Dit rituaal is een amerikaanse vertaling van het franse rituaal, zoals dat halverwege de negentiende eeuw gebruikt werd..

Decorations, Clothing, etc. The Sister Officers wear a scarf from left to right made of black ribbon embroidered with red, and having a rosette of poppy red. The scarf of a Sister is violet, to which is suspended the Mallet, emblem of command. The Apron is of Violet taffeta bordered with a ribbon of the same color; in the middle of it is a pocket fixed with two green rosettes. The Jewel is a Cross of Gold having rays at the four angles; it is suspended by a green ribbon worn in the saltire. The Garter is of violet ribbon, bordered with gold, on which is embroidered the three letters F. H. C. (Faith, Hope, and Charity), it is worn on the left arm. The President is called “Brother Commander,” the Wardens, “Commanders,” or “Generals,” the Brothers and Sisters, “Chevaliers and Chevalieres,”. Battery 9 - 9.





Ill. Gd. Mas., knocks 9 – 9: Brother Senior General, what is the hour?

Sen. Gen.: Brother, it is the first hour of the day.

Ill. Gd. Mas.: What is the first care of Brothers and Sisters of the Rosy Cross?

Jun. Gen.: It is to see that the Temple is closed to strangers.

Ill. Gd. Mas.: Assure yourself that it is so.

Jun. War. sees that Sentinel is posted and reports: I witness that the Temple is securely closed.

Ill. Gd. Mas.: Brother Senior General, are all present Knights and Ladies of the Rosy Cross?

Sen. Gen.: Sister Mistress of Ceremonies, you will overrun the Temple and ascertain if all are Knights and Ladies of the Rosy Cross.

Mis. of Cerem. goes around, takes the pass word and reports: Illustrious Grand Commander, all present are Knights and Ladies of the Rosy Cross.

Ill. Gd. Mas.: Since all present are Knights and Ladies of the Rosy Cross, I declare this Council duly opened. Knocks 9 - 9, repeated by Generals.





The reception is supposed to take place at Jerusalem, in the Temple of the Knights and Ladies of Beneficence, under the legend of the Holy Sepulchre in Palestine. There are Brother Servants and Sister Servants. The Mis. of Cerem. explains as far as is necessary the nature of the Degree, covers the Postulants head with a black veil and leads her to the door of the Chamber and knocks 9. When the wicket is opened she reports her as Sister ..., art approved Postulant for the rank of Lady of the Rosy Cross. When the Commander orders her admission, she is placed between the columns.

Commander: My dear Sister, as an approved Postulant of the Rosy Cross, it is my duty to put to you certain questions which are a preliminary to your reception into the Holy Order. Will you be always ready, my dear Sister, to give your life, under the holy banner of our Catholic and Apostolic Order? Do you promise to promote peace and concord; to succour the unfortunate and oppressed, to be religiously observant of the commands of God; to be irreproachable before your Commander, and before your Brothers and Sisters in the Order; being devoted by word and deed to the practice of benevolence?

To these questions the Neophyte answers: I promise it.

My Brothers and Sisters, let us invoke the Holy Spirit to aid us. All kneel and sing the “Veni Creator”. You will now repeat after me the solemn vow of the Order: “I promise to God and our Order to observe religiously all the laws of the Order, to help those who are in necessity, and to succour and protect my Brothers and Sisters to the extent of my power. So be it. The black veil is removed. My dear Sister, in this grade which you have desired, we must beg you to observe that whilst it is the duty of the Knights to perform severe labors in long and rigorous toil, we can only ask you to aid them in works of charity, hospitality, benevolence and mercy. Before, however, we can confer upon you the rank which you desire, we must request you to make five journeys round the Council. In the centre is a sepulchre to represent that at Jerusalem, covered with a black pall; and the journey is made round it. At each round the Mis. of Ceremonies repeats: Dost thou comprehend that we all are but dust.

At the last round, she says: Sister, we must all die. She is then directed to kneel at the Sepulchre, whilst four Sisters throw over her head a long black muslin veil. Then the Brothers and Sisters, two by two, make a procession three times round whilst the following is recited.

Commander : O Lord! Let our cries ascend up to Thee.

All: Have pity upon us.

Commander: O Lord! If our iniquity is imputed to us, how shall we sustain Thy presence.

All : O Lord! Have pity upon us.

Commander: The Lord is full of mercy, place all your hope upon Him.

All: Glory be to Thee, O Lord!

Commander: Noble and faithful Sister, Postulant of the Rosy Cross, have you decided to renounce the pomp and vanities of the world, and to dedicate your life to the practice of beneficence, and to acts of mercy, in an irrevocable manner? Aspirant replies affirmatively. I commend your noble resolution, and direct that you be divested of the pall which covers you, that you may be restored to a new life of light and love, in the bosom of our sacred Order. You will now advance to me by ascending the three steps of the Ladder before you. Mis. of Cerem. instructs the Aspirant to pause on each step and take up three cards on which are the words: Faith, Hope, Charity.

Commander: What have you found?

