Dit rituaal is een amerikaanse vertaling van het franse rituaal, zoals dat halverwege de negentiende eeuw gebruikt werd..

Decorations, Clothing etc. The Apron is green, doubled with black, and having upon it a black rosette. The Jewel is a golden key, which is said to open the words, past, present, and future. The Grand Mistress is called, Supreme Hierophantide,” the two next in rank, “First and Second Hierophantides.” (Battery is 1, 2 - 2, 2 - 2, 2 - 2.)





Sup. Hier.: Sisters and Brethren of Light, assist me to open this Consistory; Sister Hierophant, What is the period of labour of an Adonaite Mistress?

Sen. Hier.: From the break of day to the beginning of night.

Sup. Hier.: What is the duty of an Adonaite Mistress?

Sen. Hier.: To listen attentively to the cry of grief, or the moans of the unfortunate, and to admonish the wise who are satisfied with their condition; an Adonaite Mistress consoles the afflicted, assuages the regrets of the impudent, and the remorse of the guilty, and like the Holy Vestals, she throws herself in the way of the condemned to demand mercy for them.

Sup. Hier.: Such being our aim, advise the Brothers and Sisters that this Consistory is open, and prepared for its labor of love. (Knocks 1. 2 - 2, 2 - 2, 2 - 2).





The Chamber of Reflection is named the region of limbo. There is also a Cavern of the Dead and a Sanctuary of the Resurrection. The latter represents a vault or grave, and the Mis. of Ceremonies leads the Aspirant in and requests her to occupy herself for some moments with prayer and solemn thoughts. She is then prepared by having her hair unbound; a torn black mantle placed over her ordinary dress, which should be white; the garment is bound by a silken rope, and her bracelets placed upon the wrists are connected with a silver chain. She is then led by the Mis. of Cerem. to the door of the Consistory and knocks given. (1, 2 - 2, 2 - 2, 2 - 2.)

Sis. Jun. Hier.: Whom have we here?

Mis. of Cerem.: Sister ..., an Adoptive Mason of high rank, and good repute, who having been despoiled of all her worldly possessions, and left in failing health and spirits, presents herself at the door of this Consistory, hoping to be admitted to the genial atmosphere of a Masonic meeting.

S. Jun. Hier.: What is her rank?

Mis. of Cerem.: She is of noble rank, a Lady of the Rosy Cross, and a ruler in our midst.

S. Jun. Hier.: I will make due report to our Sister, Supreme Hierophant, and inform you of the result. Close wicket and reports in the same form.

S. Supr. Hier.: Let our distressed Sister be admitted. Aspirant enters. We are distressed, my dear Sister, to see you in such trouble. Let our sister, be divested of her torn garment and clad in a robe of honour. The black garment is taken off, and the Aspirant is covered with a white swansdown cloak. Bind up our Sisters tresses, which the elements have disarranged. Another Sister comes forward, seats Aspirant in a chair, binds up her locks, into which she places a red rose, and a lily. Let our Sister’s feet be washed, and then let her be shod with the sandals of our Order. Aspirants feet are washed with scented water by one of the most distinguished of the Sisters, who wipes them with a silk napkin. Then a pair of delicately embroidered slippers are placed upon her feet. In the meantime her Sisters are preparing a feast consisting of fruit, milk and cake. My dear Sister, now that you are clad in garments becoming your high rank, we ask you to join with us in taking our evening repast. Aspirant is led to a seat between the Ill. Gd. Master and Mistress. Sisters! Let us implore a blessing on our evening meal. Bless, we beseech Thee, O Thou benign universal Sun, this food of which we are about to partake.

All.: Amen. This refreshment is taken in perfect silence, and when all are satisfied the Gd. Mistress says: Let us return thanks for all the good gifts of the Supreme Sol. All bend the head for a few seconds, and upon the Gd. Mistress raising hers, say: Amen.

The members now return to their place, and the Aspirant is led between the columns. The serving Sisters remove the remains of the feast. When all has been re-arranged the Gd. Mis. addresses the Aspirant as follows: My dear Sister, now that you are properly clad, and have partaken with us of food and refreshment sufficient to revive your benumbed faculties, we shall be glad to know how you have been placed in such sad straights.

