shekinah and the altar.
The capital letters appearing in the diagram represent the stations of your sanctum--E represents the East, W, the West, -N, the North, and -S, the South. The little squares with the numbers in them represent yourself in the sanctum and the various positions in the room you will assume at different times in the performance of the ritual. The arrows indicate the directions in which you will walk--in other words, they are direction arrows. For example: You will note that you move from Number 1 directly toward the West to Number 2, and so on. As you proceed with the ritual, the movements will be explained to you and you will refer to your diagram to see that you have taken the proper position.
Manual: If you have a copy of the Rosicrucian Manual, I would suggest that you read, under Part Three, explanations of the following: The East, the South, the West, the North, the Altar, the Shekinah, and the Sanctum. This will give you a complete understanding of these different terms. Even if you do not have the Manual, you will be able to carry out the ritual just as successfully.
Master: The term Master in this ritual signifies your class master, the master who is conducting your initiation in this particular Degree in the studies of our Order. The word Master is used in the sense of the one who is directing or serving you in the performance of the ritual and in that sense only.
Lights: In addition to lighting the candles on your altar for the ceremony, you will also light your room sufficiently so that you are able to read. I would not suggest a glaring white light but just enough illumination so that you can read the ritual and perform the ceremony properly.
Report: You will find enclosed a formal report blank on which you are to comment briefly on the success of this ceremony and mail to the Department of Instruction. This report will not be acknowledged unless there is some question you feel it necessary to ask. This ritual is for psychic development-inner development-and is not an intellectual phase of our studies; therefore, your comprehension as to the significance of what you are doing must come from within and not from without.


All who have shown interest, sincerity, and willingness in the work of the Order are entitled to advance to the Second Degree with the master's approval.
The Initiation shall be held in your sanctum. Your altar shall be in its proper place, with the candles lighted. You will realize that the guardian of the sanctum is present (your conscience).
In the Outer Chamber, the candidate for advancement to the Second Degree shall await the call of the guardian to prepare for Initiation.
(Seat yourself comfortably and have a few moments' meditation on the import of your great undertaking.) Seat yourself in the chair you have arranged in accordance with the diagram, and alone in the Outer Chamber (i.e., with your outer consciousness, physical senses, objective reasoning) await the call of the guardian. (Wait until your conscience, your inner self, speaks from within and says you are prepared for Initiation.)
Candidate: You will now proceed to a place directly in front of the l Shekinah. Stand erect, facing the symbolical East, from · which the light of day and knowledge arises. (Face the altar which represents the geographical and symbolical East. See Number 1 in diagram.)
(Read, not aloud.)
Respected Guardian: Will you assure me that the sanctum is properly Tiled (secure against intrusion, insuring proper privacy) and that you vouch for the worthiness and zeal of the candidate?
The guardian of the sanctum being the voice of your conscience, you should be prepared to attest that your outer self is prepared for further enlightenment.
You will answer softly:

Worthy Master, the sanctum is properly Tiled and the candidate is truly prepared and worthy and is ready to have such worthiness tested.
(Read, not aloud.)
It is well. The candidate shall now proceed on his journey to the East in search of further Light and Knowledge.
The candidate will now turn about-face and walk back to the West of the sanctum or directly in front of the chair he originally sat in. (See diagram, direction arrow, and Number 2.) Stand erect but not tense and read (not aloud): Beloved Zelator, greetings in the name of the Rosae Crucis, and welcome upon your sojourn in the West, the station of Sacred Peace and rest. May the progress of your journey to the East be fraught with illumination and a fuller realization of the true joys of service. Remember the vows of loyalty and sincerity. Peace be with you on your way.
The candidate will now walk at right angles to the South of the sanctum and halt with back to the Shekinah and face the South. (See diagram, direction arrow, and Number
The South in our Lodge is that point where the sun (source of Illumination) shows in the greatest glory and strength and finds the culmination of its ascendancy in the realm of the heavens (spirituality). Therefore, this is the point where the Divine mind finds fullest (spiritual) expression, and is occupied in all Lodges by the Chaplain.
(Read, not aloud.)
Beloved Candidate, in the name of our God and of the Rosae Crucis, I hail you. Ever shall you seek guidance from within, and may you enjoy the glory and beauty of the way-here and everywhere. In contemplation of the manifestation of God's wonderful laws, let your Soul be filled with praise and thanks profound.

Let us pray (read aloud in a soft voice): God of our Hearts, we thank Thee for our Life, Light, and Love. Thou hast given unto us to follow Thy truth in greater understanding and application of Thy laws in service to our fellow men. We seek Thy guidance in all of our understandings. Sanctify our lives to Thy purpose, now and forevermore.
Candidate: The candidate will now turn and walk at an angle approaching the East of the sanctum at a point directly in front of the altar and facing it. (See diagram, direction arrow, and Number 4.) (Read aloud in a soft voice.)

