Ancient Order of Agur
Initiation Ritual of the Trine Third Degree the Degree of Equality


W. C.: Bro. Keeper of the Scroll, are there any strangers in waiting?
K. of S.:
There are, Worthy Chief. Reads the names.
W. C.:
Bro. Toll Taker, has the toll been taken?
T. T.:
It has, Worthy Chief.
W. C.:
Bro. Guide, prepare the Cave for the reception.
Guide makes necessary arrangements.
Worthy Chief, the Cave is in readiness.
W. C.:
Bro. Guide, you will retire and prepare the stranger.
Guide retires to outer chamber of cave, places burden of greed and selfishness upon the back of candidate and hoodwinks him, giving regular signal at entrance to cave, and says:
The Guide with a stranger.
Worthy Chief, the Guide with a stranger seeks admission.
W. C.:
Why brings he a stranger here?
V., repeats:
Why bring you a stranger here?
We are seeking Equality. Having found Friendship and Education within this cave we have returned, believing we could also find Equality here.
Worthy Chief, they are seeking Equality.
W. C.:
Admit them, Brother Vare.
Guide enters with cand. about three steps.
My friend, when we receive all of those who believe and trust in our way and our love, Then they will find rest in a home that is blessed with Friendship, Equality and Love.
Guide conducts cand. around cave once and as they come in front of S. C.'s station, burden sticks between poles held upright, stopping cand. suddenly.
Who are you and where are you going?
G., raises hoodwink:
We are seeking Equality, and have been permitted to pass the guard at the entrance.
Know you not that you cannot attain the object of your desires burdened as you are with greed and selfishness? You must cast down your burdens and trample them under your feet before you can proceed.
Guide takes off burden and cand. tramps over it.
To the humble and meek, to the strong and the week,
To all who this blessing-'s made known,
To him who's forlorn,
And to millions unborn,
This blessing will sometime be shown.
You will now proceed to the Worthy Chief, who has words of wisdom to impart.
Guide conducts cai1d. around cave to W. C. and says:
Worthy Chief, in our search for Equality the Sub-Chief has directed us to you.
W. C.:
My brother, it is necessary that you take a farther obligation before you can be received in Equality. Are you willing?
Cand. answers.
W. C.:
Kneel upon your right knee and place your hands in this position and repeat after me:


I, , do solemnly promise and vow that I will forever keep all of the signs, grips, passwords, and everything pertaining to this or any other degree of this order of A. O. A. Moreover, 1st, I w k p s a i w m b c t m b a b a r b m o t S S (here give sign.)
2nd, I w c f a p o a b l i m c t s a i i w m o a u d d u t s t b, I w d h l a l; h p a i a t a o h e.
3rd, I w o t c o m s a u d s u t h o t a p o t o i m p, I w e a t s o t T o t T i a t a o t o: M w s b m b a i I p u I h t C w b m t E (H E G.)
W. C.:
If a man hath kept all his covenants he need have no fear to look into a o g.
W. C.:
Do you s p a s to ever acknowledge as the supreme authority of this order the original authority of the same as set forth in this Ritual, that the perpetuation of this order may be lawful, regular and successive for all time to come, even to the end of the world?
Cand. answers.
W. C.:
We know that he who has the power,
That's needed in a trying hour,
And fails that power to exercise,
Is guilty in his brother's eyes.
He begs for relief from his sorrow and grief,
But there is no relief for his soul.
He there must remain in his sorrow and pain,
While ages eternally roll.
W. C.:
I will now instruct you in the secret work of this degree: G., D. S., R. S., W. S., D. S., D. C., S. S., P. W.