Mis. of Cerem., for Aspirant: Alas, my dear Mistress, my story is a sad one, Sometime after I had been admitted a Lady of the Rosy Cross, and had also received other preferment in Adoptive Masonry, a messenger came to me from a Brother, not only by the same parents, but further, by the paternal bonds of Masonry. The messenger stated that my Brother, the Count de Foix, lay at the point of death, and had matters of importance to communicate to me I lost no time in responding to the summons, and hastened to the dwelling of my Brother, and was shown to his chamber; but it seemed that I had come too late, for he lay stretched on the bed apparently a corpse. I kissed his cold lips, closed his eyes, and was about to leave the room, when I was surrounded by several cowled monks, who had been concealed by the hangings of the bed. They led me again to the bedside of my beloved Brother, and there demanded of me that I would make a full revelation of my Masonic knowledge, together with the names of all those whom I believed to belong to the Order. They pointed to the body of my Brother as an example of the fate that awaited me if I refused to comply with their demands; as not only would they deprive me of life, but I should die without the Rite of the Church, and my body should be interred in unconsecrated ground. I replied that it was impossible to comply with their request, for I had only obtained my information after taking the most solemn vows of secrecy, and therefore I had no choice but to submit to the fate designated for me. They informed me that the Church had power to unloose all such bonds, and offered to release me from the vows I had taken. I replied that I could not be so base as to break all my vows and become a traitor to our holy Order. They offered me rank and wealth if I would give them the necessary information, which they required for an important purpose, but I still persisted in my refusal. As a last recourse I gave the Sign of the Order, the power of which no Brother or Sister can withstand, but alas! with no success. A deadly draught was forced upon me and I became insensible. I remember nothing more, until this morning I returned to consciousness, and found that my face was tied up, and that I lay coffined and confined. In a short time two women entered who removed my grave clothes, clad me in more suitable apparel, and upon looking around I saw that I was in a vaulted tomb. I was raised as it were from death to life and brought to this Asylum for the unfortunate.

S. Sup. Hier.: We congratulate you, my dear Sister, upon what is literally a resurrection from the dead, and a reunion with your former companions. Know, my dear Sister, that in that Chamber of horrors, was one of our serving Sisters, who was directed to prepare you for the tomb, and who, after administering an antidote, came to us with timely notice: we despatched two of our Sisters to the vault who were rejoiced to find you alive. They then removed you to this place of safety. As a recompense for all that you have endured on account of your fidelity to our order, we have determined to admit you a member of this Consistory of Adonaite Masters and Mistresses, but before we can do so it will be necessary for you to make us a solemn promise to conceal our mysteries, with the same fidelity that you have hitherto the other secrets of Adoptive Masonry.

Aspirant.: I am quite prepared to make this promise.

S. Sup. Hier.: Then you will advance to the Altar, place both hands on the Holy Bible, repeat your name and surname and say after me: I, ..., do solemnly promise never improperly to reveal anything connected with the Consistory of Adonaite Mistress, and that I will to the utmost of my power succour and assist all my Brothers and Sisters, as I have been instructed in this and other degrees. So help me, Adonai, the Lord of the Sun and All things. Kisses Book.

Rise my dear Sister, a child of Adonai, and of this degree of Perfection. I now invest you with this apron and sash, its colour, green, is an emblem of immortality, and the black border of the gloom through which all must must pass to attain it. I also invest you with this Jewel, a key of gold, which applies itself to open the wards of the past, present and future. I will now proceed to intrust you with our modes of recognition. Secrets are given. Finally, Illustrious Grand Mistress of Ceremonies, you will crown our new Sister with a crown of roses, and conduct her to the seat of honor. She is seated on the right of the Gd. Mistress, who knocks 1, when all rise and give the battery 1, 2 - 2, 2 - 2, 2 - 2.





Q.: Are you a child of Adonai?

A.: I have been released from the grave.

Q.: Give me some sign of it? Two signs are given.

Q.: To what does the first sign allude?

A.: To the position of the dead.

Q.: And the second?

A.: To the sleep of death.

Q.: Give me the token. (Done).

Q.: To what does it allude?

A.: It implies that all active impulses should come from the heart.

Q.: Give me the acclamation and password? (Done).

Q.: What is the meaning?

A.: The two combined Latin words signify: Lord of the Sun.

Q.: Give me the Sacred Word? (Done).

Q.: What is the meaning of that word, what does it imply?

A.: Adonai, signifies Supreme God, the sole God who is comprehended by looking at his two torches, the Sun and the Moon.

Q.: Why the sun and the moon?

A.: The Sun is the source of life, light and intelligence; the moon reflects its rays and influences generation both fri plants and animals. Thus they are the beneficial messengers of the will of Adonai.

Q.: What age is an Adonaite Mistress?

A.: I cannot tell you.

Q.: Why?

A.: An Adonaite Mistress lives in eternal spring and autumn, she neither reckons a stormy summer or an icy winter.

Q.: Can you answer more precisely?

A.: Twenty years is as sixty; she is of the golden age if beneficent.

Q.: Why does the workman look up to heaven?

A.: To recall the origin of being from nothing, and future ascent of the freed spirit.





Sup. Hier.: Children of Adonai, assist me to close this Consistory. (1, 2 -2, 2 - 2, 2 - 2) Sister Senior Hierophant, What is the time?

Sis. Sen. Hier.: It is the time when youthful and attractive serpents watch to entice careless and indiscreet novices and companions, inattentive vestals and foolish virgins, and to cause them in the shadow of passing pleasures, regrets without end.

Sup. Hier.: Sister Junior Hierophantide, where is now the Domine Sol?

Sis. Sen. Hier.: Far from us; the lesser light of the moon has taken its place and by its mild and subdued light invites us to tranquility and repose, which we have merited by the labors of the day.

Night is the mother of the day.
Sup. Hier.:
Such being the case, I close this consistory, that all may fit themselves for the labors of tomorrow. (1, 2 - 2, 2 - 2, 2 - 2, Repeated by Wardens.)