Beloved Master, I, Thy humble candidate and Zelator, plead for further Light, Knowledge, and advancement in the Mysteries of our sacred Order, and, standing before the sacred altar in the East, seek Thy wisdom and guidance.
(Read, not aloud.)
From the East I welcome you before this altar as a humble Zelator who has prepared himself for advancement in this Second Degree of our Order. The work of our First Degree is entirely preparatory. No doubt you will realize as you proceed in the Order, that our Masters were wise in their arrangement of the subjects touched upon in the monographs of the First Degree, and while you may have desired greater knowledge from the beginning, you will appreciate the wisdom of the course pursued, and the methods used to bring you to this step in your elevation as Fratres and Sorores of the First Degree of the Ancient Mystic Order Rosae Crucis. As you have been instructed, there are Twelve Degrees in our Order. The First Four Degrees constitute the first order of progression and you acquire a different title and password. The password of this Degree will be given to you later.
(Read, not aloud.)

Master continues:
As a Zelator, you are to be advanced to the Second Degree, the grade of Theoricus.
Candidate: Turn at an angle and walk to the North of the sanctum; thence in the same manner to directly in front of the Shekinah, facing the altar, however, and standing erect. (See diagram, direction arrow, and Number 5.)
Read carefully the instructions below, given by the master, then assume the position, and remain in that position for approximately one minute and then continue with ritual.
(Read, not aloud.)
Respected Zelator, please do as I instruct. Place your heels together so the toes of the feet are separated by about ten inches, thereby placing the feet in such a position that they represent the angle of the compass. At the same time, kindly place your finger tips together in the front of your chest so the palms are separated by about two inches, having the hands in position as for prayer. As you stand in this way, your position is symbolical: The position of your feet represents the compass, as do your hands. Its meaning is that hereafter you will measure all of your acts and thoughts with the compass, keeping to the limits of our sacred triangle, yet ready at all times to circle your thoughts and acts with the line of secrecy-which circle is made perfect with the compass. Measuring your acts and thoughts by the compass and the triangle means that you will be able to circumvent, keep within the bounds of Cosmic principles, your desires and performances in daily life.

You may drop your hands. You will know you were admitted to the Second Degree, because of a sign of supplication at the point of the Sacred Triangle and within the points of our compass. You now receive the title of Theoricus, the title of this Degree which will be explained to you later; and I here pronounce you advanced to the Second Degree, entitled to its Light, Instruction, and Knowledge.
(Read, not aloud.)
Master continues:
You will bear witness to this fact by any of the signs given to you tonight and by the secret password of this Degree which is ARC, that which is made by the compass in the beginning of a circle. (The signs were given to you above when you assumed the position before the Shekinah.)
You are now dismissed in the bonds of Peace, Love, Fellowship, and Secrecy, before the Sign of the Cross.
(Make sign.)

The Words of the Illumined

Many Are the Vistas That Are Revealed to Him
Who Has Attained the Mountaintop
The worldly lives of those recognized as the fathers of our religions are, in most instances, merely a matter of chronological record, but their personal Cosmic illumination is best determined from the truth which flowed from their mouths, for it is that, and that alone, which elevates them above all men. Below are brought to you some beautiful reflections of the great avatar whose biography has been given you in the forepart of this manuscript.
I invoke therefore all these forces:
against every fierce merciless force that may come upon my body and my soul;
against incantations of false prophets;
against black laws of paganism;
against false laws of heresy;
against encompassment of idolatry;
against spells of women and smiths and druids;
against all knowledge that is forbidden the human soul;
Christ for my guardianship today:
against poison, against burning,
against drowning, against wounding,
that there may come to be a multitude of rewards;
Christ with me, Christ before me,
Christ behind me, Christ in me,
Christ under me, Christ over me,
Christ to right of me, Christ to left of me,
Christ in lying down, Christ in sitting, Christ in rising up,
Christ in the heart of every person who may think of me!
Christ in the mouth of every one who may speak to me!
Christ in every eye which may look at me!
Christ in every ear which may hear me!
I arise today:
in vast might, invocation of the Trinity,
belief in a Threeness;
confession of Oneness;
meeting in the Creator;
Domini est salus, Domini est salus Christi est salus;
Salus tua, Domine, sit semper nobiscum.
(Salvation cometh from the Lord, Salvation cometh from Christ;
May thy salvation, O Lord, be always with us.)