Dit rituaal is een amerikaanse vertaling van het franse rituaal, zoals dat halverwege de negentiende eeuw gebruikt werd..

In the preceding degree the Perfect Mistress underwent the trials of the place of Lenito; the cavern of the dead, the descent into Hell, and the Sanctuary of Resurrection. This grade is the interpretive recapitulation of it.

Decoration, Clothing etc. The apron and sash are same as in last degree. The Jewel is a butterfly of celestial blue and gold. The ring of profession bears the crux ansata. Various emblems are painted to which explanation is given in the ceremonial work.





Sup. Hier., knocks 2 - 2, 2 2: Perfect Venerable Sister, assist me in opening this Consistory of Perfect Venerable Adonaite Masters and Mistresses. Sister Sen. Hierophant, what is the hour?

Sis. Sen. H.: The hour when the worn and weary body has cast off the bonds of flesh and when the freed spirit roams the Elysian fields.

Sup. Hier.: It is our duty to assist in the transformation, for which purpose I declare this Consistory duly opened. Do you, Sister Hierophants, declare the same to the Brothers and Sisters.

Sister Hierophants declare same and give knocks: 2 - 2, 2 - 2.




The Chamber of Reflection is lighted only by a torch within a human skull. The Aspirant is invested with a white garment, the darkness preventing her observing that it is a shroud. She is directed to recline upon a cruciform couch and a covering is thrown over her. This couch is in reality a hand coffin, such as is used by the Turks in burying their dead, except that this has moveable sides which can be raised. Four Sisters bear the Aspirant to the Dark chamber, which is only a trifle less dark than the reception room. They make three tours of the Chamber.

Sen. Hier., coming to the bier: Who have you here.

Ans.: Sister ..., who is tired of the unrequited toils and sufferings of earth, and having partially freed the spirit from the bonds of flesh now seeks the assistance of the Perfected, to enable her to pass into the higher realms of light and life.

Sen. Hier.: My dear Sister, before the boatman Charon can be permitted to ferry our Sister over the dark river, which separates this world of humanity from the realms of life, it is necessary that our Sister should have performed her allotted task. Let us ascertain whether our Sister has departed from her tenement of clay. Sister Junior Hierophant, try our Sister with the token of a Lady of the Dove.

Jun. Hier. does so: She fails to respond, my Sister.

Sen. Hier.: Then I will try by the token of a Lady of the Rosy Cross. Done. Alas! there is still no response. Let us summon our Supreme Sister Hierophant, perchance she may find some more potent spell. All this while, there is low solemn music. The Gd. Mistress thus summoned, approaches the bier, and grasps the hand of the Aspirant with tokens of an Adonaite Mistress.

Sup. Hier.: I feel a throb, but whether it is the hearts pulse of a denizen of earth, or the soul throb of the freed spirit, I cannot tell, but let the earthly tenement be borne to the Elysian fields. The Aspirants eyes are covered with a thick veil, and the bier taken into the brilliantly lighted Consistory, she is lifted from the bier and laid on a rich couch covered with flowers; the Sisters stand around the Couch, clad in white with Chaplets of roses on their heads and bouquets in their hands; the Brothers form an outer circle, clad in robes and jewels of their highest Degree. The Gd. Mistress steps up to the couch, takes the hand of the Aspirant and exclaims as follows: Our dear Sister is not dead but sleepeth. As the reward of a well-spent life let us admit her to our companionship, and enable her to taste the joys of paradise, while yet bound by the chains of flesh. A burst of music; the covering is taken from the Aspirants eyes. The Brothers extend their right hand, and the Sisters place their bouquets around her, whilst she is raised to a sitting posture by the Gd. Mistress, who says: My dear Sister, we indeed welcome you as a faithful worker who merits the preferment to a high degree, but before I can explain myself further, it is necessary that you should make us a solemn promise not to reveal our mysteries. In consideration of the mortal weakness that threatened your transition from material death to life eternal, I will cause the altar to be brought here. Altar wheeled to side of couch. Place your right hand on the Holy Book, repeat your name and surname and say after me: I, ..., do solemnly promise never improperly to reveal the secrets of this Consistory of Perfect Venerable Adonaite Mistress, and in future to endeavor so to live as if each day was my last; assisting the unfortunate, downtrodden, and sorrowful, so that when the last call shall come, the great Adonai may say, thou has well merited thy reward; pass on to life eternal. Kisses book thrice. Rise, my Sister, and receive our approving mark. Assists her to rise.