Mis. of Cerem.: Three Words, Faith, Hope, Charity.

Commander: My dear Sister, if you fully comprehend the meaning of those three words, you will find that you have ascended the Ladder of Perfection, which leads from earth to heaven. Have Faith also that in the holiness of our institution are found all truths useful to that end; that Hope is the staff with which to make the grievous voyage of life; and that Charity or Love, is the basis of all that is good and excellent; it even extends its meaning beyond the saying of the Master. Do not unto another what you would not wish that others should do unto you. Takes a vase of olive oil and touches forehead, cheeks and bosom. Receive with this unction the holy gifts of Strength, Power, Discretion and Courage, qualities that this noble Order has the right to expect of you. Places sword on Neophyte’s head. We swear so long as you remain faithful to your vows to aid and protect you in all things.

All: I swear it.

Commander: I now invest you with the sacred insignia of our Order. With them may you enter a new and happy life. This ring is a sign of the Alliance which you have contracted with us, and should be more precious to you than life itself. This Cross will remind you of the duties of self abnegation which you are called upon to fill in passing through this mortal life.

Forget not that Charity is one of your essential duties, and that Faith, Hope and Love is the ladder that leads to heaven. I will now intrust you with our secrets of recognition. Secrets explained. Knights and Ladies of the Rosy Cross, salute our newly installed Sister.

All: Long live the noble Lady of the Rosy Cross (9 - 9).

Commander: You will now take your seat as a member of our Council.





Q.: Are you a Lady of the Rosy Cross?

A.: I have assumed a new life.

Q.: How did you arrive there?

A.: By a ladder of three steps.

Q.: To what does it allude?

A.: The three principal virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity.

Q.: Where did you receive this august rank?

A.: In the Chapter of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem.

Q.: Why there?

A.: Because the Degree originated at Palestine during the Crusades.

Q.: Why do you wear black?

A.: To mask my sorrow for a great injustice.

Q.: What is that injustice?

A.:  The burning and mutilation of the Knights of the Temple of Palestine.

Q.: What are your duties as a Lady of the Rosy Cross?

A.: To aid the Knights in works of Charity and Mercy.

Q.: Give me the signs? (Done).

Q.: Give me the tokens? (Done).

Q.: What are the words of the Order?

A.: Love God, Slay Evil, Practice Virtue.

Reply: So be it forever in our Order.





My dear Brothers and Sisters. Since the year, A. D. 1646, when Elias Ashmole, one of the last of the ancient English Order of the Rosy Cross, was made a Mason, its character has been so gradually modified, that the Brothers in place of giving themselves up to active operations, and the study of arts and sciences, have contented themselves with abstract theories and doctrines. From the period of this change the necessity to exclude the Ladies ceased; the progress of their education and the high position which they have achieved in the moral world prohibits their being considered as of inferior ability, as they are allowed to be superior in sweetness and beauty. For upwards of a century, the literature of all civilized people have furnished super-abundant proofs of their powerful intellect; moreover it is now universally acknowledged how important and useful is the influence of the mother in forming the minds of the children. It is, therefore, very desirable, that they should be heartily welcomed in the Masonic Temples where such precious instruction is given to their relatives. We, everywhere, proclaim that the mission of Masonry is to purify the soul and that its precepts teach all the virtues, hence it is impossible to be a good Mason, without becoming a better husband, father, friend, and citizen. Since such are the fruits of the doctrines which we teach, does it not follow that if we initiate the Ladies with a knowledge of these doctrines, they also will become better wives and mothers, better friends for their husbands and better teachers for the young citizens, whom it is their duty to guide in the paths of loyalty and truth? Let us not for a moment suppose, that the desire of the ladies for Masonic Initiation, is dictated by a vain curiosity to penetrate our Mysteries. Was this all that influenced their desires, they might so use the ascendant qualities which they possess as to profit by the expansive disposition of their husbands to penetrate these Mysteries; but they are too honorable, too jealous of the reputation of their husbands to profit by those weak moments which might induce those who love them to violate a sacred oath. Initiates! If you desire to hasten moral progress, lead the new generation in the right way, and work with more efficiency for your own perfection, unite with the ladies in developing the Masonry of Adoption, and such philosophical labours as may be judged expedient, advantage to social science will be your sweet recompense.





Ill. Gd. Mas., knocks 9 – 9: My dear Brothers and Sisters, let us according to ancient custom close this Council, but before doing so, let the loving cup pass round. To order! Brothers and Sisters. All form a circle, the Commander drinks to the Sister Commander, giving the sign and saying, “Love God,” to which she replies, “Slay Evil,” It is then passed on to the next Brother who does in like manner to the Sister nearest him. When the ceremony is concluded the Commander closes the Council.

Commander: The labours of the evening being finished, nothing remains to be done but to close our books, put up our emblems, shut up our mysteries in our hearts and close the Council; accordingly I declare this Council of nights and Ladies of the Rosy Cross duly closed. Knocks 9 – 9. Depart in peace, go to your homes, and practice the tenets of our Order.