Dit rituaal is een amerikaanse vertaling van het franse rituaal, zoals dat halverwege de negentiende eeuw gebruikt werd..

Decorations, Clothing, etc.: The hangings are yellow. There are four lights, one at each corner. The Tableau represents: 1. The Star in the East. 2. A square figuring the March by four red cyphers. 3. Four Candlesticks. 4. Mount Ararat. 5. The Ark of Noah. 6. Noah and his family setting out from the Ark, conducted by a star, to the abode of felicity. The Apron is White, doubled and bordered with yellow, upon the lapel, in a square is a silver star. The Sash is yellow. The Jewel is a Silver Star suspended from the neck.





The Master is styled “Very Respectable,” the Wardens, “Very Venerable”; the Brothers and Sisters ‘Venerable.” Hour opening 2 - 0. Closing 4 - 0.

VR. Master: Venerable Brothers and Sisters. Assist me to open this Council.

Very Venerable Sister Warden. What is the Season?

Sis. Insp.: The age of reason.

VR. Master: Very Venerable Sister Junior Warden, What is the Hour?

Sister Depos.: The sun has risen above the East, and flooded the hills and dales with golden light.

VR. Master: Venerable Brothers and Sisters, it is time to resume our labors. The Council is open. (2 - 2).





The Aspirant is led by the Mis. of Cerem. to the preparation room which is lighted by a single star. She is deprived of her Sash, Apron and Jewels, and enveloped in a Scotch Plaid. She is then led to the door of the Council. (2 - 2.)

Sis. Jun. Warden, or Depos., opening wicket: Who comes here?

Mis. Cerem.: A Sister, Perfect and Sublime Elect, who is desirous of obtaining the rank and consideration of a Scotch Lady, for which she has endeavored to qualify herself.

Sis. Jun. Warden, reports to the Master, who replies: Let her be admitted. She is admitted and placed between the columns.

VR. Mas.: My dear Sister, are you prepared to undergo the preparatory trials which all aspirants for this Degree have undergone?

Aspirant: I am.

VR. Mas.: Then you will proceed to the quarter of Asia and there be purified by the deluge of waters. The aspirant is led to the East where water is poured on her hands from a silver vessel and scent sprinkled over her.

VR. Mas.: Thus, my dear Sister, we purify your mind from the vestiges of profane thought that might still have lingered there. Let our Sister now be conducted to the quarter of Africa, and let her there undergo the purifying process of Fire, even as our ancient Brethren Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego. The aspirant is led to a brazier where scented woods are burning and spirits of wine being thrown thereon, the Scotch plaid, made fireproof, is passed over the flames; the aspirants hands are then passed over.

Sis. Jun. War.: Thus, my dear Sister, we figuratively purify your heart from all worldly taint. Place the Aspirant between the columns.

Sis. Sen. W.: Very Respectable Master. The Aspirant has undergone the required tests.

VR. Mas.: It is well, my dear Sister, be led to the Altar, and instructed to kneel, that you may take the required obligation. Aspirant is conducted to the Altar and made to kneel on its steps, whilst her hand is placed on the Holy Book. You will now repeat your name and surname and say after me, I, ..., promise, under the penalty of all my former Obligation to sacredly conceal the secrets of a Scotch Lady from all who are not lawfully entitled thereto, and to aid, comfort, and assist all members of this Degree, whenever it may be in my power to do so. So may God aid me in my need.

All: Amen. Aspirant kisses the Holy Book thrice.

VR. Mas., taking Aspirants hand: Rise, my dear Sister. It gives me great pleasure to proclaim you a Scotch Lady. All applaud by clapping twice.

VR. Mas.: I now divest you of this Plaid, and instead thereof, I give you this Apron of your rank, also this silk sash of the same design. I also place on your breast this Silver Star, with the name of the Degree, and which will ever remind you of your country of Adoption. Lastly, I proceed to entrust you with our modes of recognition in this Degree. Secrets are explained. You will now proceed to the West in order to be proved by the Sister Wardens. Aspirant is examined in S., T. and W. and placed between columns.

Mis. of Cerem.: Very Respectable Master, our Sister has satisfied the Sister Wardens of her proficiency.

VR. Mas.: Be seated, my Sister, and listen to the Lecture on this Degree.





Q.: Are you a Scotch Lady?

A.: I have been taught how to prove myself.

Q.: How may we know this?

A.: I have been purified by the waters of the deluge.

Q.: What do you mean by this reply?

A.: That as the waters of the deluge purified the earth, so that the mysteries of this Degree purify my heart and mind.

Q.: What was the type of this purification?

A.: The laying of hands, and sprinkling with water in the West.

Q.: Was there any other form of purification?

A.: Yes, that of fire, which is a symbol of the future purification of this world of fire.

Q.: Give me the sign. (Done).

Q.: To what does it allude?

A.: It teaches that the head is the seat of reason, and therefore that all Masons should live so as to keep that reason clear and calm.

Q.: Give me the reply. (Done).

Q.: What does it imply?

A.: That the heart is the seat of love, and hence that we should cherish there a pure love for our Brothers and Sisters.

Q.: Give me the Token. (Done).

Q.: Give me the Sacred Word. (Done).

Q.: To what does it allude?

A.: It is an anagram of the word Felicity, and applied to the order of Adoptive Masonry.

Q.: How did you arrive at this exalted Degree?

A.: By proof of Fidelity and Zeal for the Laws of Adoptive Masonry, I have been faithful to all my Obligations, and worked with zeal at my Masonic duties to obtain so great a recompense.

Q.: What is represented on the Tableau?

A.: A Star in the East, Mount Ararat and Ark of Noah.

Q.: What is the meaning of these figures?

A.: The Star represents that which followed the Ark in its wanderings over the wide waste of waters, and is the Jewel of the Degree; Mount Ararat is where the Ark grounded when the waters had subsided.

Q.: What is the meaning of your password?

A.: Mount Ararah is somewhat lower than Ararat, and was the spot where the raven lighted instead of returning to the Ark.





VR. Mas., knocks 2 - 2): Assist me, Venerable Brothers and Sisters, to close this Council. Venerable Sister Senior Warden, what is the season?

Sis. Sen. W.: The Season of deliberation.

VR. Mas.: Sister Junior Warden, What is the hour?

Sis. Jun. War.: The sun sinks below the western horizon, and darkness spreads over the works of nature.
VR. Mas.:
Then it is time, my dear Brothers and Sisters to close this Council, and retire to our homes, and may the blessings of God rest on you and yours. Knocks 2 - 2. This Council is closed.