By virtue of my authority as Supreme Hierophantide, and a Perfect and Venerable Adonaite Mistress, and by authority of the Supreme Hierophant, Grand Master, I declare you a Perfect Venerable Adonaite Mistress and I mark you with our mark of approval. Signet. In addition to the Apron and Sash of your last Degree, I invest you with the jewel of your exalted rank: a celestial blue and golden butterfly, it is an emblem of the metamorphosis of the chrysalis of this mortal frame into the immortal soul. Lastly, I give you this ring of profession, having engraven upon it the Crux Ansata, the Egyptian emblem of eternal life, it becomes a token that you are indissolutely united to our Order, to the summit of which you have practically attained. If ever you find with regards to this distinction, a sentiment of pride creep in, throw your eyes upon the black rosette of your Apron, and you will feel the emptiness of human glory. I will now explain to you the secrets by which members of this Degree are known to each other. Secrets explained. The token is the combined three previous ones given at the bier. Let me now direct your attention to the emblem of this Degree. They are the worm, the chrysalis, the butterfly, and the black serpent; the delta, the heptagon, the square and the chain. The Delta represents the three phases of birth, death and rebirth. The Worm is representative of birth, the Chrysalis of death, and the Butterfly of resurrection. The Black Serpent represents the vices and evils of human life, from which you are happily excepted by the wise teachings of our Order. The Heptagon represents the seven best known planets, the seven notes of music, the seven colors of the rainbow and the seven liberal arts and sciences. The Square further represents to us whilst an emblem of the four seasons, Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, further represents to us, the four seasons of Life, Birth, Youth, Manhood and Old Age, also the four cardinal virtues, Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence and Justice, and the four quarters of the globe, Europe, Asia, Africa and America. The Chain symbolises our Union, and the friendship of all Brothers and Sisters. You will now, Sister Mistress of Ceremonies, conduct our new Sister to the seat of honor.

This is done and she is saluted by the battery 2 - 2, 2 - 2.





Q.: Are you a Perfect Venerable Adonaite Mistress?

A.: ...

Q.: How shall I know it?

A. throws a real or paper butterfly in the air and points upwards saying: She has ascended.

Q.: To what does that allude?

A.: To the birth of the soul; the butterfly in all ages has been considered its fitting symbol.

Q.: Describe the token.

A.: It is of a threefold nature as given by the Hierophant in a Consistory and is a combination of the previous degrees.

Q.: To what does the acclamation and password allude?

A.: To the beneficent goddess of spring and rebirth among the Egyptians and Teutons.

Q.: What does the butterfly of celestial blue represent?

A.: The worm represents the novitiate; the chrysalis; the companion and the winged sylph, the Mistress; these are the metamorphoses of the soul, spread pure and brilliant over the virtuous bosom which is the focus of true light.

Q.: And the black serpent?

A.: Insensibility, ingratitude, perfidy, which are all vices which blacken by prompt action: It is the emblem of these crimes which our society strikes, and of the vices which it punishes.

Q.: And the delta?

A.: Is the symbol of the 7 principles by which Adonai causes reproduction.

Q.: And the four seasons?

A.: Spring, which is born in a cradle of flowers; Summer, which spreads vegetable nourishment; Autumn, which ripens like wisdom, Winter, which renders the last steps of the Perfect Venerable Mistress, firm or tottering, according as she has walked well or ill in the previous seasons.

Q.: And the chain of friendship?

A.: It has given me the impression of light and gentle weight, and I should cease to live happily if anyone had the cruelty to take away from me the amicable chain which binds the Brothers and Sisters together.





Sup. Hier., 2 - 2, 2 2: Assist me, Perfect and Venerable Sisters, to close this consistory.

Sup. Hier.: Sister First Hierophant, what is the hour?

Sister First H.: It is the hour when the chrysalis has developed into the Butterfly, symbolizing the birth of the soul, rest and peace.
Sup. Hier.:
Even so, my Perfect and Venerable Sisters, let us seek rest and peace, and that repose which is necessary to fit us to properly discharge the duties of life. We will therefore cease from labour and seek rest and repose. Do you, Sister Second Hierophant, announce that this Consistory is closed. Knocks 2 - 2, 2 - 2. The 2nd. Hierophant repeats accordingly.