Initiation Ritual for the Tenth Portal


Fratres and Sorores, Greetings!
It is suggested that the preliminary instructions be carefully read in advance before this Initiation is to be attempted. Certain simple arrangements must be made in preparation for the event of this Tenth Degree Initiation.


Preliminary Instructions

The Tenth Degree is an esoteric Degree unlike any of the previous ones. It contains some principal teachings never introduced elsewhere except by the original Rosicrucian Lodges of Europe. In fact, the common opinion among the Rosicrucians in all countries then, was that there was no Tenth Degree Initiation unless it were obtained in some purely psychic way. This opinion has been fostered so that all members approaching the Eighth and Ninth Degrees cannot look forward to a Tenth Degree Initiation as their due or as some right that they demand solely because they are members in good standing financially with the Order.
The Tenth Degree Initiation is divided into two parts, and there should be an interval of several days or one week between the First and Second Parts. The reason for this, as you will learn, is that there is a need for psychic work to be done in the interval.


(Things Required)

The following simple things must be procured and arranged before attempting Part One of this Initiation:
A. A black cloth (not shiny) of any material as long as it is a solid black, 30 cm (12 inches) wide by 45 cm (18 inches) long. One end should have its corners cut off as the sketch here shows:

B. Two white candles and your Sanctum candleholders or any other holders.
C. Your Sanctum altar table (telesterion) or any other small one such as a card table.


Sanctum Arrangements

Place the black cloth against a door or wall with scotch tape or thumbtacks. The end with the corners cut is to be up. Fasten the cloth at a height so that when you are seated the center of the cloth is about your eye level.
The Sanctum altar or any small table should be placed about 1.2 meters (4ft.) from the black cloth and facing it. A lighted candle is to be placed on each end of the table. You are now to be seated at the table facing the black cloth, with this ritual, and begin to read further.


Part I

CLASS MASTER: (Read his comments.)
You will recall in earlier monographs we were told that our Degree Initiations were based on ancient traditions. A tradition handed down said that esoteric initiations such as ours took place in the Great Pyramid. There were various chambers or areas—we may call them Stages—along the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid to which the Initiate advanced for Work and Worship.
The First Level or Stage was the equivalent of the first four Degrees; the Second Stage, the next three Degrees; and the Third Stage, the Eighth and Ninth Degrees.
Now we are about to ascend from the Third Stage to the last. Here there is but one Chamber with its anteroom. This Chamber is the Great Sacred Chamber of the Tenth Degree in the very apex of the Pyramid.
Before we even approach the portal of this Tenth Chamber, which is sealed, we enter the anteroom that is really a preparation room adjoining the Sacred Chamber.
So now we are to consider that we have ascended from the Ninth Chamber below and are at the Fourth Stage of the Pyramid.
Conceive of yourself as assembled with others in the anteroom adjoining the Sacred Tenth Chamber. We must be prepared before we can enter this sealed portal that leads into the Tenth Chamber. I must advise you of the lowly, humble aspect you must assume.
CLASS MASTER (continues):
Heretofore it has been my pleasure as well as my solemn obligation to act as the Master of your class in all of your initiations and higher work of the Order. On this occasion, however, I will occupy no exalted position, for the true Master of the Temple through which we are to allegorically pass occupies no physical form. In other words, he will not be visible to you as are other officers of the Order. Each of you will have to create in your mind the image of this Master.
This image or mental picture will slowly be developed in your consciousness. Hereafter in this Initiation I shall just refer to myself as the Orator.
You will imagine yourself standing before me in the outer preparation room awaiting the necessary instructions to enter the Sacred Tenth Chamber. Visualize me as standing in the East of this preparatory room. Also visualize the great sealed portal that is recessed in the wall and is approached by a short dark hallway. Look up at the dark cloth that you have put up. This represents the dark recess leading to the inner hidden portal of the Tenth Chamber.
This portal was always hidden from all who knew not its glory and was sealed against all who knew not its seals. Only those who possessed the Keys and the Seals which would admit them were ever able to pass through and enter the Tenth Chamber. I, as the official Orator, will now explain to you everything you must do to possess a rightful Key and Seal with which to unseal and unlock the Great Door.
ORATOR (continues):
On this occasion we shall not pass through the Invisible Portal into the Tenth Chamber for you have not as yet obtained your individual Key and Seal which will make this symbolically and mystically possible. At our next assembly you must be ready to place your Seal on the Door and unfasten it with your personal Key.
You probably now ask, How am I to obtain the Key and Seal? That is the question that has always confronted every seeker and everyone ambitious to pass through the Portal, and it is to answer this question that you will wait in this allegorical preparatory room for further instructions.
Many of us have often been conscious of the fact that somewhere along the great passageway of the Pyramid that we have ascended (the Degrees of the Order), and somewhere within the heart of the Great Pyramid there is one Chamber that has no door through which one can physically pass. It has no sign or emblem to indicate its existence. This unknown Chamber is called the King's Chamber, and it is in the very heart of the Pyramid.
I am instructed to tell you that you must secure your individual Golden Key and Golden Seal before you may enter the mysterious King's Chamber, symbolic of the Tenth Degree.
ORATOR (continues):
The Initiate (that is, you) will now kindly gaze at the dark recess (the black cloth) leading to the King's Chamber. While gazing at it, think of any number from one to nine. Whatever number first arises in your mind should be retained in memory by you.
INITIATE: (Kindly do as instructed above.)
When you have arrived in your mind at a number acceptable to you, repeat it as many times as the numeral itself. In other words, if you selected, while concentrating on the dark cloth, the number Seven, then softly repeat the word seven, seven times. Now kindly separate your hands and place them, palms down, on the table. Concentrate again on the black portal which allegorically leads to the King's Chamber. We have you do this so that next week for Part Two of the Initiation you can easily remember this portal. Your concentration now on the black cloth need be only two or three minutes. In addition to visualizing the portal you should also visualize the number you intuitively received previously. Visualize this number as composed of a brilliant shining light suspended in the center of the dark portal.
ORATOR (continues):
Each night during the corning week, before resuming this Initiation, you are to relax—either by lying down preparatory to going to sleep or by sitting in a comfortable chair—and close your eyes. Recall this dark recess and your number just as you focused them upon your mind on this occasion. Along with your visualization of the portal and your number hold in mind the thought that you will eventually be able to psychically reach the King's Chamber in the center of the Pyramid and also that you will receive your Key and Seal.
These nightly exercises need only be for a few minutes.
And now another important matter. A word or perhaps a phrase will come to you during the weekly exercises while you are relaxed and visualizing the number and the portal to this Inner Chamber. This word or phrase is most important to you. It must be remembered for it is necessary for your further initiation. In fact, you may receive different words on different nights. However, the one which impresses you most is the one you must single out and remember.
INITIATE: (You will now rise and make the Rosicrucian Sign of the Cross. Extinguish the two candles and remove the black cloth. Remember what you must do during the week. One week later, at any day or hour that is convenient and with the same preparations as previously, perform Part Two of the Initiation.)


Tenth Degree Initiation
Part II

Fratres and Sorores, Greetings!
This part of the Initiation should not be read until Part I has been performed. Otherwise it will be ineffective in providing the psychic effects intended. Please read the following instructions before proceeding.


Preliminary Instructions

Arrange your Sanctum as in Part I of this Initiation: The black cloth placed on a wall or door; the Sanctum altar table (telesterion) or any small table placed at the same distance from the cloth as previously; the two flambeaux or candles, in the same position and lighted as before. Now seat yourself and read the Orator's instructions.
You must now have your word or phrase that came to you from within during your visualization the past week upon the dark recess to the Portal of the King's Chamber, and, of course, you have your number that you previously visualized in the center of that dark recess.
Your word or phrase is your Golden Key to the King's Chamber. It is related to your highest ideals, to your Inner Self; it is your further aspiration for illumination and attainment. The word or phrase may seem to be enigmatic or meaningless to you. It is, however, related to the higher desires of the Self. Consequently it must always be used whenever you wish to unlock the door to the King's Chamber of the Tenth Degree. This Tenth Degree is to bring you closer to the great Invisible Master of the King's Chamber.
And who is this Invisible Master? It is your own soul personality. You are to have a greater intimacy and awareness of your own Self, of your own evolving soul personality and its striving. You are to be guided in this Degree in attaining this goal. This shall be done through monograph instructions as well as mystical exercises for guidance and attunement with your exalted consciousness.
ORATOR (continues):
You have been promised a Seal as a mark of development and eligibility to enter the King's Chamber of the Tenth Degree. This, too, shall now be given to you.
Visualize a pyramid. At the apex of it, above the top, visualize your Word appearing. If you had a short phrase that you received, then in your mind's eye see that phrase standing out above the apex or select one word from the phrase to represent it. At the left lower corner of the pyramid visualize the Number that psychically carne to you.
At the right there will appear no word or number. This point will depict the Master Within of the King's Chamber. It will represent your evolving soul personality. This combination then is the Golden Seal.
ORATOR (continues):
Hereafter, whenever entering your Sanctum period for meditation, unless, of course, you are given some other exercises to perform, you will mystically and allegorically enter the King's Chamber. You will prepare your Sanctum altar (telesterion) with lighted candles and incense and any music you may wish. (No black cloth is needed.) Then you will first visualize the Golden Seal which has been given you, and when you feel that you are entering the King's Chamber, that is, that your consciousness is introverted, that is turned within, then dismiss the Seal from your mind. You are then in the Chamber and what comes to you is the message of the Master. It is from the great Master of the King's Chamber, the voice of your own greater Self—the Soul.
INITIATE: (Sit silently for a few minutes looking at the dark recess, visualizing your Seal as has been described to you. Then extinguish the candles, remove the cloth, and rearrange your Sanctum as you wish.)
May the Cosmic abide with you!